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Although not my favorite stand, definitely best girl

Just an average fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, just like you most likely, since you're here and all. My favorite JoJo would have to be Josuke (4), and favorite stand is an extremely close tie between Killer Queen and D4C. I love every part of JJBA but if I had to rate them in order it would be like this (Not rating part 8 since it's not done yet):

1. Vento Aureo 

2. Diamond is Unbreakable 

3. Steel Ball Run

4. Battle Tendency

5. Stardust Crusaders 

6. Phantom Blood

7. Stone Ocean (Not because of it being bad, I very much enjoyed part 6, but not as much as I did the other parts)

I mostly go around the forms trying my best to answer questions people have since I have nothing better to do.

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