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my fan made stands

  • Stand: Nephthys

Namesake: Nephthys (Egyptian god)

User: Carey C. D'Arby, the daughter of Telence T. D'Arby and Mariah. She usually works as a dancer in a bar, using her stand to perform sexually attractive moves in front of the audience and gain profits. On the other hand, she also works as a assassin of justice. She is in a conflict situation against her parents because she knows they both have formerly worked for Dio. (Ally)

User Namesake: Mariah Carey (American singer) Terence Trent D'Arby (American singer)  

Appearance: Nephthys is a female humanoid stand. She stands about five to six feet tall, sustaining a model hourglass figure. Her skin is all black with golden hieroglyphic characters written on the arms, legs and torso. Her large green eyes are accompanied with thick golden eye liners. She has pink hair cropped into a bob cut, with remaining long strands tied in braids. She wears a purple bikini armor joined with golden chainmail; a pair of tight bangles on her arms and thighs; jewels dangling on her long braids and a golden circlet around her forehead inlaid with a red gem. Her bare feet and fingers have nails applied with red manicure.

Personality: Nephthys holds a unique personality compared to other stands which often lack feelings. She is unable to talk, but can express herself by showing emotions on her face and sometimes body language. On top of that, she is shown to be a shy, adorable and energetic stand. However, with her abilities she is confident to carry out tasks commanded by the user. Nephthys also has a pleasure to dance, engaging to synchronize with Carey during her performances. When in chaotic mode, Nephthys sacrifices her usual peronality, becoming a sadistic, offensive stand who laughs at her threatened opponent. Nephthys usually would prevent from becoming chaotic mode, as it could affect her self-esteem.


Soul chain: Nephthys can pull out chains from any living thing, especially humans. The chain pulled out represents the soul. The user can use the chain to hold and pull, or break parts of the chain to reduce their lifespan. 10cm of the chain represents 1 year, thus the victim's estimated lifespan is proportional to the length of the chain pulled out. If the chain reaches the end of the length, it will stop and no more can be pulled out. If the chain at the end of the length is pulled out forcefully, the victim would basically lose its soul and die. Nephthys is also able to pull out multiple chains, assuming the total length of the chains shall be proportionally equal/below the victim's lifespan. The soul chain ability can also be used to wrap opponents around it to secure them or act as a rope to hang on to something.

Chaotic mode: Nephthys can go into chaotic mode when triggered by smelling peppermint. During chaotic mode, Nephthys gains a power and speed boost, which could mean she can hurl opponents around using the soul chains exposed. She can also perform a barrage of punches if possible. She becomes an offensive stand, meaning her fighting style changes more brutally. The duration of chaotic mode depends on how much amounts of peppermint Nephthys inhales, and when the effect goes off, Nephthys will be affected in a coma for a short period. 

Stand cry: None

A-HAHAHAHAHAHA! (When in chaotic mode)

Stand stats: 

Destructive power: C (B when in Chaotic mode)

Speed: C (B when in Chaotic mode)

Durability: C

Range: C      

Precision: C

Development potential: B

  • Stand: Rocketman

Namesake: Rocketman (Elton John song)

Appearance: Rocketman is humanoid, with a powerful build and tall stature. The design motif is of a modern spaceship, with a pointy head, wings on back, limbs covered with cylindrical armor and rocket boots. Its color scheme is a yellow interior and white armor.

Personality: Rocketman is a wise, loyal stand having the authority of being born with incredible power. He has a behaviour of strongly believing in the concepts that the Earth itself is a magnet which pulls all the forces into the center of the Earth, and proves this is how the Earth is able to sustain in its planetary position the whole time. He detests those who disagree with his ideas.


Weight Reverse: Rocketman can change anything with weight (e.g. people, animals, objects) into the opposite direction of force, meaning the weight will be pulled upwards into the sky as if it was flying. This ability cannot be stopped unless it reaches outside the atmosphere where the gravitational force of the Earth is not in effect or Rocketman decided to cancel the ability and return the weight back to its normal direction of force. The way Rocketman affects things into reverse gravity is by visionary contact. Rocketman can use this ability to multiple targets at once due to its high level of sight, that being so it can reverse the weight of everything which he sees. However, Rocketman can only affect masses which are 1 tonne or below.    

Stand cry:


("Saraba" means "Farewell" in Japanese)


Destructive Power: A

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: A

Precision: A

Development Potential: B

  • Stand: Jet Black Heart

Namesake: Jet Black Heart (song by 5 Seconds of Summer)

User: Rai Benda (Neutral)

User Namesake: Rabenda (Japanese name/pronounciation for Lavender, a type of flower)

Appearance: Jet Black Heart appears as a combination of a shark and a plane, with large barrage cannons on both sides connected below the fin. Jet Black Heart is colored black, with some grafitti covering his shark-plane body.

