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Golden Wind Airdates

Sinjoh (talkcontribs)
SpicyCheese (talkcontribs)

But how can it air at 2:30 AM Eastern time AND Pacific time? That makes no sense. Ever since the first dub ep aired I've heard of people in the PST timezone on a Discord server getting the new eps at 11 PM their time. The fact the site also displays 2:30 AM as the air time for PST is most likely an error on its behalf.

Sinjoh (talkcontribs)

It means that it airs at 2:30 in both time zones. Timeslots for shows (at least in the US) don't change because they're in different time zones. If something airs at 8pm Eastern, it will air at 8pm Pacific.

You do know that 11pm Pacific would be 2am Eastern right? Your buddies on discord could easily be getting episodes from people from EST after it's aired there or using a VPN to watch it at 11pm.