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For Nya!
—The Ninja, Episode 182

Crystalized is the fifteenth season in the LEGO Ninjago series. It first released on May 20th, 2022. Lloyd appears as the mascot Ninja, and the Crystal King is the main antagonist. The Vengestone Army serve as the villainous faction.

It is the sixth and final season in the Book of Elements arc and marks the end of the LEGO Ninjago Saga. This season encompasses the Destruction Chapter. The villainous faction retelling is the past villain's ghosts in the Council of the Crystal King. The collectible items in this season are the Weapons of Destruction.

In January 2022, a series of shorts titled The Virtues of Spinjitzu were released as the first 2022 Ninjago installments preceding Season 15.

It is preceded by Seabound and followed by an unknown installment.

Plot Summary

The Ninja are back for another season with brand new adventures in NINJAGO: Crystalized! This time they have been locked up in Kryptarium Prison where they are surrounded by some of their old enemies. Here they learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies. To find out the identity of this new enemy, they escape from prison and become fugitives. Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!


Characters from Crystalized
Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd Garmadon
Jay Walker
Jay Walker

Episode List

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Farewell the Sea
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
A year after Nya saved NINJAGO City and became one with the sea, each Ninja is dealing with the change in his own way. When Gayle Gossip reports that super villain Miss Demeanor is buying large amounts of Vengestone, Cole realizes that this is the perfect time to bring the team together and stop the villain's evil plan.
The Call of Home
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Nya, who is now a water dragon, begins to uncover her true identity after she rescues a drowning man. With the help of another water elemental, Nyad, Nya searches for her lost memories.
The Shape of Nya
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
The Ninjas investigate the vengestone operation, but Miss Demeanor gets the drop on them - after a humiliating rescue by the New Ninjas, the Ninjas return home and fight each other. Nya manifests her water-form from a spilled glass of water and asks the Ninjas for help draining her elemental powers - against Master Wu's wishes, they plan on asking old foe Aspheera for help
A Mayor Problem
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
The Ninjas ask Mayor Trustable to release Aspheera from Kryptarium Prison and to hand over her magic staff, which is stored in the Borg Tower's vault - however, the Mayor denies their request, so the Ninjas decide to split up and break into the prison and Borg Tower incognito against Master Wu's wishes. Skylor keeps Nya's water form frozen during the heist and the Ninjas free Aspheera, but the vault at Borg Tower is empty...
Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
As Mayor Trustable orders the arrest of the black-clad ninjas, Aspheera arrives in the Ninja Cave, but she needs her staff to save Nya. Now in new stealth vehicles, the Ninjas intercept a police convoy transporting Aspheera's staff - they find the staff, but the New Ninjas are waiting for them. Their altercation exposes the Ninjas' identities, and the Mayor declares them public enemies one through five.
A Painful Promise
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Master Wu prevents Aspheera from leaving by agreeing to a series of trials, but the Ninjas return just in time with Aspheera's staff. When the police arrive, the Ninjas battle the New Ninjas to buy Aspheera time to drain Nya of her elemental powers. Nya's humanity is restored, but as Aspheera escapes in the chaos, she receives an invitation to the Council of the Crystal King - and the Ninjas are arrested.
Ninjago City vs. Ninja
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
After saving Nya, the Ninja are arrested and put on trial! Despite the help of their lawyer Dareth, the Ninja are sentenced to five years in Kryptarium Prison. While they are in prison, a mysterious masked messenger visits Llyod and reveals that the Crystal King is gathering all the enemies of the Ninja and plans to destroy NINJAGO City!
Kryptarium Prison Blues
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Nya feels helpless without her elemental powers but finds inspiration in blueprints for her old Samurai X Mech - at Kryptarium, Lloyd suspects that the Crystal King is gathering the Ninjas' old foes and that fellow prisoner Pythor is the new villain's next target. The Ninjas escape their cells to prevent Pythor's escape, but after a chaotic chase through the prison, Pythor gets away.
Hounddog McBrag
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Dareth and Nya - she in the form of Samurai X - help the Ninja escape Kryptarium Prison with another prisoner called Fugi-Dove, who tags along. The Mayor calls in Marshal Hounddog McBrag to track the Ninjas - when Dareth's van breaks down in the desert, the Ninjas split up to avoid capture with a plan to meet up at Twitchy's gas station.
The Benefit of Grief
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Zane, Kai and Dareth hitch a ride to Ninjago City with a wannabe singer named Sally - thinking the police are after her for a stolen van, she leads Hounddog McBrag on a high-speed chase through the desert. Zane believes that Sally's rollercoaster of emotions is telling her to return home, so the Ninjas escort Sally back to her farm, and Zane turns on his emotion meter after seeing the value in grief.
The Fifth Villain
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Fugi-Dove inspires a plan to infiltrate the Council of the Crystal King by impersonating a villain - meanwhile, the Ninjas regroup at Twitchy's gas station, but Hounddog McBrag isn't far behind. As Fugi-Dove buys time for the Ninjas to escape, they confront the Mechanic at his abandoned warehouse while Lloyd disguises himself as the villain and intercepts his invitation to the Council.
The Council of the Crystal King
WW: May 20, 2022 (Netflix)
Now disguised as the Mechanic, Lloyd follows a Crystal Spider through a secret subway tunnel - the Ninjas track him from above, but the real Mechanic escapes their custody. When Lloyd finds himself at a Crystal Temple with the Council of the Crystal King, Kabuki Mask plays surveillance footage of the real Mechanic and exposes Lloyd's identity... and she also reveals her own as Harumi, Lloyd's evil ex.


