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FrizzleLambPassione Capo

11 months ago
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Telency's manga infobox image has too much white space (about 1/3 of the image). I think it would be best if it was cropped, unless someone can find a new and better pic for his infobox.


29 months ago
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This character's name is Terence, not Telence. "Telence" comes from mixing up the L/R sound that's in Japanese.

Japanese people do not transpose L and R sounds. In Japanese, what we usually refer to as the "R" sound "ra/ri/ru/re/ro" is a sound between an L and an R, which is why it usually replaces either of these sounds in other languages.

The musician that the name is based on is Terence Trent D'Arby, and so this character's name would be TeRence T. D'Arby, not TeLence. ~~~~