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Vampire/Pillar men and Others/Unknown

I think we may put two new categories for 'Characters by power source':

  1. Vampires/Pillarmen: These character are excluded from this category. If we make a new category or link with the Vampire Characters we can make it better in my opinion.
  2. Others/Unknown: For Characters whose powers are unknown or different from Ripple and Stands. For example the "Spin Users"(I am not sure about this because i just started reading Steel Ball Run), Characthers like Mrs Robinson(Insects control?), Rudolph von Stroheim(Cyborg), Strange cases like Ikitaka Hazekura (I don't know where the info about his stand came from) or even Speedwagon (no power source).

Happy New Year!

Bohemian King 00:44, January 1, 2011 (UTC)Bohemian King