Minor Characters

For minor characters without names, see Unnamed Characters.

This is a list of minor characters appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and related media.

Characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance or backstory.

Phantom Blood

Mark Watkin 
Manga Debut: Chapter 2: Dio Brando the Invader, Part 1
Mark Watkin (マーク・ワトキン Māku Watokin) is the champion of the rural boxing club. Jonathan is meant to fight him as a challenger, but Dio Brando volunteers to have a match against Jonathan instead of Mark. The referee and Mark accepts and Dio ends up beating Jonathan.

Manga Debut: Chapter 27: Tarkus and the Dark Knight Bruford, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: Episode 5: The Dark Knights (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Lord Darnley  (Scottish king consort)
Darnley (ダーンリー Dānrī) was the husband of Mary Stuart. He was found dead after an explosion, though the true cause of his death was unknown to history. His death was used as an excuse for Mary's execution, as Elizabeth blamed her for his death.

Manga Debut: Chapter 21: Jack the Ripper and Zeppeli the Strange, Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: Episode 5: The Dark Knights (Mentioned only)
Mr. Harry (ハリー Harī) was a resident of Windknight's Lot whose daughter ran away shortly before Dio's arrival in town. It is possible that she was one of the women Dio and Jack the Ripper killed to suck blood. The other residents gossiped about how youngsters these days would run away without telling anyone, referring to her.

Jeff Back and Dan Hamar 
Manga Debut: Chapter 41: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 3 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: Episode 5: The Dark Knights (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Jeff Beck  (English guitarist) and Jan Hammer  (Czech-American musician)
Jeff Back (ジェフ・バック Jefu Bakku) was a farmer who spotted 4 outsiders (Jonathan Joestar, Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Tonpetty and Straizo) burning Dio Brando's clothes under the cliffs of his empty mansion two weeks after Dio's defeat.

Dan Hamar (ダン・ハマー Dan Hamā) was a fisherman who reported to the police that his boat was stolen by some easterners the night of the incident, but his boat has yet to be found. Police are investigating if these two cases have any relation to the missing people of Windknight's Lot.

The 77 Rings Challenge Winners 

Winzaleo (ウィンザレオ Winzareo), Eijkman (アイクマン Aikuman), and Caineghis (カイネギス Kainegisu) are three of the only five knights who survived the 77 Rings knights challenge, winning the challenge years before the dark knights Tarkus and Bruford, who won in 1563. Winzaleo, known as the Lion King, won in 1327, Eijkman the Lightning Knight won in 1389 and the one-eyed Caineghis won in 1408.

The three are playable in the game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, where Winzaleo carries a giant battle-axe capable of breaking the ground, Eijkman uses an electrified halberd and Caineghis wields a poisonous scimitar. Their appearances are very different than the ones featured in the manga.

Father Styx 



Manga Debut: Chapter 42: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 4
Anime Debut: Episode 9: The Final Ripple!
Namesake: Styx  (American rock band)
Voice Actor: Masayuki Katô (Japanese), Chris Hackney (English)

Father Styx (スティクス神父 Sutikusu-shinpu) is an alcoholic priest who discovers Dio's coffin in the boat Jonathan and Erina board. Sent to Mexico to convert the locals, the unhappy priest drops his cross which falls through a grate and lands near the coffin. Just as Wang Chan arrives to open the coffin, the curious priest triggers a booby trap, causing a metal ball to shoot out and obliterate his face.

Battle Tendency

Manga Debut: Chapter 51: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 4
Namesake: Bluto  (Popeye  character)
Bruto (ブルート Burūto) was one of the many people who were outside the cafe during Joseph Joestar and Straizo's battle. In an attempt to impress a girl, he temporarily detains Joseph after the latter had blown up Straizo, along with the cafe. Joseph quickly kicks him in the nose and runs off, leaving Bruto on the ground holding his face while the girl says that Joseph is way cooler than him.

Adolf Hitler 
Manga Debut: Chapter 52: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 5
Adolf Hitler (アドルフ・ヒトラー Adorufu Hitorā) and his Nazi army had conquered Czechoslovakia  during the escalating second world war  at some point after Joseph and Straizo's battle. Hitler believed the Germans were the most evolved people and wanted to control the spiritual and scientific world by trying to use astrology, magic, alchemy, ESP and occult as weapons of war. He also altered the swastika  design, as it was originally a magical symbol representing destiny and life found in ruins throughout the world.

He had an information base set up in Mexico where Rudol von Stroheim had already learned about Straizo's actions and was investigating Santana.

Stardust Crusaders

Captain Tennille 
Manga Debut: Chapter 128: Dark Blue Moon, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: SC Episode 6: Dark Blue Moon (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Captain & Tenille  (American pop duo)
Captain Tennille (キャプテン・テニール Kyaputen Tenīru) was introduced to the Joestar group by the Speedwagon Foundation to aid in their trip to reach DIO. His background was checked to make sure he wasn't a Stand user, so everyone could trust him. The impostor Captain Tennille killed him in Hong Kong and threw his body into the bottom of the sea, taking his place. Though the reader is never shown the true Captain Tennille, he was presumably almost identical to the impostor, since his men, who had worked for ten years on the same ship, did not even suspect the replacement.




Manga Debut: Chapter 138: Yellow Temperance, Part 3
Anime Debut: SC Episode 9: Yellow Temperance
Pocky (ポッキー Pokkī) was a dog that belonged to cable car tourists. While Rubber Soul was disguised as a woman, Pocky was eaten by Yellow Temperance, horrifying its owners.

Prince, Michael and Lionel 



Manga Debut: Chapter 174: Judgement, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 21: Judgement, Part 1
Namesake: Prince , Michael Jackson , and Lionel Ritchie  (American musicians)[1]
Prince (プリンス Purinsu), Michael (マイケル Maikeru), and Lionel (ライオネル Raioneru) are three of the five chickens Muhammad Avdol raised on the secluded island he lived on after faking his death. Disguised as his father so no one would come after him as he recovered from Emperor's bullet wound, Avdol fed the chickens so they would grow fat and tasty, but didn't like it when they ate too fast. When Avdol rejoined the Joestar group, he left the chickens on the island with no one to take care of them.
  1. Death 13 - Vol.5 "Shueisha Jump Remix Stardust Crusaders Edition" P152 The Secret of JOJO Characters

Caravan Serai 
Manga Debut: Chapter 198: Anubis, Part 6 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: SC Episode 29: Anubis, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Caravanserai  (Santana  album)
Caravan Serai (キャラバン・サライ Kyaraban Sarai) was a blacksmith who created the sword that the Stand Anubis was bound to, and thus was its first user five centuries before Stardust Crusaders. When Serai died, Anubis did not die with him, but rather, without a user, began to search for users on its own.

For a character with the same name, see Caravan Serai (SBR).

Moor Family 



Manga Debut: Chapter 212: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2
Anime Debut: SC Episode 34: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1
Namesake: Gary Moore  (Irish musician)
D'Arby won the soul of Mrs. Moor through gambling, leading her husband to gamble with him on September 22, 1984, around 11:15 PM in California, to win her soul back. Stephen was defeated and had his soul taken too. His father Garie Moor (ゲイリー・ムーア Geirī Mūa, Daddy Moor in the anime) tried to win his soul back, but was also beaten. Stephen may have almost won the gamble, as D'Arby remembered the date, place and even what he said before losing (the same words Muhammad Avdol said when Jean Pierre Polnareff was beaten). The Moors' souls were transported back to their bodies after Jotaro Kujo defeated D'Arby.

Christian Vander 
Manga Debut: Chapter 212: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2
Namesake: Christian Vander  (Magma  drummer and vocalist)
Christian Vander (クリスチャン・ヴァンデ Kurisuchan Vande) was one of the many victims of Daniel J. D'Arby, losing his soul in a gamble to him some unspecified time after the Moor Family. His soul was returned to his body after D'Arby was defeated by Jotaro Kujo.

His name isn't shown in the anime.

Shozo Mayama 
Manga Debut: Chapter 214: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: SC Episode 35: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Shozo Mayama (真山 祥造 Mayama Shōzō) was a rich and strong Japanese man who lost 8 properties and his soul to D'Arby on May 17, 1986. That was D'Arby's biggest game until his poker match against Jotaro.

D'Arby's Poker Chips 
Anime Debut: SC Episode 35: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2
Some other names were included in D'Arby's collection in the anime:

Victoria Kerr, Lee Kingston, Allan Olsson, Mrs Flercher, Gaspar Espino, Lisa Drewjov, Claus Ametsch, Colin Truman, and Mike Wheeler. After Jotaro defeated D'Arby, their souls were all freed.

Chibi and Buchi 



Manga Debut: Chapter 222: The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 38: The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1
Chibi and Buchi (チビとブチ) are two dogs who try to attack Iggy as he faces DIO's Mansion. Iggy intimidates them with one look. Stumbling at the gate of the mansion, the dogs see Pet Shop's shadow and, assuming that the bird will be easy prey, crawl under the gate. Pet Shop kills them both by impaling their heads into an ice pike, and Pet Shop plucks their eyes out as a meal.




Manga Debut: Chapter 229: D'Arby the Player, Part 3
Anime Debut: SC Episode 40: D'Arby the Player, Part 1
Voice Actor: Juri Kimura 
Sonia (ソニア) was a beautiful woman, considered to have beautiful skin and a wonderful love life until she was defeated by Telence in a game and had her soul taken.

Telence made her into a doll wearing Versace  that he himself designed, although she preferred Chanel . In her doll form she constantly called Telence's name while crying.

Dr. Elliot 



Manga Debut: Chapter 229: D'Arby the Player, Part 3
Anime Debut: SC Episode 40: D'Arby the Player, Part 1
Dr. Elliot (エリオット医師 Eriotto-ishi) was a mass murderer who killed eight of his patients. Telence considered the stories of the murders interesting. His soul was put into a doll wearing doctor accessories made by Telence himself.




Manga Debut: Chapter 229: D'Arby the Player, Part 3
Anime Debut: SC Episode 40: D'Arby the Player, Part 1
Voice Actor: Kengo Kawanishi
Tatsuhiko (タツヒコ) was a Japanese boy with an IQ of 190. According to Telence, he was a skilled video game player and Telence had a tough time trying to win his soul. In his doll form he called for his mother.

Diamond is Unbreakable




Manga Debut: Chapter 286: Koichi Hirose (Echoes), Part 3
Anime Debut: DU Episode 6: Koichi Hirose (Echoes)
Namesake: The Police  (English rock band)
Police (ポリス Porisu) is Koichi Hirose's sleepy dog. In almost all of his appearances he is seen sleeping. Koichi once even wondered if he was still alive.

