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Hello there i am Mister Loki, but you can just call me Loki. I am a passionate Jojo fan who is caught up with all of the Jojo parts.



These are my part rankings.

Diamond is Unbreakable is my favorite part because i was hooked on the plot, setting, main jojo, supporting characters and main villain. It has my favorite villain in Yoshikage Kira and favorite stand in Killer Queen.

Steel Ball Run is in a similar boat as Diamond is Unbreakable, it has my favorite character in Jojo Gyro Zeppeli, i love the main Jojo Johnny Joestar and the villain Funny Valentine is one of my favorites. It also has some memorable minor villains like Diego, Sandman and Ringo Roadagain to name a few.

I don't see many people put Battle Tendency in their Top 3, but personally i found it one of my favorite parts until i got to DIU, the story, Joseph and the main villains were all good. It also had one of my favorite characters for a while in Rudol von Stroheim.

Even if JoJolion is still running it is no doubt close to the Top 3, it might replace BT for me depending on how good the villain is, i like the Jojo of this part and certain characters. The plot is also interesting.

Many people dislike Stardust Crusaders for some of its plot holes and villain of the week format, but personally i found that the best part about Stardust Crusaders. The amount of minor villains it introduced had me engaged all the way through to Dio. It also introduced my favorite stand and character for a while in Steel Chariot and Hol Horse.

I really like Stone Ocean, most people would put in the last spot of their rankings, but i found the main cast and main villain really engaging to read. The ending is controversial but i think its one of the best in Jojo, it was sad and happy at the same time. The fact that the main cast lived out their lives how they wanted in the alternate universe without Pucci's inferferance, made me appreciative of the part as a whole.

Not saying i hate Phantom Blood, but i also don't like it. It has its flaws, i found Jonathan half interesting for the most part and Dio was a huge asshole. I liked Baron Zeppeli and Speedwagon. My favorite parts of Phantom Blood has to be the fight against Bruford and Tarkus and the tragic final battle between Jonathan and Dio's Head.

This is an unpopular opinion, but i dislike the plot and main jojo of Golden Wind. It has a great supporting cast, good villains and banger openings. But Giorno is a boring Jojo for me, he didn't interest me as a character. But the weak plot of "I have a dream to became mafia boss and stop the selling of illegal drugs" didn't hook me into the story.


Jojo Rankings

These are my main jojo rankings.

  1. Joseph Joestar
  2. Johnny Joestar
  3. Jolyne Cujoh
  4. Josuke Higashikata
  5. Jotaro Kujo
  6. Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)
  7. Jonathan Joestar
  8. Giorno Giovanna

VIllain Rankings

These are my main jojo villain rankings.

  1. Yoshikage Kira
  2. Funny Valentine
  3. Enrico Pucci
  4. Pillar Men
  5. Dio Brando (Part 3)
  6. Diavolo
  7. Dio Brando (Part 1)

All Time Rankings

These are my 20 Favorite Jojo Characters, i haven't ranked them since i like them all equally.


These are my Top 10 Favorite Jojo Stands

  1. Killer Queen
  2. Silver Chariot
  3. Emperor
  4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  5. Speed King
  6. Green Day
  7. Mandom
  8. Aerosmith
  9. Nut King Call
  10. Sex Pistols