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13 ★ ultra weeb ★ gal
hey there! im abby. i usually just scroll through articles endlessly. i draw a lot, mostly jooj. favorite characters in general ( in no particular order ): dio, speedwagon, joseph, caeser, kars, jotaro, kakyoin, polnareff, okuyasu, kira, abbacchio, narancia, mista, doppio, rissotto, prosciutto, anasui, pucci, johnny, gyro, diego. favorite stands: star platnium, hierophant green, killer queen, purple haze, moody blues, the greatful dead, clash, metallica, whitesnake, D4C, scary monsters.

aside from jojo, im a big fan of kingdom hearts, fire emblem, pokemon, final fantasy, and zelda. contact me on discord if you want some shit jooje memes.

big weeb#8460