As the Hirose family already has Police, Koichi isn't allowed to have another pet and has to take him for walks. He is seen sleeping at the beginning of Tamami Kobayashi's and Yukako Yamagishi's fights and is taken for a walk during Yuya's fight.

Manga Debut: Chapter 292: Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface), Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 7: Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)
Junko (順子) is a girl Toshikazu had a crush on. She is in class 3-E of Budogaoka Highschool. He made Surface copy her but it also adopted her personality, acting like "a real bitch" and thinking "she's all that". Toshikazu wanted to force himself on her, but never had the courage to actually do it.




Manga Debut: Chapter 302: Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 9
Anime Debut: DU Episode 9: Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 2
Voice Actor: Tarō Kiuchi (Japanese), Lucien Dodge  (English)
Masaji (マサジ) is a drunk fisherman who, along with his grandfather, saw Yukako fall from Boing-Boing Cape and Koichi save her with Echoes ACT2. Assuming she was a girl who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff and miraculously bounced back up, Masaji started a rumor that there was a god of the sea in the cape. The rumor spread and the fishermen started to pray for good luck to the rock Yukako was going to fall on, calling it a "sacred spot". This story turned Boing-Boing Cape into a point of interest for Morioh.




Manga Debut: Chapter 307: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 1
Anime Debut: DU Episode 11: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 1
Sachiko (サチコ) is a fictional character from a TV show Josuke hated. For some unknown reason, she was going to leave her lover and wished to never see him again. Josuke tried to turn the TV off, but couldn't due to Red Hot Chili Pepper's electric intervention. Using the power cables, the Stand traveled to Josuke's house to threaten him because Jotaro didn't leave Morioh. Its possible Sachiko and her lover were going to kiss each other before Red Hot Chili Pepper's appearance, as they were slowly approaching each other before the show's broadcast was interrupted.

Lady Murakami 



Manga Debut: Chapter 333: Rohan Kishibe's Adventure, Part 4
Anime Debut: DU Episode 1: Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata
Lady Murakami (村上) is an old woman introduced in the manga as a passerby asking Rohan Kishibe and Koichi Hirose for directions to the Yamakura house because it's not shown on the map. Rohan tells her to give up because it probably doesn't exist if it's not on the map and she complains about Rohan's rudeness. In the first episode of the Diamond is Unbreakable anime adaptation, she is introduced and given a name, and is subjected to the gas of a car exhaust of a man who had been trying to seduce Tomoko Higashikata.

Ghost Alley's Residents 
Several houses can be seen in the Ghost Girl's Alley: Yonemori (米森), Honma (本間), Onodera (小野寺), Numakura (沼倉), and a doghouse with the name Rocky (ロッキー Rokkī). It is likely to be the same dog seen in Deadman's Questions.

The Yamakura (山倉) residence sought by Lady Murakami may also be in the ghost alley since it is not on Morioh's map.

Takashi and Kazuko Sugimoto 
Manga Debut: Chapter 331: Rohan Kishibe's Adventure, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 17: Rohan Kishibe's Adventure (Mentioned only)
Film Debut: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1 (Mentioned only)
The parents of Reimi Sugimoto. Reimi heard a dripping sound coming from their room and called for them but heard no response. The drip sound continued, and Reimi wondered why her parents hadn't heard it yet. She decided to go investigate the sound and found that Arnold was hanging on the coat rack, with his blood dripping. Yoshikage Kira then suddenly appeared and informed her that he had already taken care of her parents.

Reimi's parents are only named and aged in the film. Takashi, the father of the family, was 45 years old when he died. Kazuko, the mother, was 39 years old.

Manga Debut: Chapter 336: Shigechi's Harvest, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 18: Shigechi's Harvest, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Gonta (ゴン太) is Shigekiyo Yangu's pet turtle. Shigekiyo mentions it after meeting Josuke and Okuyasu.

Ichiro Morishita 
Manga Debut: Chapter 338: Shigechi's Harvest, Part 4
Anime Debut: DU Episode 19: Shigechi's Harvest, Part 2
Voice Actor: Isamu Yusen (Japanese), Richard Epcar  (English)
Ichiro Morishita (森下 一郎 Morishita Ichirō) is a man who bought 10 lottery tickets, but threw all of them in the trash after seeing that not even one was the winning one. Harvest found one of his tickets and gave it to Okuyasu, who discovered it actually was the winning one. A bank employer called him to see if the ticket really belonged to Okuyasu, but Crazy Diamond changed his last name in the ticket to Kinoshita. When asked about the ticket, Ichiro tells the bank employer that he isn't Kinoshita, but Morishita, and asks the bank employer to sell him winning tickets next time.




Manga Debut: Chapter 388: Highway Star, Part 5
Anime Debut: DU Episode 29: Highway Star, Part 2
Voice Actor: Tarō Kiuchi (Japanese), Stefan Martello (English)
Yoshioka (吉岡) is a businessman who is seen talking to his boss on his cellphone. He is instructed to "do as planned" when receiving an important call 1 minute later. The call would grant a business opportunity worth one billion yen. If he missed the call, Yoshioka would be fired by his boss.

