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This article describes the impact on internet culture made by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, featuring content created by fans including parodies and other tributes. Note that this does not include image macros, quotes or other memes of little effort.

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Internet Culture

Link to this section Abridged Series
An abridged series is a sub-genre of video parody that involves condensing popular media into a shorter form with a lighter tone, often poking fun at the premise or plot of the media. Abridged parodies are especially popular with cartoons and anime series, due to their simplistic and easy-to-dub nature.
Link to this section AMV/MADs
An AMV, known in wasei-eigo as a MAD (music anime douga), is a fanmade video featuring a compilation of scenes in the manga or anime, usually synced to a background track and accompanied by various sound and visual effects. A majority of JoJo AMVs and MADs can be found on sites such as YouTube, Bilibili, and Niconico.
Link to this section Leimotifs
Similar to MADs, many fans on Youtube have made videos dubbed "leitmotifs" in which they take scenes from the manga or anime, and match the panels to the beat of songs, usually in reference to the character/arc represented in the video (For example the video pictured uses Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" for the arc from the manga with the same name). Notable creators of these videos were S.S. Leitmotifs, Waka Ranger, and kybaree terry (Although all three have stopped uploading Leitmotifs, they are still being made).
Link to this section Memes
Konodioda Meme Culture.png

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has a long history regarding internet meme culture.

"Road Roller!" is one of the earlist forms of JoJo internet memes in the west, as many animators on sites such as Newgrounds would parody the iconic scene from Chapter 236 with sounds bites and animations from Heritage for the Future.

With the anime adaptation in 2012, the series recieved a big boom in popularity, and with that many new memes and image macros were born. One of the most iconic memes from that time is "But it was me, Dio!"\"Kono Dio Da!" where a screenshot from Episode 1 of the David Production's anime, is overlayed with "Impact" font top and bottom text. The specific screenshot is of Dio after he forces Erina Pendleton to kiss him, thus stealing the first kiss of Erina and Jonathan.

With the continuous adaptation of the TV Anime, as well as the serialization of JoJolion, memes have continued to thrive as a part of the community.
Link to this section MMDs/SFMs

MikuMikuDance, or commonly abbreviated to MMD is a freeware animation program that lets users create 3D models and animate them, originally produced for the Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku. Source Filmaker, SFM, is similar in that it is a free 3D Animation and Modeling Program developed by Valve. Many MMDs and SFMs have been made referencing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and featured on sites such as YouTube and NicoNico.

As freeware animation programs, the quality and style of these 3D animations heavily vary. For example, the popular SFM mini-series by Genowhirl70, "JimbleJo's Koooky Quests", focuses on parodying and creating a comedic "In a nutshell" summary of Parts 1-3 of the series respectively. Though, others have used the tool to create adaptations or recreations from the managa and anime, such as in the "Voodoo Kingdom" Mashup Collaboration which compiles the most popular arcs and scenes into a cinematic music video experience.

As opposed to SFMs, MMDs are often more consistent with each other, composed of characters synced to a song and dance motion in the video. "JoJo's Dancin'" is a popular example of such, by Avid MMD maker, mintsky.

Fanmade Adaptations

Link to this section "I Tried to Make the JoJo Novel, ‘The Book’, into a Manga"
"I Tried to Make the JoJo Short Story ‘The Book’ into a Manga" is a motion comic series by Roha_nes (くろはら) which adapts the Light Novel, The Book: 4th Another Day.
Link to this section Tobe!! Josuke!!!

"Tobe!! Josuke!!!" is the name of a fanmade Diamond is Unbreakable ending made by content creation duo, XauyChu. The animation parodies the opening of the 1995 series Tobe! Isami, replacing various characters with the cast of the 4th Part of the series.

Tobe! Isami is an original anime series by GroupTAC, about fifth grader, Isami Hanaoka, who discovers that he is a descendant of the Shinsengumi. With his classmates and fellow descendants, she uncovers many strange artifacts in the basement of her home, as well as a message to defeat an evil organization.

Xauychu is also known for various other JoJo fan animations, such as Jojo the revolutionary boy and 仲良くしよう!JOJOXDIO FANBOOK.
Link to this section Disco Ballad
Disco Ballad Avatar.png

Disco Ballad is an independent YouTube content creator known for producing flashy and extremely stylized edits, a large amount based off of the JoJo series.

Disco Ballad is most well known for their Steel Ball Run fan opening adaptations and Stand eye-catches. His editing style primarily features the use of multiple panels, scenes, and artwork from the original manga being edited together to flow together as a smooth animation. The Steel Ball Run openings in particular makes many call backs to the first opening of the David Production adaption of the series, including the usage of JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~ for the music.
Link to this section Kuusuke (くうすけ)
Kuusuke Avatar.png

Kuusuke (くうすけ) is an independant animator and NicoNico Content Creator known for making some of the most popular JoJo fan animations of the late 2000s.

A majority of their animations are parodies of endings and openings of other anime, however, featuring characters from the JoJo series. Some of their most popular work are based off of anime such as Neon Genesis Evangellion, Dragonball, and Sorcerer Hunters.

Link to this section Purmello
Purmello Avatar.png

Purmello is an independent artist, animator, and YouTube Content Creator who is known for her fan-made animations based off of the JoJo series. She has since "retired"[1] from JoJo content creation, and now focuses on more varied animated content.

Purmello is most known for her Soft & Wet reveal animation, which animates Soft & Wet's first appearance in JoJolion. The video is cleanly animated up to the line art and features Japanese voice acting, as well as snippets of Looming Crisis and Prince's Soft and Wet. More recently, Purmello is also known for her Stone Ocean fan ending animation titled "JoJo:STONE OCEAN - ED 『Check the Rhime』|ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 and fanmade stand eye-catches.
Link to this section GrandGuerrilla
GrandGuerrilla Avatar.png

GrandGuerrilla, formerly known as "MikeMonkeyGuy", and later "MonkeyProductions", is an independent artist known for their ability to accurately emulate the art style of the David Productions anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

One of GrandGuerrilla's most popular work is his falsified Purple Haze Feedback OVA leak, which was a series of supposedly "leaked" reference material and screenshots from a supposed unannounced OVA adaptation of the non-canon light novel written for the 25th Anniversary of the series. GrandGuerrilla denied any allegations of the work being his own, leading many members of the community to be fooled into thinking the "leaked" screenshots were real. It was not until a few days later, GrandGuerrilla announced that is was he who created the screenshots.
Link to this section [JJBA x FMAB] Golden Alchemist

"[JJBA x FMAB fanart] Golden Alchemist" is the name of a fanmade Vento Aureo opening made by independent artist and YouTube/NicoNico content creator, BAD Factory. The animation parodies the third opening of the 2009 series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, replacing various characters with the cast of the 5th Part of the series.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the 2009 adaptation of the popular manga series Fullmetal Alchemist, the second attempt at an anime adaptation of the series since 2003. The series follows the siblings Edward and Alphonse Eric as they seek out the Philosipher's stone, the item which would allow them to overcome to Law of Equivalent Exchange.

BAD Factory is also known with various other JoJo fan animations, such as parodies of the Pop Team Epic series featuring charactes from the JoJo series.
Link to this section Steel Ball Run fan-trailer Animation

Notable Fan-works

Link to this section Blood Sun Vendetta
Promotional Artwork for the series

Blood Sun Vendetta is a fan-made original motion comic series by Mick Lauer, taking place in Mexico, 1999. The not for profit passion project has been in progress since late 2017, and officially covered by Mick on his YouTube channel in early 2018. In his video, he explained how he had spent 8 days on a continuous road trip across the country of Mexico to gather reference photographs as well as other material. The project would be an endeavor that would require months of work and as of December 2020, The first chapter of the series has been released.

The motion comic takes place during the same time as the events of Diamond is Unbreakable, though following a completely different story in the country of Mexico. The bastard son of Hol Horse, José Hijo de Caballo, takes stage as the protagonist of the story as he seeks revenge against his father[2].
Link to this section The Duwang Translation
Duwang (杜王) is the tentative name for the original Diamond is Unbreakable English scanlations. These scans are one of the more well-known and infamous phenomena in the JoJo fandom, having been the only Part 4 translations to circulate the internet for years.

According to a user on an old JoJo community forum[3], a group of Chinese students was responsible for the scans. They were translated from Japanese to Chinese to English as part of a school project, in which they almost failed. However, as a result of their actions, the translations remained on the internet, eventually becoming a meme and receiving the name "Duwang", as it was the Chinese reading of the characters for Morioh Town used in the translations

In 2005, a user on the JBA Community forums named The Vinny Mac posted this explanation for how the Duwang translation came to be[3]. This origin story may or may not be legitimate as it lacks any proper citations.

I was one of the guys who worked on a few chapters of Part 1, Part 2, and Steel Ball Run with Ignition-One. Originally I found about Jojo via the anime which was posted on a forum I frequented, found a link to the original Part 3 translation on the Higher Voltage forum, and then decided I would try and help out by translating one of the chapters. Some of the people at Higher Voltage wanted to do as much Jojo as possible so they started dividing up the parts. I picked Part 4 since no one else really chose it. Nothing really came from the other parts except maybe the translations of Part 5 (maybe, it's been a long time).

Anyway, I bought a bunch of books, scanned them, and tried to get the creator of the website DBZ Uncensored (if you're familiar) to help me. He did a few pages and flaked so I began posting everywhere for help with translating. Nothing really came of it until I got an IM on AIM from a person who said he knew a guy who would do it. I offered to send him my scans but he said it wasn't necessary and this guy had everything he would need.

I didn't think much of it since the guy wouldn't let me talk to him directly and the first guy dropped off the face of the earth. Lo and behold, a few weeks later that guy gets online and sends me a .rar of the entire first volume.

I remember being pretty blown away that he actually came through. I was less than impressed by the quality of the scans, editing, and translation but I figured it was better than nothing so what the hell. I remember giving pointers on what was supposed to be what. I distinctly remember telling the middleman for this guy that "Duwang" was supposed to be Morioh. The middleman explained to me this guy was translating from the Chinese version so that's probably where the confusion came from. He was hesitant about giving the guy advice on how to translate at all since A) obviously the guy's first language wasn't English and he didn't want to miscommunicate and offend him and B) the pace he was outputting these were insane.

I literally would get 5 or 6 volumes a week from this guy whenever I would sign on AIM randomly. I mean Jojo Part 4 was the longest part (before Steel Ball Run) and this guy completed in maybe a month. I mean, the quality was shit, but again one guy was doing it all by himself. I offered to just take his translations and paste them on the page (while cleaning up the broken English unbeknownst to him) but I remember the middleman telling me it was easier for him to translate.

It's probably for the best because apparently there's a mini-fan culture around the already tiny Jojo translation that likes how terrible the translation was at times.

  • The most famous quotes from the "Duwang" translations include:
    • "My nam is, (u dont need to remember) Guanglai Kangyi, age 15, the past month for me is, only graduation tests. the entrance into high-school brings really exciting and worrying days. till i met these 2 very special guys......" —Koichi Hirose
    • "Get a feeling so complicated..." —Koichi Hirose
    • "What a beautiful Duwang! *chew* There must be no other place as pretty as this town. This feels like a picnic." —Yoshikage Kira
    • "Never heard your voice before. Who are you? Who in FACE are you?" —Jotaro Kujo
    • "That is a beautiful watch you got there. But there is something more evil than your watch. IT'S YOUR FACE!" —Jotaro Kujo
    • "The rain sounds like Josuke" —Jotaro Kujo
    • "Don't be dong....." —Okuyasu Nijimura
    • "I feel you! I feel you deeply! your feeling I can feel deeply!" —Okuyasu Nijimura
    • "ABAJ" (A recurring Chinese hanzi symbol from the same team, 啊, is typically used either as an expression of shock or surprise, or the Chinese equivalent to "DORARARARARA" style battle cries. Fans misread the hanzi as the English letters "A", "B" and "J" forming the word "ABAJ" which has since also become a meme.)
    • "You can't escape now! you super retard! Stupid!" —Toyohiro Kanedaichi
    • "you OK reatard? I am wood. stupid" —Surface disguised as Josuke Higashikata
    • "Koichi really steals? No dignity" —Josuke Higashikata
Link to this section JJBATAS Parody

