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backstory behind why im here:

sometime in late august or early september i was introduced to jojo by an accquaintance and he was explaining to me about stands and stuff and i really didnt get any of that but i just listened. it seemed to be a really nice anime. so i started watching the first two episodes and then i stopped and resumed in october. i kinda finished the whole series and somehow found myself finishing up part 7 sbr in late november. every single part was amazing(except part 6 i kinda only liked its ending part) and i have a lot of favorite characters. right now im on jojolion(chapter 20 something) and i really like it so far. then sometime late last year i saw the announcement that there will no longer be edits on the wikia and i just moved here. i just decided to set up my profile in march 2020 lol.

Custom 3

about me:

-southeast usa


-5'6" in height

-fav parts: 3, 4, 5, and 8

-too many fav characters to list lol

Other information

i dont watch movies anymore lol


i dont watch tv anymore either


i used to listen to kpop but i dont anymore for many reasons. i kinda like listening to anime music, trap remixes, tik tok songs, and rap music now(the lyrics are trash most of the time but the beats are awesome) i think my fav rapper rn is stunna 4 vegas 😳


outside of reading the jojo mangas and phf i like to read fanfictions and yaoi & yuri mangas 🗿

Video games

roblox, call of duty, pac man world 2, super monkey ball


uhh i like looking at the furniture magazines that comes in the mail 😂


i eat e v e r y t h i n g. i am a literal food vaccumn.


sprite, sparkling wine, banq's root beer, most of the fanta and crush sodas

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