Seemingly nervous, Yoshioka agrees but his phone is stolen by Josuke immediately. Unaware of what just happened, he continues talking to his hand before he notices his phone is gone, and is then anguished over the loss of one billion yen and his job. As Josuke grabbed the phone too hard, it ended up breaking.




Manga Debut: Chapter 388: Highway Star, Part 5
Anime Debut: DU Episode 29: Highway Star, Part 2
Voice Actor: Mutsuki Iwanaka (Japanese), Matthew Mercer  (English)
Akira is a man seen talking to his girlfriend, Minayo, on his cell phone. He is unnamed in the manga, but his girlfriend calls him Akira in the anime. Akira is nervous when trying to propose to his girlfriend, but she misunderstands and thinks he hates her. As he is about to propose, he has his phone stolen by Josuke before he could do so. He is in despair that his happy marriage will never happen now.

Manga Debut: Chapter 388: Highway Star, Part 5
Anime Debut: DU Episode 29: Highway Star, Part 2
Minayo (美奈代) is a woman who is not seen, but is heard on the cellphone while talking to her boyfriend Akira. For unknown reasons she thinks he hated her, so Minayo insists for him to hang up the phone. Her boyfriend was actually trying to propose to her, but has his phone stolen by Josuke before he could do so. She wonders what he was going to say but Josuke hangs up and uses the phone to ask Koichi to locate Yuya Fungami.

Yuya's Fangirls 



Manga Debut: Chapter 390: Highway Star, Part 7
Anime Debut: DU Episode 29: Highway Star, Part 2
Voice Actor: Minami Shinoda (Japanese; Reiko), Juri Kimura (Japanese; Yoshie), Aoi Koga (Japanese; Akemi), Jennifer Losi (English; Reiko), Allegra Clark (English; Reiko), Deneen Melody (English; Akemi)
Reiko (レイコ), Yoshie (ヨシエ), and Akemi (アケミ) are Yuya's fangirls. They all have a bokken with them and a "HIGHWAY STAR" tattoo on one of their arms. The three protected Yuya while he was hospitalized, not letting anyone come closer. They seemed to have a crush on him, but will argue with each other, such as fighting over helping him to pee. When Josuke encountered Yuya they attacked him.

With his heightened smell, Yuya could tell that the peach Akemi was going to give him was rotten and that Yoshie was on her period. He also thought that Reiko was mad at him because of the adrenaline he smelled, but the smell was from Josuke. When Josuke asks Yuya to help him find Koichi, Yuya smelled that the three girls were coming from the arcade with chocolates for Yuya won by Akemi. They threaten to attack Josuke, but Yuya tells them they are on good terms now. In the battle against Terunosuke, Yuya is inspired by Josuke's attempt to save Koichi, putting his own life in danger, and realizes he would do the same for his three fangirls.




Manga Debut: Chapter 396: Cats Love Yoshikage Kira, Part 5
Anime Debut: DU Episode 30: Cats Love Yoshikage Kira
Kimura is a boy Kira sees who is late for school. One of his friends tells him to not forget his hat because it's part of the uniform. From this, Kira comes to the conclusion that Hayato has not gone to school and is instead spying on him, as the hat was still hanging by the door.

Minako Okura 



Manga Debut: Chapter 410: My Dad Is Not My Dad, Part 1
Anime Debut: DU Episode 33: July 15th (Thursday), Part 3 (1st mentioned) (Photo only) / DU Episode 34: July 15th (Thursday), Part 4 (1st full appearance)
Voice Actor: Ayaka Asai  (Japanese), Deneen Melody (English)
Minako Okura (大倉 美那子 Ōkura Minako) was 19 years old and a first-year student at S City M Community College. She was a spoiled woman who didn't care for the well-being of others. Aside from her parents, she also had a younger brother and sister. She was in the habit of sneaking out at night to be with her boyfriend, Satoru Nakae, so her father started to become worried and tried to follow her. Minako noticed him, and to teach him a lesson for following her, stole something on purpose just to let him see it. She ran away from home and moved in with her boyfriend, but still kept in contact with her mother.

As she told the story enthusiastically to her boyfriend, they were unaware that Kira was sitting next to them, trying to control his killer instincts. Bothered by her bag being on top of his leg, Kira pushed it away, and the couple accused him of trying to steal it. As they got off the train, Satoru and Kira bumped into each other, knocking Kira's things onto the ground. Satoru yelled at Kira again, and the couple mocked his "lame" nail clippers. Tired of the repeated confrontations, Kira followed the couple home. Entering the apartment just as Minako's boyfriend promised to buy her a new pair of earrings, Kira blew him up instantly with Killer Queen. Unable to resist his desires any longer, he forced Minako to cut his fingernails. Just before blowing her up, he took her boyfriend's ears and hung them on her own, telling her that her boyfriend had left some earrings behind for her.

After killing Minako, Kira took her hand as his new "girlfriend" and planned to take it with him to Kosaku's house, but was forced to destroy the hand after seeing Hayato leaving the scene with a camera.