  • Neon Ninja vs. Miss Demeanor
  • Ninja vs. Miss Demeanor & her goons
  • Neon Ninja vs. Miss Demeanor & her goons
  • Ninja vs. New Ninja
  • Ninja vs. Aspheera
  • Ninja vs. New Ninja
  • Ninja vs. Kryptarium Inmates
  • Ninja vs. Pythor & Crystal Spiders
  • Jay & Cole vs. Mechanic
  • Jay, Cole, Kai, & Zane vs. Mechanic
  • Lloyd vs. Council of the Crystal King


  • Ninjago
    • Endless Sea
      • Lighthouse
    • Desert
      • Twitchy Tim's shop
      • Kryptarium Prison
    • Ninjago City
      • Ninjago City N-line Railroad
      • Mayor's office
      • Ninja courthouse
      • Hanger-Bay
      • Borg Tower
        • Borg Tower Vaults
    • Mountains of Impossible Height
      • Monastery of Spinjitzu
        • Samurai X Cave
    • Kai's dojo
    • Primevals Eye
      • Temple of the Crystal King


Lloyd and the Golden Ultra Dragon is the mascot, and the Weapons of Destruction are the collectible items of the season. The set background is based on Ninjago City, darkened with purple clouds and a floating island in the center, with the Crystal Samurai and Ninjago City citizens around it fighting against each other.

  • 71768 Jay's Golden Dragon Motorbike
  • 71769 Cole's Dragon Racer
  • 71770 Zane's Golden Dragon Raider
  • 71771 Temple of the Crystal King
  • 71772 The Crystal King
  • 71773 Kai's Golden Dragon Raider
  • 71774 Lloyd's Golden Ultra Dragon
  • 71775 Nya's Samurai X MECH

Ninjago: Core sets

The sets that represent the Virtues of Spinjitzu episodes. These sets do not have an official mascot, but Wu is featured on most of the boxes even though he only appears in only one of them. Seven banners are the collectible items. The set backgrounds are in a cartoonish style, and it seems like they resemble the Mountains of Impossible Height.

  • 71757 Lloyd's Ninja Mech
  • 71759 Ninja Dragon Temple
  • 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO
  • 71761 Zane's Power Up Mech EVO
  • 71762 Kai's Fire Dragon EVO
  • 71763 Lloyd's Race Car EVO
  • 71764 Ninja Training Center
  • 71765 Ninja Ultra Combo Mech
  • 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon
  • 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple
  • 71776 Jay and Nya's Race Car EVO


  • 70688 Kai's Spinjitzu Ninja Training
  • 70689 Lloyd's Spinjitzu Ninja Training
  • 70690 Jay's Spinjitzu Ninja Training


  • This is the first season where Cole is played by Andrew Francis, the voice actor of Morro, after the unfortunate passing of Kirby Morrow.
  • This season is referred to as "Season 4," by many channel providers and LEGO as the "fourth" season of the new LEGO Ninjago series that started with Season 11. Netflix released this season in batches starting with Season 4 Part 1, similarly to how The Island and Seabound were referred to as Season 3 Part 1 and Part 2 respectively.
  • This season's official poster is based on the theatrical poster for Avengers: Endgame (2018). It is composed the exact same way with similar colors and character placements.
  • P.I.X.A.L. notes that Nya will be unfrozen if her temperature rises above 0 degrees. This may imply that Ninjago uses the Celsius Scale of temperature measurement.
  • The Ninja, as a team, are arrested for the second time in this season. The first time after Skybound.
  • Several prominent Ninjago fans in the community were made into minifigures and added as background characters in this season.
  • Dareth as a lawyer is reminiscent of Saul Goodman, a character from the tv shows Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. His business card and billboard seem to be based on the likeness of Saul Goodman's business card as well.
  • This season marks the second time that a group of previous villains return to destroy the Ninja, and coincidentally, Pythor has been a part of both of these groups.
  • The first 12 episodes of Crystalized were released on LEGO's YouTube channel on May 20th but were taken down three days later. Allegedly, they were uploaded prematurely due to "technical issues."
    • A week and a half later the episodes returned to LEGO's YouTube channel and were released on Netflix as "Season 4, Part 1."
  • When given a suggestion for a fitting final line for the series, Tommy Andreasen replied, "I think 'remarkable' would be fitting." Implying that the final line of the series will be "remarkable."
    • It is unknown whether this applies to this season or not, but the fact that he has this planned out means that either this season is the end or the next one is.
  • Tommy Andreasen noted that the name of this season is similar to Seabound in that it is an indirect spoiler to allude to what happens at the end of this season. In Seabound's case, Nya literally became bound to the sea. In this season's case it's possible that the thing that gets "crystallized" is the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.
  • According to Niek van Slagmaat on The Virtues of Spinjitzu, "After the specialized launches like Prime Empire and Seabound, the markets asked for a wave with the classic Ninjago identity. We would not get any story continuing content in order to make sure we could get started on 2HY 2022 as early as possible. Thus, Core was born. On top of all that, there was an ask to make sure this line helped recruit younger kids into Ninjago. Between our 4+ and our usual 7+ and up sets, there was a gap. We wanted to have a number of 6+ sets to fill that gap. In order to ensure an appropriate building experience for the 6+ agemark we started a lot of model and element concepts to explore the 3 cornerstones of Ninjago: Vehicles, dragons and mechs."
    • When asked if it will be canon to the TV show, Niek van Slagmaat replied that "The short answer is not directly. There will be several shorts featuring some of the models from this wave, but they will not pick up [where Seabound left things.]
  • This season has a total of 6 spin-off episodes dedicated to it so far.


