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A head that’s empty is easier to stuff with dreams

Yo. I go by Zoltier, but most people just say Zolt. I've been a JoJo fan since like Februrary or March 2019. I heard about it back when "Kono Dio da!" became a thing but started to hear about it again in 2018/19 because a bunch of friends got into it and kept talking about it. I don't really remember which month I began or why I even decided to watch it aside from knowing that it was a thing, but I don't regret that decision at all. I'm caught up with JoJolion, and I've loved every bit of it.
For the wiki, I typically help with images, like replacing any fan scanlation images with raws or adding categories. In addition, I try to help with menial stuff and English corrections and anything else writing-wise. I'd say I'm fairly good at English. My working on the wiki may be inconsistent because of homework taking up time (that, or just not doing anything for no particular reason).
My Discord tag is Zoltier#9838. Shoot me a friend request and DM me there if you need anything.

Interests and Favs


Rereading JoJo right now. Will update my favorites when I get back to the latest chapter of JoJolion.


My favorite is JoJolion, but if i were to exclude it because it isn't completed, I'd say Steel Ball Run.





I ain't really what you'd call a huge fan of anime and manga since I don't consume too much of it, but I'm pretty into Dragon Ball and Getter Robo. I'm an enormous Dragon Ball fan, owning every volume of the manga, being caught up on Super, and being pretty versed on it. As for Getter, I'm fairly hyped for the Arc anime.


I could say I'm one of those dudes who will listen to whatever, but it's not entirely true since there are many artists I just don't like. Hard to classify tastes based on genre, but I'll just say that I listen to a lot of electronic stuff. Also really into prog and other rock.
Some examples of stuff I really like:

  • Monstercat (nanobii, Au5, Glacier etc)
  • Madeon
  • meganeko
  • Jamiroquai
  • Powerwolf
  • Yes
  • Jeff Beck
  • Sting
  • Pink Floyd


Mostly have stuck with Nintendo, but that's in large part to not really having a good PC or Playstations/Xboxes (brother always owned the Playstations lol). Regardless, my current laptop is good enough to handle some games like Oblivion and Just Cause 2. I'm a fan of RPGs in particular, but I like a lot of games. I'm interested in trying out fighting games, so I'm trying to get the ropes of Dragon Ball Fighterz.


I've been drawing for a while, but at the moment, I'm trying to go back over fundamentals so that I can improve and also get back to learning anatomy. Also wanna try to learn Japanese, but I really need to stop slacking and figure out how to allocate time to that.

Things I should do

  • Replace scanlation images with raws or erase text
    • Particularly Parts 1 to 8 because of translated SFX
  • Add categories to images with HotCat
    • Add "Images of Stand Abilities" category to all images featuring Stand abilities.
      • Part 3
      • Part 4
      • Part 5
      • Part 6
      • Part 7
      • Part 8
    • Chapter Covers (Category:Chapter Images)
      • Part 8
  • Grammar corrections
    • Stone Ocean pages
    • JoJolion pages
  • Expand lacking galleries
  • Try to add references where there are none
  • Don't be lazy