Satoru Nakae 



Manga Debut: Chapter 410: My Dad Is Not My Dad, Part 1
Anime Debut: DU Episode 33: July 15th (Thursday), Part 3 (1st mentioned) (Photo only) / DU Episode 34: July 15th (Thursday), Part 4 (1st full appearance)
Voice Actor: Tasuku Hatanaka  (Japanese), Tony Oliver  (English)
Satoru Nakae (中江 悟) was Minako's boyfriend, and only named in the anime. He was 22 years old and a third-year student at T University. Thinking Kira was stealing his girlfriend's bag, Satoru yells at Kira. He confronts Kira again when they bump into each other and mocks him for his "lame" nail clippers. Kira stalks the couple to Satoru's apartment and blows him up instantly with Killer Queen, after Satoru promised to buy Minako a new pair of earrings. Kira then takes Satoru's ears and hung them on Minako's, telling her that her boyfriend left some earrings behind for her.

Manga Debut: Chapter 410: My Dad Is Not My Dad, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 34: July 15th (Thursday), Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Mika was a friend Minako Okura mentioned to have gained a pair of diamond earrings as a gift from her boyfriend. Minako asks Satoru to buy her earrings as well, something that was overheard by Kira. He later forces Minako to wear her dead boyfriend's earrings before killing her, as a reminder of her wish of getting earrings like Mika.

Hiroshi Yoshimura 
Manga Debut: Chapter 412: Cheap Trick, Part 1
Hiroshi Yoshimura (吉村 宏) is a man who was suspected to be Kira's new identity. He is single.

Manga Debut: Chapter 431: Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable, Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 38: Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Rio (梨央) is a woman who lives in the neighborhood where Josuke fought Kira. Her neighbor often stole her panties, until he was murdered by Kira.

Anime/CD Drama/Film Characters

Kai Harada 
Anime Debut: DU Episode 1: Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata
Voice Actor: Bucky Koba (Japanese), David Vincent  (English)
Kai Harada (カイ原田) is the anchorman of Morioh Town Radio. He usually has a relaxing voice and calm attitude when addressing his listeners. A majority of his radio segments foreshadow or reference future Stand users.

Anime Debut: DU Episode 7: Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)
Voice Actor: Isamu Yūsen
Sakai () is a friend of Toshikazu Hazamada. According to Tamami Kobayashi, the two got into an argument when Sakai insulted Hazamada's favorite idol or anime. That night, Sakai was listening to the "Help Me, Midnight Discussions!" segment on Morioh Town Radio and suddenly gouged out his left eye with a mechanical pencil due to Surface and was later taken to the hospital.

Anime Debut: DU Episode 22: Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Asuka is a friend of some girls waiting in front of the St Gentleman that Koichi walks past before meeting Jotaro.

Rika Tachikawa 
CD Drama Debut: Diamond is Unbreakable (CD) Drama Vol. 2: After-School Talk: At Cafe Deux Magots
Voice Actor: Ayaka Suwa 
Rika is a 20 year old college student from downtown that works as a waitress at Cafe Deux Magots in S City. Her blood type is B and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Her favorite foods are miso-pickled ox tongue and nata de coco  and she hates milk tea. She is secretly annoyed with her little toes that seem to be 0.5cm longer than other people. As for her personality she seems like a really nice person, acting caring and dedicated to her customers.

Okuyasu had an unrequited love with her but wasn't able to tell her due to being too afraid. She actually seems to have feelings for Rohan, as she starts smiling and singing when he's close.

Yamashita is a man who was murdered by Anjuro Katagiri in his own home with his wife tied up beside him. Anjuro murdered him by stabbing him in the neck with a fork and flees the apartment when Ryohei Higashikata and the police break into the room.

Masaya Yoshizawa 
Masaya Yoshizawa is a young adult who harasses two girls walking by him along with his friend Hirata, trying to get the girls to come over to his place. After they walk away, he litters by throwing away his can on the ground as it missed the garbage can. Ryohei shows up to lecture him, leading Masaya to pick up his trash and discard it normally. Ryohei mentions how he heard Masaya quit his job and tells the boy to call him if he ever needs anything, as it's his duty to show people the right path. Masaya reassures Ryohei that he won't make trouble for him again.

Later, he and Hirata are by a fountain when Aqua Necklace attacks Hirata by entering his mouth and rupturing his internal organs. Aqua Necklace then enters Masaya's body and takes control of him, causing him to become a robber of a convenience store. He takes a woman hostage but Josuke punches a hole through the both of them with Crazy Diamond. The two are both immediately healed, but Crazy Diamond also infused Masaya's knife into his stomach. Aqua Necklace exits his body as Anjuro has no use for him anymore.

Hirata is a friend of Masaya Yoshizawa who was talking with him when they try to get girls to come over to their place.

Later, he and Masaya are by a fountain when Aqua Necklace attacks Hirata by entering his mouth and rupturing his internal organs, killing him.

Vento Aureo

Antonio Rossi 



Manga Debut: Chapter 446: Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 4
Anime Debut: GW Episode 2: Bucciarati Is Coming
Voice Actor: Matthew Greenbaum (English)

Antonio Rossi (アントニオ・ロッシ Antonio Rosshi) is a Neapolitan civilian who Bruno Bucciarati uses as a hiding spot by using Sticky Fingers on him when fleeing from Giorno. Giorno lures Bucciarati out by transforming Bucciarati's tooth into a small fly, which the boy tries to swat away. He successfully hits the fly but gets himself hurt and ejects Bucciarati out of him. Later, Bucciarati uses the boy's arm and hesitates to attack with it when he notices it has needle scars, pointing out that he's a drug addict. Giorno checks his student ID and finds out that he's only 13 years old. He is only named in the anime since his student ID can be seen.

