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Custom information
Custom 1My favorite part is Part 8, JoJolion
Custom 2My favorite JoJo is Gappy, followed closely by Josuke, Jonathan, and Johnny
Custom 3The part I'm currently at is Part 8, JoJolion
Custom 4My favorite piece of JJBA media outside of the manga & anime is the light novel Purple Haze Feedback, followed by the game All Star Battle
Other information
MoviesSpider-Man: Into The Spiderverse
TVAdventure Time, Infinity Train
MusicWill Wood, Lemon Demon, Gorillaz
BooksNarnia, Stand Still Stay Silent
Video gamesEarthBound/MOTHER series, Ace Attorney series, DanganRonpa series, Binding of Isaac, Everhood, Undertale
SnacksPepperoni pizza, popcorn
DrinksLemonade, fruit punch, good ol' water
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Personal information
Real nameValora Emerald Lavender
LocationEverett, Washington
HometownNorth Auoroa, Illinois
BirthdayDecember 11th, 2004
Places I have livedIllinois and Washington
About meHello! My name is Valora Lavender, and I'm a bisexual aromantic trans woman! I'm 16 years old and my pronouns are she/her.

Currently, I'm working on a fan-part with my friend Jack, called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, part ∞: Sleeper's Truth.

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