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I'm a winner, it's just as simple as that.
—LJ Joestar

LJ Joestar (L(エる)J(ジェイ)・ジョースター Eru Jei Jōsutā), full name Luca John Joestar (ルカ・ジョン・ジョースター Ruka Jon Jōsutā), is the main protagonist of the Øth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Band on the Run, and the Øth JoJo of the series. He is the grandson of John Joestar.

LJ journeys from his home city of Boston to San Francisco, along the way becoming a fugitive from the Speedwagon Foundation. He is joined by Ziggy Allston, Raspberry Beret, and Rosa Gunner, the latter of whom he ends up developing a romantic connection with. LJ is a Stand user who controls the shapeshifting The Aquabat.

Creation And Development

LJ Joestar was originally conceived as a member of the Zeppeli Family, but after being unable to create a JoJo, and not wanting to see the character die, the author changed LJ's role to a JoJo.