Mrs. Menini 



Manga Debut: Chapter 457: Find Polpo's Fortune!
Anime Debut: GW Episode 5: Find Polpo's Fortune!
Voice Actor: Nariko Morimoto (Japanese), Cindy Robinson  (English)
An old woman from Bucciarati's neighbourhood who is well acquainted with the latter and respects him as an honorable gangster. However, she brings one of her friends to him and questions him about the drug flowing in Naples, hoping that he isn't among the ones responsible for the drug.

She is named only in the anime adaptation.

Mela Ghirga 
Manga Debut: Chapter 472: Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 3 (Mentioned only) (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 11: Narancia's Aerosmith (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Serika Hiromatsu (Japanese), Tiana Camacho (English)
Narancia Ghirga's mother is only mentioned in a flashback, where it is stated that she died in 1994 from an eye infection when Narancia was only 10 years old. Despite the fact that Narancia's own eye infection was a mere coincidence after being beaten up by police officers, all of his friends were convinced that it was contagious and that he got it from his mother. Narancia himself began to believe the rumor and was frightened that he would die at any time, all alone. The anime shows her date of birth and date of death to be respectively September 21, 1958 and January 16, 1994.

She is fully shown and given the name "Mela Ghirga" in the TV anime adaptation. Mela is "apple" in Italian, echoing Narancia's vaguely fruit-themed name.




Manga Debut: Chapter 577: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 6
Anime Debut: GW Episode 34: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1
Benedict (ベネディクト Benedikuto) is a dog affected by Chariot Requiem. His soul swaps with his owner's and they exchange bodies. Benedict barks and his owner (now in Benedict's body), worriedly tries to talk but only manages to bark as well. In the anime, the owner later manages to speak and yells for Benedict to stop howling in his body. Benedict then starts licking his owner with their bodies still exchanged.

He is only named in the anime adaptation.

Monica Ultello 



Manga Debut: Chapter 588: Gold Experience Requiem, Part 3
Anime Debut: GW Episode 38: Gold Experience Requiem
Voice Actor: Airi Ootsu (JP), Julia McIlvaine (US)
Doctor Monica Ultello (モニカ・ユルッテロ Monika Yuruttero) is the woman who performed an autopsy on Diavolo, file number 68, as his second death after he was cut and killed by a drug addict on Tiber river.

Stone Ocean

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1
Charlotte (シャーロットちゃん Shārotto-chan) is Loccobarocco's alligator puppet. Loccobarocco mentions that the puppet is a girl, which is justified by the bow on her head. She appears to have a separate personality from Loccobarocco himself and acts as his assistant when explaining the rules of the prison. She will also yell at prisoners who interrupt Loccobarocco while he is speaking.

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1
A pet parakeet nicknamed Pi-chan (ピーちゃん Pī-chan) that Gwess hides in her pocket. The bird is revealed to actually be a prison guard who was shrunk by Goo Goo Dolls and forced to become Gwess's "pet".

The guard was fired because of his laziness and supposedly went home. But, in reality, Gwess used her Stand to shrink him. Adorning the skin of a dead parakeet, he is forced to act like a cute animal and eat scraps that she feeds him. She forces him to fly and stand on her finger, but the man remains immobile since it would be a difficult task to do within his costume. Gwess yells at him to try and the man actually ends up successful, but makes a "whoa" sound upon landing. Angered that he slipped out of his role, Gwess begins to squeeze him but Jolyne rescues the bird with Stone Free. However, Jolyne takes off the parakeet's head only to find the man was already killed with his limbs torn apart by Goo Goo Dolls.

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: There's Six of Them!, Part 1
Namesake: Etro  (Italian fashion brand)
Atroe (エートロ Ētoro) is a 22[1] year old inmate at Green Dolphin Street Prison. Obsessed with being kidnapped, she once kidnapped a child for ten days and received seven years in prison for it.[2] She lives in cell number 241, likes the movie Edward Scissorhands[2] and Johnny Depp, and was sentenced to 6 years for poisoning someone.

In prison, Atroe was regularly bullied. She volunteers to go into the swamp to look for disappeared inmates but was killed by Foo Fighters, her body eventually serving as the latter's host.

  1. SO Chapter 51: Kiss of Love & Revenge (1)
  2. 2.0 2.1 SO Chapter 33: Foo Fighters (3) p.7

Savage Garden 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 47: Savage Garden Strategy, Part 8
Namesake: Savage Garden  (Australian pop duo)
Savage Garden (サヴェジ・ガーデン Saveji Gāden) was first mentioned as a means of transporting Jotaro's Stand Disc to the Speedwagon Foundation. At first, Jolyne confuses the messenger with a man Enrico Pucci was controlling, but it is later revealed that "Savage Garden" is the name of a carrier pigeon. After Whitesnake's failed attempt to shoot the bird down, Jolyne succeeds in handing over the disc, and the pigeon flies away, delivering it successfully.

Sonny Likir 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 60: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 1
Sonny Likir (ソニー・リキール Sonī Rikīru) is a prison guard in the maximum security ward of Green Dolphin Street Prison. He makes a bet with his friend Viviano Westwood that Jolyne would hide. Since she actually did, he earned $15 from Westwood. They make another bet for $15 about who will win in the Miami Marlins  baseball game which would happen later that night. While discussing about the pitcher in the team, Sonny accidentally sprays Westwood in the face with water from a hose. He apologizes saying that the valve is tough to close, but Westwood hits him.

