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You might call me, a person, i'm pretty private.

SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-8 spoiler details may follow.

Hello! I am MUDAMUDA. (can someone please tell me how to change my username?) I am a jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan, and have been one for a while.

I joined on Halloween, 2021, and my goal is to be the 8th person to achieve 15,000 edits, Even if jojo part 27 is fully animated before I get it. Unlike the alien mikitaka, I am a human being. I like jojo, and eating pizza, I am also very private. The reason I don't have parts 7-8 in my lists, is because I have not read the manga, and i'm not about to spend 1000,000$ For a copy of all of jojo parts 7-8. Also, in my lists I don't think any of those things are bad, they are just not as good as the next thing. Like, I don't have anything against Chase, it's still really good, it's just not as good as the rest, and in the end it is all just my opinion. (P.S The left in the lists in #1)

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