"JJBATAS", also known as "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Abridged Series", is a abridged dub parody of the Stardust Crusaders OVA series by Studio A.P.P.P.. The series is voiced nearly entirely by AntfishTAS (Anthony Sardinha), the creator of the project.

The first episode of the series was posted on December 28th, 2008, and concluded 2 years later in July of 2010. Episodes were released every few months and averaged in length between 7-10 minutes, condensing down each original episode for comedic effect. Despite JoJo's Bizarre Adventure being a more niche series during the time, the series was met with quite a bit of success and aclaim from the community.

Notably, between the release of JJBATAS episodes many smaller skits were published that were very similar to JJBATAS. A large amount of these skits made references or call-backs toJJBATAS, though played out through other arcs and protagonists of the series.

A few years after the finale of JJBATAS, AntfishTAS began to do an abridged series of the Season 1 anime adaptation of the series by David Productions, however, the new abridged series was dropped after the fourth episode. Since then, AntfishTAS has continued to work as a freelance voice-over artist and act in various productions such as Paw Patrol, Warframe, Epiphet Erased and A Hat in Time[4].
Link to this section Steel Ball Run: The Soundtrack Project
Original Album Cover for Act 1 designed by @BrainlessTea

Steel Ball Run: The Soundtrack Project is a fan-made soundtrack inspired by Steel Ball Run composed by Gwinn.

The first track of the fan-made OST was released in November, 2018 and was soon followed by more and more releases. Gwinn's goal for the project is to compose 4 Albums named "Acts" 1-4, a reference to the evolution of Johnny Joestar's Stand, Tusk. The names of the tracks on the albums make various references to Steel Ball Run, such as "Gyro Zeppeli" and "The Saint". As of December, 2020, 3 out of the 4 planned albums have been released.

Gwinn has also released other tracks related to the JoJo series, such as her "What-if" track series. In which she has made fan-made themes based off of hypothetical situations in the series such as "What if Erina learned Hamon?" or "What if Diavolo obtained Requiem?"
Link to this section Kokoro JoJoru

Kokoru JoJoru is the name of a series by YouTube and NicoNico content creator, Nero (ネロ).

The series is comprised of AMV/MADs synced up to the song, "Kokoro Odoru (Heart is Dancing) by Japanese hip-hop group, nobodyknows+. The song is popular for being used in MADs of various anime series, with JoJo being one of those.

The first Kokoru JoJoru was uploaded in 2012, shortly after the end of the Phantom Blood portion of the David Production's anime adaptation. This would start the series of MADs Nero would continue to produce once a new season of the anime would finish. Nero has also made other AMVs and MADs based off of the series such as Thus Danced Kishibe Rohan, which mashes together scenes from the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe OVA Adaptations in the same style as Kokoru JoJoru.
Link to this section Mudah.swf

"Mudah.swf" is an iconic flash animaation utilizing stick-figure representations of Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Narancia Ghirga, Jotaro Kujo and DIO along with their Stands. The player is able to play a multitude of short flash animations of each character recreating an iconic scene from the manga as a sort of tribute to the series.

The flash uses audio assets sourced from GioGio's Bizarre Adventure and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.

"Mudah.swf" was created by Japanese creator, "qwerqwer1234". "qwerqwer1234"'s website is now defunct, however, an archived thread on different kinds of flash animations from dating from July 2003 links back to the user's site.[5]

Video Games

Link to this section The 7th Stand User
The promotional poster of the game

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User is a fan game created by clayman_nendo/NendoTairiku in 2006 made with RPG Maker 2000[6]. The game is an RPG that takes place during Stardust Crusaders in a what-if scenario where a custom character joins the crusaders on their journey to Egypt in order to kill DIO. The player is given 1 of 18 different Stands by a mysterious benefactor known only as "Steel", based on answers to a personality quiz given at the beginning of the game from Muhammad Avdol.

