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posted 420 days ago

I know this isn't a very productive question, but whats your opinion on Joseph, but, like is he still alive, he recently turned 100.

posted 673 days ago

1.The anime and manga use the same kanji, whether it's college or university is purely a translation preference as they both mean the same thing in Japanese. My edit note was referring to the fact you put "high school funds" when it's for Josuke's college/university tuition, not high school.

2. My issue with using "Morioh Warriors," especially when capitalized like a proper noun, is it comes across as an official term when it's not. That's just misleading information, regardless of whether or not a youtuber uses it. I don't nessearily mind using the term "warriors", but we should be phrasing it like, "Morioh's warriors" or "the warriors of Morioh."

posted 689 days ago

Appreciate it, And thanks for adding images to the bodies of texts.

I just wanted to mention 2 things: 1. As Nabu said, we'd prefer any pic changes be updated by uploading a new version, rather than replacing them on the pages entirely. 2. Adding the "Images of etc" categories to images are fine, but stuff like "screenshots from the anime" we're likely gonna remove since they seem unnecessary atm.

posted 690 days ago

Since we're trying to optimize the images, avatar pics should be 120x120.

posted 691 days ago

I'll unlock the page, that was excessive. About the infobox images, the wiki's in the process of optimizing them so we don't want you to proceed as you did before with the images. From now on, it's best that you go to the file page itself and upload a new version instead of replacing the file. Besides we'd like the pictures to have a 270px width at most. Any width higher than this is suboptimal.

posted 739 days ago

Hey Chaps, glad you like the wiki. I appreciate the apology and will gladly leave the previous stuff in the past. Welcome aboard!