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One of my favorite pictures of Speedwagon

Hi! I'm Geo, the Mizukage of this page! I enjoy all sorts of shows, games, books, movies, and more! Steven Universe is my current favorite show, but I have plenty of fandoms I love! Undertale, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Naruto, plenty of animes, and so on! I'll add more info later. If you would like to know more about the Creator species, just message me up.

I have a SoundCloud where I collect and listen to some fine music from great singers, groups and fandoms!

As well as a YouTube channel where I subscribe to awesome gamers, reactors, music peoples, theorists and more! Such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, MrKrimiThou, the band known as Giant Woman and so many others I'll be adding.

Note: My Favorites aren't in any particular order.

Favorite Heroes

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