The player is then given the ability to name themselves, their nickname, and their catchphrase. The character leaves home and goes to school. During this point of the game, the player can fight enemies placed throughout the map in a turn based battle where they could level up and get stronger. Every map contains secrets containing references to other parts of JoJo. Interacting with the crusaders increases a "Friend Point" value. The game follows the source material but allows the player to make choices that would diverge the story's events.

There are many endings that can be obtained in the game, with some relying on the player's actions during the story like the amount of Friend Points the player has with the crusaders and their Stand. After completing the game, the player is transported into a "Secret Room" where they could spend Honor Badges which are found throughout the game. The Honor Badges can be exchanged for features such as "New Game+", "Star Platinum: The World" which allows Jotaro to use his time stopping ability on New Game+ saves, and "Josuke Story Mode" which replaces the player character with Josuke from Diamond is Unbreakable. Getting 99 badges will earn the player an item that can be equipped named "Deus Ex Machina" which prevents ailments and critical hits, halves SP use, halves every type of damage, and also gives the character 500 points added to all stats.[7]
Link to this section All Star Battle: Over Heaven
The Project's Logo

All Star Battle: Over Heaven is a gameplay overhaul mod for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle developed by Xemasklyr that adds many more gameplay options such as new Stand Rush moves, new combos, and many character adjustments.

  • List of Notable Changes
Link to this section Diamond Records: Revival
The Project's Logo

Diamond Records: Revival is a fan project based on the original Diamond Records mobile app, which hopes to recreate the now defunct game for PC using a combination of ripped and unqiue assets.

As of December 2020, the project is still in progress, with development footage showing promising results regarding Menus and user interfaces, as well as general gameplay movement. The project is intended to start at Phantom Blood and implement the rest of the series in chronological order. Unique to Revival's gameplay is the addition of custom-built characters that were not present in the original game, such as Doobie and Adams.

It is important to mention, however, that while Revival is greatly influenced and inspired by the original mobile app, the project also takes quite a few liberties in order to fully optimize it as a Computer-based game.
Link to this section Diavolo no Daibouken
The game's logo

Diavolo no Daibouken is a Japanese rogue-like fan game, based off of the ending of Vento Aureo, starring Diavolo.

The story takes place directly after the end of Vento Aureo. After being defeated by Giorno Giovanna and forced to infinitely experience death, he comes across an oppurtunity when he finds himself placed inside of the same hotel room he previously occupied in Venice. As he exits the hotel, he begins a new adventure, Diavolo's Great Adventure.

Diavolo no Daibouken takes heavy inspiration from Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon[8], the first entry in the Mystery Dungeon video game series. The game is a rogue-like, taking the tagline "An RPG that dies ∞ times!" literally. Upon exiting the hotel room that Diavolo initially spawns in, the player is thrown into a randomly generated map scatted with enemies and items to discover. The main goal of the game is to reach the "bottom floor" of the Dungeon, and defeat the "Ruler" to progress the game. Along the way the player is required to fight enemies and collect equipable items, most notably DISCs. Equipping these DISCs boosts player Attack and Defense stats, as well as allows the usage of varying passive abilities.

The game was first released in 2007 as a commemorative fan game for the 20th Anniverstary of the series[9]. The game was developed by the assumingly now defunct group KMQ Soft. In 2008, the final official release of the game (0.13) added in DISCs and usable tems from the latest Part out at the at time, Steel Ball Run, as well as a Quest system inspired by Cool Shock B.T.. However, later in 2012, the game would later recieve 4 more updates by another fan known as Tobi, the 3 variations of the 0.15 updates are known as the "1st Month Version", "Valentine Version", and finally the "Tobi Version"[10]. The final "Tobi Version" fixes quite a few bugs, improves preformances on modern hardware, changes the script language of the game, adds many new enemies, ally characters, as well as DISCs, and adds in 2 additional Dungeons, "Ghostly Mansion" and "Iron Prison". The final update by "Tobi" also changes the title screen, changing the KMQ Soft group tag to "100th Volume Commenmoration", as the release of the final version was made to line up with the release of the 100th Volume of the series.