They both start severely injuring each other, utterly confusing Jolyne. It's later revealed they were fighting under Survivor's influence. Westwood ultimately beat down Sonny and he was reported missing after the Green Baby's birth.

David is a boy who dropped his wallet with $5 in it which was picked up by Jolyne when she was 14 years old. David's father witnessed Jolyne take the money out and immediately called the police on her, refusing to listen to her explanation. David's father then shoves him into their car and shuts the door so they can get away from Jolyne. Desperate, Jolyne tosses them out of their car and tries driving away in a failed attempt to flee from the police officers.

Ron the Viper 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 99: Jail House Lock!, Part 4
Ron the Viper (マムシのロン Mamushi no Ron) is a fictitious new prisoner in a 4-koma humorous comic book with a style reminiscent of Tohth's predictions. There's a Boss Spider that lives in his cell on the window. Ron introduces himself to the spider.

The cop with him then points out another spider which is half-dead. Ron greets the half-dead spider while flexing and picking his teeth. Jolyne has no idea how the comic is supposed to be funny but the guy sitting beside her thinks it's hilarious.

Mickey Mouse 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 104: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Mickey Mouse (ミッキーマウス Mikkī Mausu) is a fictional Disney  character.

Mickey is manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody when Anasui and Weather Report are nearby Disney World Resort . While getting a ride on a man's truck, Anasui notices that Mickey is missing from a guidebook for the resort. Frustrated that it can't be Disney without Mickey, Anasui notices Mickey's tail hiding behind a cart in the back of the truck. However, the mouse quickly disappears and Diver Down grabs Pinocchio instead.

Araki originally wanted to have Mickey Mouse fully appear, but his editing department rejected it so he could only have the tail showing.[1]

Eventually he is sent back to his books.

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 104: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 1
Pinocchio (ピノキオ Pinokio) is the fictional protagonist of the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio  by Italian writer Collodi . Pinocchio's nose grows if he tells a lie.

Anasui first encounters Pinocchio after he his manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody, Diver Down attempts to attack Pinocchio when he interrupts and says that children all around the world would be sad if he gets hit. When Anasui asks him if he's working together with the other character they found, Pinocchio lies and says he's alone, causing his nose to extend which hits Anasui in the face. He apologizes and reveals he wasn't completely lying since Mickey already left the truck.

Pinocchio later asks Weather who he's a fan of, but Weather tells him to go away before he beats him up. He reveals that Anasui's soul was separated from his body, and it happened because Anasui wished it to happen, as would anybody who ever wished to visit a fictional world. Since Pinocchio wouldn't answer Anasui's question, Diver Down decapitates him and destroys his face. Anasui's soul then returns to his body.

Eventually when all of the characters return to their books, Pinocchio remains the only one missing as Anasui killed him.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 105: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 2
Snow White (白雪姫 Shirayukihime) and The Seven Dwarfs (七人のこびとたち Nana-Nin no Koibito Tachi) are fictional characters from the Grimms fairy tale Snow White . Pinocchio points out three of the Seven Dwarfs carrying the apple that Snow White bit into to Anasui. Anasui uses Diver Down to grab the apple only to find out that all seven are on his back. They tell him that he can bite into the apple, claiming that Snow White had only choked on it instead of it being porpoised as she never actually digested it. The Dwarfs critique Snow White for taking a bite out of the apple when an old lady gave it to her. The Dwarfs explain to Anasui that they are very careful, using how they check valentine chocolates as an example. The Dwarfs state that Snow White is very careless making them want to protect her.

In response to Pinocchio's question to Anasui of who he was a fan of, one says he like the T-2000, another stating he like one of the Dwarfs and Chewbacca , the aforementioned dwarf claims that he likes Snow White the best. The same three Dwarfs complain about bad rumors claiming that they do sexual acts with Snow White in her sleep, stating that their relationship is is completely platonic.

They point out to Anasui who is yelling Weather Report to stop eating the apple and reading the book, that he is the one who told Weather Report to do so. They also show concern when Anasui's body is seen under the truck.

After the truck crashes all Seven Dwarfs are shown to have survived thanks to Weather using his stand. They set off to go rescue Snow White who had been thrown off by a nearby Burger King, just before being able to point out Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs can be seen with Prince Charming right before Anasui is attacked by Mother Goat and the Seven Young Goats celebrating that Snow White is awake. The Seven Dwarfs also tell Anasui that Wolf of the story is always the bad guy making him realize that he is turning into the Wolf.

Three of The Dwarfs also jump in excitement as The Mother Goat appears out of her book.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 106: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 3
Based off of the fictional characters Astro Boy , Mazinger Z  and Tetsujin 28-go . Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go are pointed out by the Seven Dwarves flying above Anasui, Weather Report, The Seven Dwarves, and Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf, after a truck crash.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 106: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 3
Based off of the characters Little Red Riding Hood  and The Big Bad Wolf . The old man that was driving the truck Anasui and Weather Report were riding in, had slowly became he Big Bad Wolf after the crash, he quickly attacked Anasui who had been separated from his body. Anasui used Diver Down from his body on bus. The same bus was carrying Weather and Little Red Riding Hood.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books. However it is undetermined if The Old Man returned to his body or stayed dead.

