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I made a JoJo music playlist, bigger than any other. I include light novel references, along with the EDs. With help from here and Hamon Beat's videos.

(JoJo's Bizarre Music References)

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Adventure Time
Regular Show
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Dragon Ball
My Hero Academia


Too much


Through The Woods, by Emily Carroll
Francis of the Filth, by George "Joji" Miller

Video games

Fallout: New Vegas
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Dead by Daylight
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Heritage for the Future
Dragon Ball FighterZ


Chicken, Pizza, Pretzels


Water, Dr. Pepper

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Tevin Banaski


March 16th

About me

I mostly add color schemes.

I've been a fan of JoJo since March 16th, 2019; my birthday. The only influence of JoJo I had was the To Be Continued meme and random references I never understood.

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