The fan-game has yet to be translated into English, however, few English gameplay guides have been made by Western fans in order to get around this.
Link to this section GioGio's Bizarre Adventure Game Corruptions
A series involving playing through the Super Story Mode of GioGio's Bizarre Adventure, but with numerous corruptions and custom-made modifications spread throughout it. The series began in late December 2016, concluded in late May 2020, and was produced and uploaded to YouTube by user Teso Teragoya titled "【チートバグ】―パッショーネ24時―【ジョジョ】".

Examples of said game corruptions include audio playing randomly during cutscenes or gameplay as well as textures, models, and images being swapped, edited or overlaid on top of each other. Whole new scenes intended just for the series are also added, either as a quick gag or to cover an event from the manga not present in the original game.

Ever since its publication, scenes from the playthrough have been referenced in various fan art, cosplay, and MADs throughout the fan community. Arguably, the most famous and referenced of these corruptions is the top of Bruno Bucciarati's hair being recolored to the same color of his skin, making him appear bald.
Link to this section JoJo M.U.G.E.N
M.U.G.E.N is a free 2D fighting game engine developed by Elecbyte. Its content including characters, stages, and movesets, are all created by the community. It features thousands of fighters from all sorts of media, including JoJo. Many JoJo characters in M.U.G.E.N use either the official sprites from Heritage for the Future or modified versions. The movesets of some characters are also inspired by All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven. Iver Stone has a YouTube channel for posting JoJo M.U.G.E.N updates.
Link to this section Project JoJo
Promotional Game Screenshot

Project JoJo is an Online fan game made in Roblox by MlgArcOfOz that has continued to retain it popularity in the community since its debut in August, 2018. As of November 11th, 2020, the game has gained over 124.4 Million visits[11].

As an online game, Project JoJo allows up to 20 players concurrently to interact with each other and the environment in an open sandbox. Maps are based off of locations from the series such as the town of Morioh and Italy.

Actual gameplay revolves around a luck and lottery based system, with items around the map having different uses and effects on the players. Stands from the series are divided into power scaled "Tiers" listed 1-7, with each tier conatining more powerful Stands. Throughout the game's many updates nearly every Stand from the series is obtainable, including the currently ongoing, JoJolion]. Players can obtain these stands through sheer luck from items such as the "Stand Arrow", though the more powerful the Stand the rarer it is for a player to obtain. After obtaining a Stand, the map is open-riegn, leaving players to seek out NPCs and bosses based off of characters from the series, search for hidden items, or even engage in Player Versus Player (PVP) combat. NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) have many different uses depending on the interaction. For example the Enrico Pucci NPC will allow the player to store and later fuse stands, with the usage of the "Stone Rokakaka" item".

An economy system is also featured with "Cash Bundle" items spread out through the map that allows players to purchase certain items instead of having to seek them out in the map.
Link to this section Ronald McDonald
Ronald's Idle Animation

Arguably, one of the most iconic M.U.G.E.N characters, Ronald McDonald is a custom character originally made by Japanese modder, Kishio, circa 2007. The character is famous for its custom A.I, known to be brutally difficult and unpredictable, often stringing long and high damaging combos both in the air and on the ground.

Ronald McDonald takes many redrawn sprite animations and inspiration from DIO and Jotaro Kujo from Heritage for the Future, with many moves and specials boiling down to parodied versions.

Notable Community Groups

Link to this section
"" as of 2021.

