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Shego is a primary antagonist featured in the Disney animated television series Kim Possible

She works as a hired criminal mercenary, most commonly as a contract henchwoman for Dr. Drakken. She is skilled in thievery and hand-to-hand combat as is frequently demonstrated with her run-ins with the protagonist.


Shego is a woman of average height and slender build. She bears long, raven hair and matching black lips. Her skin is notably pale green due to her powers, with emerald-colored eyes. Shego wears a green and black catsuit that is colored oppositely on either side. She wears matching gloves, boots, is equipped with a belt on along her waist, and has what appears to be a small utility pouch strapped to her left leg.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Pale skin with green undertone, black lipstick.)
(Green and Black catsuit, grey button on collar.)


Shego is a snarky, malicious individual: whether it be on Drakken's behalf or not, she's always seen doing criminal work. From the small-scale crimes to assisting in world domination schemes. She's easily aggravated by most of her peers, which she alleviates in the form of mocking or insulting. Despite being completely bent on chaos and villainy, Shego lacks the creativity and inhabitation to make plans of her own. As a result of this, she often spends her free time sunbathing or reading magazines instead of plotting, usually leaving that part of the creative process up to her employer.

Even with he clear displays of evil, Shego has shown a softer side to her personality on various occasions. In addition to having the occasional degree of morality, she shows a small degree of care (and possibly affection) for Drakken toward the end of the series[1], though she tries not to make it apparent. Drakken calls her out on being soft toward her brothers, and theorizes that she actually cares about them despite her evil ways and clear annoyance with them.[2] Shego is also fully credentialed in Child Development: implying that, at one point, she wanted to be a teacher.

She tends to give a sheepish grin when embarrassed or nervous.[3]


Go Team Glow: Green

Shego using her Glow against Kim Possible

Like her brothers, Shego possesses a "Go Team Glow", a superpower obtained by a rainbow comet of unknown cosmic origin. Her Glow color is green, and projects exclusively from her hands as an energy with a fire-like aura and black particles. She uses her Glow in conjunction with her combat skills to enhance her damage output, as her Glow is shown to be hot enough to cut through and melt metal.[4]. However, her Glow is not restricted to melee usage- it is also seen being used as a projectile that can cause a decent amount of collateral damage as well as injure her opponents. Her powers have no set, or observable limit; but likely cause her fatigue like any other physical activity would over time.

Personal Skills

Shego is very well versed in hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics, is good at operating complex machinery and is trained in operating various types of aircraft. She's quick, agile, and a talented thief; as it's usually her job to steal things.

Brief History

Shego grew up with her brothers Hego, Mego, and the twins Wego. One day, her and her brothers were struck by a rainbow-colored comet from outer space, which gave them each a unique "Glow". She was studying to become a teacher and once apart of her familial superhero organization, Team Go, before turning to villainy. At an undisclosed point before the series, Shego became wanted in 11 different countries, and allied herself with Dr. Drakken.

During the show's run, Shego largely assists Dr. Drakken in trying to take over the world-only occasionally dabbling with other villains-and trying to prevent Kim Possible from foiling his schemes. Following the series end, it is implied that Shego, along with Drakken, take a turn for the better after saving the world from a Lowardian invasion.

Notable Relationships


  • Dr. Drakken: Shego's relationship with her employer is an amusing one, on her end anyway. She teases him and mocks his plans for their regular tendancy to blow up in his face. She can be irritated by him frequently and doesn't often go out of her way to spend time with him. She's quick to remind him of the fact that she's merely a contract worker once he proposes ideas that go against their business agreement such as the cloning of her, and she's not afraid to quit on him if he crosses the line.[5] Despite all of this, she's shown to have let Dr. D grow on her over time, as it's implied their relationship has romantic potential by the end of the series.
  • Señor Senior, Junior: Shego temporarily acted as a villainous mentor to Junior. She grew particularly fond of him and appeared to enjoy working with him.[6] However, she still shows herself to be annoyed by his incompetence in their later encounters.


  • Kim Possible: Kim is Shego's greatest adversary and one she butts heads with frequently. The two are physically on-par, though despite Shego's superpower advantage, she usually loses to the heroine. She mocks Kim and frequents the nickname "Kimmie" as a method of belittling her. Despite her hatred for the titular character, she has a sense of direct rivalry that will cause her to prevent anyone aside from herself from defeating her.
  • Ron Stoppable: Less so than his friend/later girlfriend. Shego opposes Ron by proxy of being Kim's sidekick.
  • Warmonga: Shego took on the Lowardian out of jelousy for being Drakken's temporary sidekick and for almost defeating Kim Possible. She assists Kim and Co in defeating her along with Warhok in the series finale.


  • Team Go: Shego is annoyed by her brothers, and disassociated with them a considerable amount, but unspecified of time before her introduction. Though the exact reasons for her departure are unknown (besides Hego's claim of her simply finding villainy more interesting), it can be speculated it has something to do with hero life getting in the way of her personal interests, as she never appeared to do anything with the degree she has for teaching. Despite her apparent hatred, she seemed to be easily defeated by them and allowed them to get their powers back in "Go Team Go", there's an insinuation that she did it intentionally.


Quote.png Quotes
  • I am evil! Have I made myself clear?
    —Shego, Episode 41, "Go Team Go"
  • Yeah, I'd say about 30% serious, 70% mock.
    —Shego in response to Dr. Drakken, Episode 39, "Hidden Talent"
  • I'm working with a man named "Monkey Fist". My evil career is so down the toilet...
    —Shego, Episode 34, "A Sitch In Time: Present"



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