Personality: Jet Black Heart has a funky and mischievous personality. He is able to talk as being a stand, often boasting his own status as a self-proclaimed "troublemaker". He is prone to gloating when it seems to have the advantage against its enemies.

Ability: As its 2 cannons on its fins suggest, Jet Black Heart is an accurate stand which is advantageous to its powerful ability.

Time Looping: Jet Black Heart shoots black projectiles which works as normal bullets. The fire rate of the cannons are typically fast. If the projectiles hit the opponent's major nerve system, especially the brain, time will go back 5 seconds. Jet Black Heart, its user, the opponent and additionally opponent's stand are the only ones able to realise the time being looped. After time gets looped, the entire surroundings will go back to its position 5 seconds ago. Jet Black Heart and its user, on the other hand, is completely unaffected by the time loop and can freely move to a new position whilst the time loop keeps on activating. To the point of view where Jet Black Heart is firing the time looping bullets to an opponent, it would seem as if Jet Black Heart and the user is teleporting rapidly. However, any damage done to Jet Black Heart or its user cannot be redone by time looping.  

Stand Stats:

Destructive Power: C

Speed: B

Durability: B

Range: C

Precision: A

Development Potential: C

  • Stand: Man with a Mission (Nicknamed M)

Namesake: Man with a Mission (Japanese rock band)

User: Unnamed wolf pack leader. He has witnessed his wolf pack members dying from human causes. (e.g. Hunting, poaching, polluting, burning forests etc.) He is enraged and wants to hunt down the ones responsible for the deaths. (Villian)

Appearance: M is a naked humanoid stand which resembles an appearance of an 9 year old child. His whole body and hair glows in white-blue colour, and black tattoos cover his body in M-letter symbols. His eyes are yellow and holds sharp fangs in his mouth. He usually wears shorts to cover his private parts. The tail piece which he holds is also glowing blue-white.

When in wolf form, his appearance obviously changes into the shape of an adult wolf, with the tail piece intact with the pelvis. He develops glowing blue-white fur around his body, but the tattoos remain visible. He discards his shorts during wolf form so that it won't hinder his rear legs from moving.

Personality: M is often shy and quiet, but deep inside him is a enraged envy to human beings because they're the ones who harm nature via his home forest in several ways. He has a desire to devour on human beings along with his fellow wolf pack members for vengenance and also for interest in what they actually taste like.


M is a skilled hunter with a wide range of weapon mastery, attacking opponents savagely in any fight. He also has a strong leadership in his wolf pack, agreeing to hunt any human beings who enter his boundary.

Tail weapon transformation: M's tail piece allows to transform into any melee weapon which can be activated by recalling the shape of the weapon. For example, if M wanted to use a sword, it would remember what the sword actually looked like and the tail piece will become a sharp, dense sword.

Wolf transformation: To access this, M has to stab his pelvis with his tail piece in a sharp weapon state. Once the weapon deforms back into a tail and connects, M will transform into a wolf. His physical strength, speed, and senses increase as he develops the animal instincts within him.

Stand stats:

Destructive Power: C (B in wolf form)

Speed: B (A in wolf form)

Durability: C (B in wolf form)

Range: B

Precision: B

Development Potential: A

  • Stand Name: Lifehouse

Namesake: Lifehouse (American rock band)

User: Amari Arisu (Neutral)

User Namesake: Amaririsu (Japanese name/pronounciation for Amaryllis, a type of flower)

Appearance: Lifehouse appears as a red cube with a door and windows as if it were a house. Inside the cube is a 1LDK apartment. It is pretty big, up to 15m(h) x 15m(l) x 15m(w).

Personality: N/A


Life house: The user can trap one or multiple opponent inside the stand by sucking them into the doorway like a vacuum cleaner. Anyone inside the stand can only get to stay alive within the stand, and can’t get outside at any costs. The door and windows of the stand are free to open, but if they attempt to get outside, they’ll find themselves being vaporized. Inaminate objects, on the other hand can enter/exit Lifehouse without any crucial effects. Lifehouse can move midair and is rotatable so that it can threaten the ones inside, but the movement is kind of slow. The user can also use Lifehouse to itself for defense, as it has a invincibility comparable to Yellow Temperance/Sheer Heart Attack.

Stand Stats:

Destructive Power: E

Speed: D

Durability: A

Range: C

Precision: E

Development Potential: C