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posted 58 days ago

I hope you didn't mind (a lot) if I reverted your edits. I thought that those trivia that you typed on those pages were not exactly "trivia-worthy". For one, the "Araki's favorite character is Josuke" trivia was already on his own page (and also it should be a trivia *FOR* DiU itself, not a sole character like Josuke), while the "entirely different design" thing isn't a fun trivia, it's more or less a common thing in Araki's art. I actually hesitated on undoing the latter one, but then I thought that "if putting design changes as fun trivia was always the case, then what would be the purpose of the Appearance section?" Also, the grammar was a bit wonky as well. If those edits had not been reverted then I might have edited them either way.

TL;DR: Commonly-known stuff; not trivia-worthy. Have a good day! :)