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Characters with supernatural abilities and separated by their corresponding power source.

Throughout the series, many characters several types of supernatural abilities.

  • In Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency as well as briefly in Stardust Crusaders, the protagonists use the Ripple, an energy produced through breathing and which is comparable to the energy of the Sun. It is mainly used to combat Pillar Men, Vampires and Zombies
  • From Stardust Crusaders onward, most of the cast wields Stands, spirits born out of their User's willpower and which grant specific supernatural abilities.
  • Steel Ball Run's protagonists use a supernatural phenomenon called the Spin which consists in producing and using energy by rotating objects.
  • Several characters have unique powers that cannot be classified and are put under the Others/Strange Powers category.


  • Humans constitute most of the cast, and only a scant few of them have supernatural powers.
  • Vampires and Zombies are undead humans granted supernaturally strong bodies but who die when when exposed to sunlight.
  • The Pillar Men are the four survivors of a lost race of mighty human-like yet horned creatures, gifted with physical abilities beyond compare.
  • Under special circumstances, the spirit of a deceased person can stay in the world of the living instead of moving to the afterworld, becoming a Ghost.
  • The Rock Humans are a race of human-like creatures who periodically turn to stone.


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