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Best Part


Just realized that looks like DIO, but whatever. I'm Luke, just a student who's really into JoJo's and absolutely loves part 5. Not much to that. I'll probably be here to try and expand my JoJo's knowledge.

I'll try to be active on here, but if you wanna talk, hit me up on Discord. Uncholent#7873


Favorite JoJo - Giorno or Josuke 4

Favorite JoBro - Okuyasu or Gyro

Favorite Villain - Funny Valentine

Favorite Stands - Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Crazy Diamond, Gold Experience

Part Ranking

Vento Aureo

Steel Ball Run-0.jpg

Steel Ball Run

Diamond is Unbreakable

Phantom Blood

Stardust Crusaders


Stone Ocean

Battle Tendency