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Gouster Soul (ゴーストソール Gōsuto Sōru) is the Stand of Lucio Mercato.


Gouster Soul manifests as a humanoid figure with a mostly blue body covered in a dark pattern of interlocking rings. It appears to wear pinkish armour with dark purple accents. It has a mohawk-like raised portion on its head which culminates in an arrow shape between its green, bug-like eyes. The stand has no mouth and appears to wear a mask in the same colour as its head. Although Gouster Soul’s primary ability is bound to the user, it also retains a humanoid manifestation for attack.


Although Mercato speaks occasionally speaks through the stand, Gouster Soul appears to have no personality of its own, serving its user without hesitation or question.


Gouster Soul is not a particularly strong stand, but it is quite fast and can still launch a barrage of punches more powerful than those of an average man, though the stand's ability makes it more suited to utility than combat.


Gouster Soul’s main ability allows the user to transfer his soul into any living being or small object, giving him extensive control over an object’s properties (ex: moving the hands of a possessed clock or listening to calls made on a possessed phone) and full control over living beings. Any damage inflicted upon a possessed object or being is redirected to the user, albeit lessened by a significant amount. The user is essentially invincible while possessing an object unless the object is destroyed entirely, but he is much more vulnerable while possessing a living body. This ability reflects Mercato's obsessive desire for control, as well as his discomfort with his own identity.

Soul Love

Soul Love is a sub-stand which allows Gouster Soul to partially possess people while letting the user stay in his own body. The user can use this ability to read the memories of the possessed person as well as manipulate them into performing simple tasks or simply put them to sleep. Once Soul Love is activated, the ability has infinite range, but it requires a good deal of mental fortitude to maintain. This ability is represented in the partially possessed person’s eyes becoming those of green and bug-like, similar to those of Gouster Soul.

Musical Reference

Gouster Soul references the unreleased David Bowie album “The Gouster,” specifically the song “Who Can I Be Now,” which alludes to Gouster Soul’s possession ability. Soul Love is another David Bowie song, from the album “Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.”