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Onetimeonly (talkcontribs) Around 1:25, Risotto explains that his stand was scattered when he was shot and some of it got on Aerosmith. Narancia's reaction makes it seem like he lost control of his stand for a split second. Plus it is stated in the manga that Metallica burrowed into Aerosmith, which is likely how it controlled the stand. Though it could be argued that Metallica only alerted Narancia so he would retaliate and shoot in Risotto's direction again (and therefore kill Diavolo too), so I'll leave it up to you whether or not to include my section.

FrizzleLamb (talkcontribs)

Hi, thanks for your message!!

While it's safe to assume that Risotto manipulated Aerosmith to fire towards their direction, this isn't to say that Metallica can control Stands.

Earlier before that scene, Narancia had detected Risotto and shot in his direction using Aerosmith. Risotto's blood then splattered on the plane, so when Doppio/Diavolo was on top of him, Risotto "activated" Metallica on Aerosmith and used the opportunity to make Narancia shoot at Risotto's direction again, because Metallica being alive = Risotto is still alive. Basically, Narancia thought he had incapacitated Risotto earlier and was baited into shooting at the same place.

Narancia never said he lost control of his Stand, only that Metallica was burrowing itself on Aerosmith. That was the indication that Risotto is alive.

Hope that clears up any confusion. Have a great day! :)

FrizzleLamb (talkcontribs)