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BigRobotRipple Clan Warrior

23 months ago
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As a consequence of Part 7 reducing Stands to "assistants", many of the Stands are either mediocre or outright garbage. Chocolate Disco is one of them, and its bad enough that it can be placed in F tier. It only did so well because Disco was in the best situation to use his Stand. If he was up against Johnny he would get killed in seconds.

1. It's an Artificial Non-Humanoid Stand, and we know the tendency of these types of Stands not being useful whatsoever at defending its user. And CD firmly falls into that camp.

2. Since it can't attack on its own, Disco needs to carry external objects on him to attack. And there's only so much he can carry on him. If it was modern day, there's no way he's gonna go anywhere without being stopped for being suspicious.

3. It seems that CD can only teleport one object, or one group of small objects close together, at a time. So with this in mind, Disco can't defend himself if say, three bullets come at him, even if he teleports one bullet, he will get hit by the other two, since their fast.

4. He needs to press the button in order to teleport objects, So if something comes at him too fast, he can't react fast enough to press the button.

5. A person can simply run up to him and punch him, as he has no means of Close-Range attacks and is completely defenseless in that area. Basically any Stand User with a Humanoid Stand can give him a beat down.

6. He can't teleport himself, other people, or animals with his field. This could've been a useful ability to teleport around and dodge attacks, and would've boosted it to a D, but we never see that happen.

7. No physical improvements shown that could at least aid Disco use the Stand.

Because of the lack of impact the defeat of Disco was, it tells me that Akari wrote him in as a way to distract Gyro while the main plot plays around and explaining why he isn't around.

This is probably the biggest one-note disposable villain JoJo has and that's saying a lot. He gets defeated quickly by Gyro and was quickly forgotten soon afterwords. We get no backstory on him, nor do we see anything about him beforehand that hinder the protagonists, he just pops up like Akari went to the bargain bin and selected a red-shirt bad guy to fill time.