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The Single Best Jojo Character

Hello you may know me as Alex *******, IM A DECIATED JOJO FAN. i first started watching Jojo in 2016, I watched up till Season 2 and then from there on I started reading the manga and I’m currently up to date on the whole series. (I have read some of TSKR One shots, but I still haven’t read most of the spin offs). My liking of Jojo even extends to the point of me drawing fan art (I’m pretty good I think)

If i were rate all the parts of Jojo it would probably go like this

  1. Steel Ball Run 2. Vento Aureo 3. Jojolion 4. Stone Ocean 5. Diamond is Unbreakable 6. Battle Tendanay 7. Stardust Crusaders 8. Phantom Blood

My favorite pages

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