"" (@JOJO) was a Japanese fan-made news site dedicated to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Hirohiko Araki that was active from 2003 to 2017. The site was created by SHATO (シャト) (@SHATO) as a means to gather info about the series online.[12]


In 2003, SHATO created the site as a way to gather information about the series online for himself and other core JoJo fans. SHATO created the site expecting it to run out of content with the ending of Stone Ocean, but it grew larger and larger, lasting for almost 14 years. As sites such as Comic Natlie and begun appearing, SHATO felt less the need to keep updating the site. Unable to keep up with overwhelming amount of content that was brought about with the new anime, SHATO decided to cease all activities on the site, posting a farewell message on February 16, 2017.

As of 2021, the site still remains open, serving as an archive for all previous posts.

"" as a JoJo news comprehensive site will temporarily suspend activity from here on.

In 2003, when news about JoJo wasn't posted at all online, I created this site as a way to gather information for my own personal "understanding" and for other core JoJo fans, thinking it would eventually run out of content. Instead, thanks to the help of JoJo fans, it has become much bigger than I expected, and I was able to continue running the site for a long time.


However, even if I had stopped posting 5 or 6 years ago, there are now official JoJo websites, and as time goes on, I feel less and less the need to keep making updates. As many other sites such as Comic Natalie also now post the news. Since this is just a personal site, I can't consider it an official source (which is frustrating). Even so, I would take the time to add my own flair to each post, but due work and having to raise two children, I don't have the time to sit at my PC and do that anymore. If I can't write things in a timely manner, then it would make the posts useless. It also takes more time as I usually try to dig up info on previous articles unique to this site and try to interconnect them together into one big story. In the first place, there has been way too much information to keep track of since the release of the anime. Most of it being related to merch which I'm not honestly not interested in, meaning I can't cover everything and this website only functions half-way as a news site. My pride won't allow me to sort news from left to right.

It lasted nearly 14 years like a life work, but now it's half-way even if I wanted to give people "understanding" as my top priority, and I can't see a future for it. I may choose to start up the current site again while "wandering" through life, but as of now I don't feel the need to continue it. The official JoJo website is also well managed, and Shueisha is also taking JoJo more seriously. It's exciting to see all the anime, games, and live-action films. If any interesting topics pop up, I'll make sure to quickly post it on Twitter without introduction.

Then, I guess this is time to say goodbye.

Di Molto Grazie! Until now, I've just seen this site as a mass of my personal interests. Site activity will stop, but all sites will remain, including the previous posts. Besides, if I quit, then I quit. If that happens I'll announce it here. As a JoJo-loving dad, I think Twitter is the most appropriate place to write my thoughts. (@SHATO)

"I mean it. Thanks... That's all I can think of to say..."

Well then,

ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI! Arrivederci! (Farewell)

[Translated by Morganstedmanms (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)]
Link to this section The Phantom Blood Archives
The Phantom Blood Archives is a community movement towards searching for any material of the lost Phantom Blood Movie.

The spark for the search began around April, 2019, when a comment by Andy Sadler on a video essay detailing the lost film mentioned how he had been researching tracking down the film. It was then that soon more and more community members came together to archive any form of promotional material and potential remains of the film. The most infamous lead that the film still exists in its entirety is a 16 minute long compliation clip that was supposedly used as a workprint at the Academy of Art University for students to practice sound design and was later leaked online.

Some of the most notable finds include 64 Model sheets[13] from the production of the film found and scanned by FrostiFuzionz_. Not to mention a 2004 Test Pilot that was discovered by Red Mango and later restored by Notelu.

The main goal of the archive group is to search and archive any material relating to the film in the hopes of finding the entire film one day. They have also advocated for any sort of support towards an official release of the lost film by Shueisha.
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As JoJo's Bizarre Adventure began to grow in popularity on the internet, various forum communities have sprung up as well. Two of the most notable being r/ShitPostCrusaders and r/StardustCrusaders, hosted on the site Reddit.

While both communities primarily focus on the series as a whole, they differ significiantly in content. r/ShitPostCrusaders, the larger of the two, is a meme Subreddit for users to share image macros, memes, and general "shit-posts" that reference the series. While, r/StardustCrusaders is more of a general community forum for users to share fanart and discuss various topics from the series.


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