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The tentatively-named Put Back (PUT(プット) BACK(バック), Putto Bakku) is a tertiary character featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

It is a fictional character manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody that was illustrated by Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with direction from Weather Report in order to put an end to aforementioned stand.


Put Back is a masculine figure of average height. It wears a face mask that bears a small switch and gauge, circular goggles, and a dark, curled mustache that may or may not be apart of the mask itself. The character has beady eyes, short hair, and dawns a top hat with the words "PUT BACK" engraved on the front. It wears a long shirt that tapers into a skirt toward it's knees underneath a set of light-colored armor that guards the shoulders and arms, as well as a pair of boots with two spikes protruding from the sides of each. It is to be noted that the same words engraved on it's hat are also written on it's shoulder guard.

Over it's shoulder, Put Back wields a vacuum cleaner with an amiable tube and nozzle.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Eyes(Light Blue)
(Blue outfit and hat with light grey accessories and plating)
Vacuum(Bright Red)
Hair(Dirty Blonde)
Eyes(Dark Black)
(Dark Blue outfit and hat with moderate grey accessories and plating)
Vacuum(Light Cyan-Blue)


Despite being human-like and possibly sentient, Put Back displays no personality or dialogue.


Powerful Vacuum

Put Back's signature and only power is to return all characters summoned by Bohemian Rhapsody back to their works, along with all affected people back to their bodies. This is accomplished by sucking them all up into its vacuum nozzle.


Put Back returning the fictional creations to their origin.

After being created, Put Back rises from the ground it was drawn onto and begins returning the characters, shown to suck up Van Gogh, Weather Report, Anasui, and Mother Goat and Seven Young Goats, before then returning every other character and affected person.[1]

Its fate is left ambiguous, but likely returned itself as well.

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  1. Referred to only ambiguously as a "hero" in the original work. Called "it" or "they" in official English translations.