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Ore ga Sutando

Ore ga Sutando 1

Stand: Space Oddity (スペース・オッディティ Supēsu Odditi)

Namesake: David Bowie song


  • Destructive Power: A
  • Speed : C
  • Range : C
  • Durability : A
  • Precision : C
  • Development Potential : D 


Gravikinesis - Space Oddity's primary power, it can increase or decrease the gravity of the immediate area in a dome-like shape, from suffocating heaviness to light as a feather.

Gravity-Controlling Seals - Similar to Part IV Stand Echoes ACT 3, Space Oddity can use its gravikinesis in a more localized manner by creating gravity-controlling signals transmitted by the Stand's hands. This marking only works in Space Oddity's field of effect, and goes away whenever the marking travels outside of the field, and must be re-applied.
Gravity Push/Pull - Space Oddity can also use its gravikinesis to alter the gravity of the air to create a current, simulating a simple aerokinetic push, and can do the reverse to imitate a aerokinetic pull. 

Thrusters - Space Oddity's built-in thrusters can be transferred to its user whenever they are in a zero-g environment to allow the user to fly. If broken off, these thrusts can regrow, but until then, it can hamper flight performance.

Appearance: Space Oddity's design choice can be best summarized as a mixing of a soldier and a cowboy. It has rocket thrusters jutting out of its wrists, elbows, shoulder blades, love handles, outside sides of the knees, thighs, lower legs, and boots. Its upper body is mainly lean in stature, red and white-colored fingers, a marking in the palm of Space Oddity's hands that resemble Saturn, and army camo-designed skull-like face with eyes similar to Crazy Diamond, only just the scalera is black and the iris is colored a electric blue. It is wearing an American WWII helmet colored and shaped like the Moon's surface. It's lower half is white with alternating camo paint along its sides and feet, only with blue and green.


Theme Song: Planetary (Go!) by My Chemical Romance

Ore ga Stando 2

Stand: Megadeth (メガデス Megadesu)

Namesake: American thrash metal band


  • Destructive Power: A
  • Speed : A
  • Range : D (Stand Range); A (Ability Range)
  • Durability : C
  • Precision : A
  • Development Potential : C


Killing Sensory & Tracking: Megadeth allows the user to smell deaths, and accurately detect what kind of death it was the closer the user gets to the body, whether it be a malicious murder, self-defense, a suicide, sheer accident, succumbing to a disease or injury, or to satisfy hunger. The smell can be traced towards the possible killer (depending on the circumstances) across even a countryside. However, traversing over water or pungent and otherwise overpowering smells can weaken the smell.

Self-Preservation: Like Part III Stand Star Platinum, Megadeth will do everything to protect its user from harm, as well as protect the user from any instance of self-harm.

Personality: Breaking the conventional rules of non-Automatic Stands having no personality to speak of, Megadeth has his own personality, just like Part V Stand Spice Girl. Like Spice Girl, he'll still take orders from his user.

Appearance: Megadeth resembles strongly of Part III Stand Death Thirteen in generic body shape. Megadeth is a robed figure with a tattered cloak that covers the entire body from the neck down. Megadeth has clawed hands with metallic arm guards, with skull-shaped shoulderpads, and a bone white mask shaped like a grasshopper's head with robotic eyes and humanoid teeth markings. Underneath the mask is an ash-gray humanoid face with human-like eyes. Megadeth has legs, but they are kept hidden by the cloak. Underneath the tattered cloak is a lightly armored humanoid body, with the armor being gunmetal gray in color and the skin ash-gray.


Theme Song: Dante's Inferno by Iced Earth

Not Me Stando

Not Me Stando 1

Stand: Blue Oyster Cult (ブルー・オイスター・カルト Burū Oisutā Karuto)

Namesake: American rock band

Stand User: Sayaka Miki

Method of Stand Obtainment: Soul Gem being pierced by Oriko's Arrow

Debut Chapter: Sayaka Miki Just Wants a Quiet Life


  • Destructive Power: B
  • Speed : A
  • Range : C
  • Durability : A
  • Precision : B
  • Development Potential : A


Spatial Distortion: Blue Oyster Cult can increase and contract the area of any surface simply by touching it. It can use this ability to increase the distance between objects by touching the ground they are on. This ability is limited to 100 feet.

Super Strength: Blue Oyster Cult, like other stands of its kind, demonstrates considerable strength.

Appearance: Blue Oyster Cult looks like a humanoid creature, covered head to toe in a bluish medieval-esque armor. On its helmet were three round spirals and on the top of its head sat five structures that resembled swords intertwined with feathers.


Theme Song: Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones