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About me

Hello, to everyone who is reading this page, I'm Bunnet. You can find me in many sites from Deviant art, to other wikis under this very name, if you ever have to need to contact me feel free to do so.

My passion has always been writing, just recently have I gotten into editing and that is what I do here, creating new pages, adding information. While clearly I'm not the best nor can do it all be myself. That why always looking for fans or views to see the site and spread the word.

As far as how I was introduce to the Jojo verse, it accidentally found picture regarding it while searching for the real Dio. It then that instantly became curious over the nature of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. From then on I been addictive to the its unique storytelling and characters. When first saw this time it was in ruins and have slowly return it, but want more than that I want to take it to the next level. I'm not doing this because I like the attention is because I enjoy this series so much.

Thank you so much to everyone who been keeping the site alive while I was away thank you very much this site could not progress as its without your help :)


Obviously I didn't just join and became and Admin, I was a regular guy who's determination and drive was far too big to just let this site just sick slowly and slowly. When I first became a member on October 7, 2009, this Wiki was consider dead and inactive. From there on I petition to become its owner and while I struggle been the only member, I saw many random edits and some few new faces.

As of now I'm the current Admin. If you run into any trouble with a page, or you want to delete an extra page created or simply want to edit a name. Give me a message, I be there. I approve of any editing longest its positive. Fan art can be kept in the gallery, please.

My favorite pages

There too many too list but among them is:

List of Stands