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Jolyne's Outfits
Chapters: 1 - 2 (Flashback)
Episodes: 1 (Flashback)
SO Chapter 1 Magazine Cover A.jpg

A halter top that exposes her midriff, has a heart shaped hole below her neck, and is covered with several smaller decorative holes. Along with shin-high boots, she wears a long mesh skirt with her underwear visible through its holes.

Chapters: 1 - 2
Episodes: 1

A short skirt, shin-high boots, and a halter top that exposes her midriff. On her chest is a large heart-shaped piece with a butterfly emblem on top, in the same style as her tattoo. Her top has two lengths of cloth on each side attaching it to her skirt, like suspenders.

Chapters: 3 - 47
Episodes: 2 - 11
Jolyne 1.png
Jolyne 1.png

Similar to her previous outfit, except it has pants with boots attached and a prison jacket. The jacket is short, covering her lower back to the hip area. Worn during her first week in prison.

Chapters: 47 - 102
Episodes: 11 - TBA
Jolyne so v04 010.png
Jolyne 1.png

Her previous outfit but with a longer, slightly darker jacket (matching Jotaro's coat's length). There is a "JO" accessory on top of her pants. After the events in Whitesnake - The Pursuer, she starts wearing a star-shaped navel piercing.

Chapters: 111 - 155
Episodes: TBA
Jolyne leaving Romeo.png
Jolyne 1.png
Jolyne 1.png

A shredded muscle shirt with two mini-belts over the rib area (one belt by the end), a cloth armlet, navel piercing, and waist belt with a long cape attached to the back. The accessory on her belt has a different design, but it also says "JO" like the previous one.[1]