The JOJOLands - Chapter 15

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Bigmouth Strikes Again (ビッグマウス・ストライクス・アゲイン, Biggumausu Sutoraikusu Agein) is the fifteenth chapter of The JOJOLands and the nine hundred seventy-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Charming Man places his palms on Usagi's chest to assess the situation. He suggests to Dragona that they could abandon Usagi since Dragona and the others only knew him for about three days and they only have a transactional relationship where they're earning money together. He believes that Usagi is a drug addict because he's suffering from a pulmonary edema, and the fluid building up in his lungs might be from a drug reaction. Moreover, he doubts that it's an enemy attacking and they can't call an ambulance in their situation.

Usagi still isn't breathing, but manages to request for Dragona to ask THE MATTEKUDASAI for a straw. After Dragona does so, THE MATTEKUDASAI transforms itself, stretching its eye outward and morphing its whole body into a straw. Usagi then grabs a boxcutter from his bag, stabs his chest with it, and sticks the straw inside his lung, allowing him to breathe again. Paco and Jodio wonder what's happening when they see Charming Man and Dragona carry Usagi toward the car. Charming Man explains the situation. Meanwhile, through THE MATTEKUDASAI's vision as the straw, Usagi sees a tiny enemy Stand inside him, making holes in his blood vessels. Usagi tells them about the enemy and desperately begs for them to start the car so they can get out of the Stand's range. He thinks his heart or something near his heart is being attacked, and it feels like he's drowning.

Usagi's gangmates don't believe him and tell him to calm down. Charming Man still sees him as an intoxicated junkie who's lying, declaring that all junkies are liars. Usagi denies being on drugs. He admits that he experimented with them two or three times in the past, but not during his current situation. Jodio tries to hypothetically see Usagi's viewpoint, wondering at what point the Stand entered his body. Dragona wonders whether it was the three Land Registry Office guards who approached them, but Charming Man doubts that they were Stand users. Dragona also doesn't believe that the clerk was an enemy, as she was just doing her job normally.

Suddenly, an ambulance passes by. Paramedics carry the young clerk from the registry office on a stretcher, who isn't breathing and suffering the same symptoms as Usagi. The gang is shocked to see that she was affected as well, and her symptoms have progressed even further than Usagi's, with blood splurting from her eyes. Now that they are certain that it's an enemy attacking them, Jodio believes that it's an automatic pursuit type of Stand; it might have set a trap in the original paper copies of the deed, automatically targeting anyone who would investigate HOWLER's land. Charming Man takes back his accusations against Usagi and decides to show him respect, thinking he's pretty impressive for stabbing his own lung to stabilize his breathing by himself.

Charming Man detaches his eyeball, which crumbles like sand and enters the straw inside Usagi. He reveals that his Stand is named Bigmouth Strikes Again. Usagi tells him that the enemy is by an artery near his heart. Paco asks if the sand and Charming Man's rough skin is his Stand, but he doesn't answer. Charming Man's eyeball enters Usagi's right lung but he has trouble seeing inside due to the darkness. Charming Man wishes he had more light, which causes THE MATTEKUDASAI to add LED lights around the straw's edge. Thus, Charming Man is able to head to Usagi's heart and quickly locates the enemy Stand. He sees it making a hole in a blood vessel wall and burrowing inside. Charming Man thinks it is an artery that leads to Usagi's head, and has his eyeball follow it inside by dispersing into sand again.

Charming Man manages to catch up to the Stand, which he realizes is both physically weak and slow. He pins it down with his sand, trying to drag it outside. However, Usagi points out that Charming Man's eyesocket has an abnormal flesh growth. Paco, Dragona, Usagi, and Jodio worry that Charming Man has gotten sick too because his eyeball touched the enemy Stand. Jodio tries getting Charming Man to let go of the Stand, but Charming Man is determined to drag it outside of Usagi's body. Regardless, Jodio desperately asks for him to get away from it because the Stand is forming cancer in his body.

Jodio turns around, only to see that Dragona is suddenly unconscious, foaming at the mouth. Meanwhile, some onlookers watch the ambulance take away the registry office clerk and discuss the situation. They're surprised she has a problem with her heart since she's still young, and seemed fine when she greeted one of them in the morning. One of the individuals reveals that the clerk is the daughter of a congressman in the Hawaii House of Representatives who was investigating the illegal activities regarding water sources on HOWLER's land.


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I went out to eat with Tetsuo Hara, the illustrator of Fist of the North Star. I think we're pretty close friends. (laughs)



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