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This Page will demonstrate the basic layout required for character pages. All sections should be placed in this specific order and follow the guidelines below. For specific details regarding the page content see Manual of Style.

Directly below the Character Infobox template and above everything else, every Character page should start with a brief introduction of the character. Always mention which part they are from first, followed by their role in the story, usually written in 1 to 2 sentences.


Information describing the overall appearance of the character goes here. This includes body build, hair style, clothing, and any defining accessories. Skin color or ethnicity should also be mentioned if needed. This should be detailed enough to where readers can visualize a decent interpretation of the character without the need of a visual aid.

Color Schemes

Color schemes of the character in various media if necessary. Use the {{CS}} template, with the {{Palette}} templates to indicate the color schemes for the character depending on the media.


This section describes how the character generally acts. Certain instances from the series that demonstrate this can be added if needed.


Details regarding what a character is capable of performing. Depending on the character's abilities, this can include both physical and mental strength, agility, powers, and even unique skills done outside of battle. Any specific attacks of the character that are properly introduced go here. If the character is a Stand user, information regarding how they use their Stand goes in this section, while further explanation of a Stand's ability goes in its Stand page.

If a character has a certain fighting style, place tags such as {{Main|Stand name here}} or {{Main|Ripple}} at the beginning of the section as well.

If a character has a Stand, use the {{StandBox}} at the beginning of the section to summarize this character's Stand.



Events that happened to the character before the current story line go here.

(Name of Part)

Events introduced throughout the story go here.

Chapters / Episodes

Use Template:Appearance to list all chapters and episodes the character appears in. List the chapters episode in bullet form

Book Icon.png Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance
TV Icon.png Anime Appearances
Episodes in order of appearance


List noteworthy quotes spoken by the character or which are about the character in question. Use Template:Quotes.

Quote.png Quotes
  • Iorem Ipsum.
    —Chapter X

Video Games

Any information regarding a character's role in any video game can be placed here. More detailed information on a playable character's moveset go into the video game's article.

(Name of Game)



Interesting info that does not fit in any other section goes here.


Use <references/> or {{References}}.

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