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Other information
MoviesI'm not in this tho,,, I'd like to hear nice ones for a watch
TVI stopped watched this as was a kiddo
MusicYes, I can listen everything from k-pop to metal/rock
BooksI'm not into this tho, but "Family of Kaydash" and "Internezzo" are perfect
Video gamesI love minecraft with the fact I never play it to the end 🤫🧏‍♂️
MagazinesAs a kid I liked one with puzzels
SnacksAnything of potato, pasta and buckwheat, like there are no any special ones
DrinksEnergy, Revo (al0chol+energy) and coffee, from not energetic I guess juice of oranges and apple+grape
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Personal information
Real nameVer
HometownІФ, Ukraine
BirthdayOctober 7th
Occupationnon, I'm ta hell minor
Places I have livedІФ
Schools1 year of college
About meJust Ukrainian jojo fan sitting here lol
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