  • It has been one year since Nya's disappearance, and all the Ninja are taking it a different way. Zane and Cole remain at the Monastery, but Zane has turned off his emotion switch to increase productivity.
    • Kai has become a teacher at his own school, teaching kids to run into battle and destroy the enemy without thinking.
    • Lloyd has resulted in cleaning windows in Ninjago City.
      • Lloyd cleaning windows was foreshadowed in a chapter of The Splinter in the Blind Man's Eye when he tells Clancee, "Clancee, I am not going to be cleaning any windows or anything else. My priorities are greater than that."
    • Jay has become a recluse and started living in Dr. Julien's lighthouse.
      • This mimics the beginning of Season 4 when the Ninja split up after the loss of Zane.
    • Even after one year, the Vengestone smuggling continues.
      • The Mayor has hired a new group of Ninja to handle the threat, known as the Neon Ninja, to combat this.
    • It is also mentioned that since Seabound, Benthomaar has succeeded his father as the King of Merlopia.
  • Nyad's physical form is shown off for the first time. She helps Nya regain her memories, and in a flashback, her death in the undone Skybound timeline is shown.
  • The Ninja use Aspheera's staff to turn Nya human. They were reminded to do this after Kai got his powers taken from the same staff.
    • After her powers are taken, she returns to normal, and she feels powerless to help the Ninja out of prison. Wu reminds Skylor that no one can ever be powerless. This is a reminder that even after Kai's powers were drained in the same way, they were able to return some time later.
  • Aspheera returns this season after being arrested in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu. After she helps save Nya and escapes, she is recruited to join the council of the Crystal King by Harumi.
  • The Mayor makes reference to several times the Ninja have indirectly caused danger to the city, namely the Oni Invasion, Aspheera's attack, Prime Empire's invasion, and Kalmaar's invasion.
    • In Dareth's defense against the Ninja, he recalls the times the Ninja saved the city from Garmadon, Unagami, and The Quiet One.
      • In the case of Harumi, she didn't actually take over the city, but she had a hand in it
  • Skylor returns in this season, after having last appeared at the end of Seabound to mourn Nya, and after her last speaking role in Hunted.
    • It is revealed that her power of stealing powers fades after some time.
  • Dwane, who was originally a junior member of the Explorer's Club, now works for the mayor.
  • After regaining her memories and losing her powers, Nya remembers her greatest fear of being normal from looking at the Mirror of Fears in "The Explorers Club."
  • In the vaults below Borg Tower, Cole and Jay go to steal Aspheera's Staff. There, Cole reminds Jay that in these vaults are the Sword of Sanctuary (last seen in March of the Oni,) and the Oni Mask of Vengeance (last seen in Hunted.)
  • It is revealed that since their powers dampened at the end of March of the Oni, the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu have been kept in the Samurai X Cave at the Monastery.
  • Wu's age is made direct mentioned by him, as he tells Aspheera that he is "thousands of years old."
  • Ultra Violet, Ronin, and Captain Soto are shown to be imprisoned in Kryptarium again. Soto and Ultra Violet haven't been seen in the show since Prime Empire, meaning both of them have been arrested since then, and Ronin remains there after being arrest in The Island.
    • Ultra Violet being in prison means that she was either put there some time after the events of Garmadon, or that this season takes place before it.
  • King Vangelis returns this season after having been imprisoned in Master of the Mountain. He is recruited into the Council of the Crystal King by Harumi.
  • Pythor returns this season after last being seen in Day of the Departed and Pythor's Revenge. He was last mentioned in Master of the Mountain as having been on the run, but it is revealed that he was defeated and captured by the New Ninja. He is later broken out of prison and recruited to join the Council of the Crystal King by Harumi.
  • Zane uses his human cloak for the first time in this season since March of the Oni, making it the first time he has used it in the Book of Elements Arc.
  • Twitchy Tim and his gas station return in this season after last appearing in The Island.
  • Krux, Acronix, and Garmadon are mentioned in this season when the Ninja speculate as to who will be joining the Council of the Crystal King, but Lloyd recalls that the three of their whereabouts are unknown.
    • This confirms what we've known about the Time Twins for some time, that their disappearances at the end of Golden Hour are ambiguous.
    • It also likely means that the events of Garmadon take place before this season, as the Ninja still don't know his whereabouts either.
  • Kabuki Mask, the masked man who recruited Vangelis, Pythor, Aspheera, and the Mechanic to join the Council of the Crystal King, is revealed to be Harumi.
    • This marks her first physical appearance since Saving Faith in Season 9, not counting Avatar Harumi's appearance in Prime Empire.
    • It is unknown how she survived falling to her death.
  • In the Council of the Crystal King, an updated model of Mr. E is seen, who is referred to as Mister F.
  • In the episode The Council of the Crystal King, Clutch Powers can be seen holding onto the Teapot of Tyrahn. This marks the fifth appearance of the teapot in recent seasons, having first appeared in the belly of Beohernie in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, then later held by Clutch in Prime Empire, wondered about its wherabouts by Lloyd in Master of the Mountain, and then being seen at the Explorer's Club in Seabound.
    • The only installment in the Book of Elements Arc it has not appeared in at all is The Island.
  • The character Sally that appears in The Benefit of Grief is reminiscent of another character named Sally who was originally featured in Season 3. Both of them wear similar glasses and share a name, so it's not implausible that the girl in Master Wu's class from Rebooted grew up wanting to be a singer and dyed her hair pink.
  • The Virtues of Spinjitzu episodes show Wu using his Creation powers to the fullest extent we've ever seen it, being able to manifest entire locations and beings and impress them on the Ninja.
  • The flashback in which Lilly dances with Lou in The Virtues of Spinjitzu may be inspired by Way of the Departed, where it is mentioned in Chapter 3 that Lilly and Lou often danced outside on the terrace of their house, and Cole secretly watched.