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I'm just another crazy person who wants to contribute to the "Bizarre" world of JoJo. I do what I can, because I got sucked into this mess and now there's no escape. I am a vector of the JoJo "plague" with no regrets. Find me on YouTube with the same name. On Twitter as well.

The Random Assortment of Jojo Stuffs!

List of Personal Favorites and Opinionated Ranks of Various Fabulous Things:

Current Problems With Being a Jojo Fan:

  • Waiting a month for every new chapter
  • Waiting for official English Manga and DVD releases
  • Seeing references everywhere and finally understanding what they are
  • Habitually Saying "Wrrrrryyyyy," when frustrated or excited
  • Not having the money to buy figures
  • One does not simply listen to the oldies station on the radio and not hear Jojo references.
  • Knowing we have a large fandom but not concentrated enough to have people nearby to fan over with.
  • Compulsive need to write ridiculous parody comics and draw fanart!
    • And Much More!

Current Status: Playing "Eyes of Heaven" :)

Can be seen in the video below:

COMING SOON: "JoJo's Less Than Ideal Escapades: A Fan Comic!" (Work in Progress)