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Hello, Silent here, I'll be as third-person as possible here but welcome to my profile. I don't edit as much since I can't find any errors but I am commonly known in the forums. I use this profile as a remembrance and a sandbox/"dummy." For those who want to seemingly practice, here is allowed.

MadameSilent is an account made on November 2, 2016. It currently is known in the forums.


I enjoy Hot Pants but I like Johnny "crippling depression" more. I have American nationality. I really enjoy Soul'd out especially Tongue De Tongue. I'm usually known on roblox too.

Silent's favourite character in all of the series

Fanmade character

Olivia Mercer is a fanmade stand event character that joins in the 3rd stage as a seller.



As a child, Olivia Mercer reportedly lied to everyone. Telling lies and all, this had grown notoriety for her. In her hometown, she was assaulted by several schoolboys. Her ears were cut off while her tongue harbored a hole. Her stand was soon manifested when she subconsciously used it against the schoolboys. Later, the schoolboys all faced similar injuries after "hearing their mother/father's voices telling them to go somewhere." Afterwards, she turned to a life of deception and earned hundreds by using her new stand. She soon bought a store selling old Civil War memorabilia.

Fanmade event

While selling Civil War mementos, Cannon City, her home was chosen as Stage 3 for the Steel Ball Run race. Shouting out for attention, she first meets Jaden and attempts to earn much more money after summoning her stand. After exiting of her store, she soon later meet Depeche after using her stand to eat food without payment. After that, she learned of the Corpse parts.


Olivia's personality is described as somewhat calm and trusting at first. If her plans go south, she immediately gets angry/sad & very frustated. When she is to meet someone intimidating, she backs down and sanctions much anxiety at once.


Olivia's attire is a British Dragoon Cavalry uniform without the helmet. Without her outfit, she is a C-bra size with long black-brownish hair and blue eyes. Olivia has a rather skinny body.


Valley Lili Act 1 is the stand of Olivia featured in the Fanmade Stand Event.


Valley Lili takes the form as a human-like appearance having lili flowers on its ears while red and white stripes comes from its mouth going to its lung. Its height is somewhat near to Olivia's height.

Valley Lili seems to have a seperate mind/conscious that usually have the similar current emotion of the user. If its ability works accordingly, Valley Lili smiles happily while if it fails, it would either becomes depressed or angry and if angry, attempts again.

Midst of using GO AWAY!, Valley Lili yells," The Seven Seas messenger had came," and when finished," You had lost your throne!"[1]


Voice Malice/Voice Puzzle: Valley Lili travels closely to the opposed target and whispers into its ear using a trusting voice telling them misinformation or deceptive truth. The ability can eventually cause aggression, distrust, confusion, and conceivably depression.

Voice takeover: If Valley Lili or Olivia learn of a deceased person, the stand can take their voice and use it as a support ability for Voice Malice/Voice Puzzle.

GO AWAY!: Based on Valley Lili's user's mood/situation, if something goes wrong or is barely according to their plan, Valley Lili begins to repeatedly kick or punch the opposing force at high speed. The damage dealt is abnormally powerful and only happens due to the user's mood.

Scout: Valley Lili can travel 5 miles away from its user allowing scout.


  1. Lili of the Valley lyrics; "The Seven Seas messenger has flown...To tell the King of Rhye he had lost his throne."