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
Based off of the fictional character Spider-man . Spider-man is seen reaching out to some kids to shake one of their hand, before the kid's ladder is knocked over by Anasui.

Eventually he returns to his books.

Kenshiro and Raoh 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Based off of the fictional characters Kenshiro  and Raoh . It is said on a new report, that Kenshiro had killed Raoh in East Shinjuku , after Raoh had managed to kill several other fantasy characters. A witness claimed it had went accordingly exactly to the original story. The over incident caused mass damage and confusion to the city.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Mother Goat and Seven Young Goats 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
Based off of fictional characters from the story The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats . The Youngest Goat is found in the grand father clock by Anasui who was looking for his body. The Youngest Goat runs away screaming with fury at Anasui for eating The Goat's brothers. The Young Goats tells the story of The Wolf and Seven Young Goats to Anasui, explaining how as The Wolf Anasui is destined to get cut open by The Mother Goat and drown.

The Other Six Young Goats cry out to their mother Anasui's stomach. As Anasui is distracted by The Youngest Goat's joy to hearing his brothers are still alive, The Mother Goat uses her scissors to cut two out of the six Young Goats out of Anasui's Stomach enraged at him. Anasui uses Diver Down to try and attack The Mother Goat only for her to tell him that he cannot change the story by killing her since the story is already written. The Youngest Goat exclaims that there are still more Goats in Anasui. Anasui then tries to escape by running behing a door and fusing it to the wall with Diver Down, the door quickly folds over like pages of a book allowing the Goats to attack. Since, you cannot change the story.

The Mother Goat and Three of her Children chase Anasui down, however he uses Diver Down to escape onto a police car. This is found to be ineffective since when Anasui opens the car door, it reversals itself to be the cover of a book that allows The Goats to cut two more Goats out of Anasui. They also continue to fill him with rocks regardless of the fact that there should be two more Goats.

Anasui falls off the car along with the Goats into Weather Report. The Goats start to fill nasui even more, and sew him up as he starts to drown. They all celebrate due to the story playing out.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Prince Charming 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
Based off of the fictional character Prince Charming . The Chocolate Store Clerk that had been absorbed into the story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. After saving Snow White, he goes off to live happily ever after like the story, telling Anasui that he had always dreamed of being Snow White's Prince.

It is presumed that the Character is returned to his books, while the Store Clerk returned to his body.

Van Gogh's Self-Portrait 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 108: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 5
Van Gogh's Self-Portrait (ゴッホの自画像 Gohho no Jigazō) is a painting by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh , depicting himself with a Bandaged Ear .

After being manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody, the self-portrait of Van Gogh asks Weather Report for directions to Saint Remy's. Upon realization that Weather has admired his work before, he asks Weather if he knows him. Weather tells Van Gogh that he doesn't know him, however Van Gogh explains to Weather how he is attracted to Van Gogh revealing himself, as Weather's soul separates from his body.

Van Gogh goes on to quiz Weather about how many self-portraits the real Vincent van Gogh had made, Weather responds aggressively taking Van Gogh's razor. The razor quickly morphs into a brush. Van Gogh goes on to explain that since Weather is now a self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh he will continue to cut off his own ear and shoot himself twice, the second killing him. Suddenly Weather's Ear fell off and the paint brush shot a bullet into Weather's Head morphing into a gun. After the first shot Weather releases his stand to take out the user.

Weather warns Van Gogh to not shoot him with the gun, Van Gogh goes on to say he would never go near it to protect his own life. However Anasui knocks Weather into the gun, which fires immediately into Weather's Head. Van Gogh states he will live in Weather's place, However Weather threatens Van Gogh his life in exchange to make Weather "Put Back" Hero defeating Bohemian Rhapsody.

Eventually he returned to his paintings.

The Birth of Venus 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 108: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 5
The Birth of Venus (ヴィーナスの誕生 Vīnasu no tanjō) is a 15th century painting  by Botticelli . The painting is based on the Venus Anadyomene . Materialized by the ability of Bohemian Rhapsody, Venus herself appears nude in the Piazza della Signoria  in Italy. She was being recorded on live television uncensored, however all footage taken of her seemed to fade away after she returned to her paintings.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7
Based off of the fictional characters Peter Pan  and Tinkerbell . Peter Pan and Tinkerbell can be seen by Ungalo from the plane he is in.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Once Put Back is brought to life Peter Pan and Tinkerbell being in a book instead of next to Ungalo is what tells him that he has been defeated.

Put Back 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7
The tentatively named Put Back (PUT BACK Putto bakku) is a fictional hero created by Weather Report, and drawn by the portrait of Van Gogh, during the conflict with Bohemian Rhapsody in order to bring back the characters the Stand brought to life.

It is also believed that he had returned himself as well.

Sergeant McCoy 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 121: Under World, Part 3
McCoy is a policeman who inspected Under World's hole at the hospital.

Wes Bluemarine 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 127: Heavy Weather, Part 3
Namesake: Blumarine  (Blufin  fashion line)
Wes Bluemarine (ウェス・ブルーマリン Wesu Burūmarin) was a newborn who died before seeing the light of the sun. His mother swapped his dead body with Domenico Pucci, who was born the same day and lived without knowing this story.

People Seen During Time Acceleration 
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 150: Made in Heaven, Part 2
Miss Jones (ミス・ジョーンズ Misu Jōnzu) is a guest on a TV show when the time acceleration begins. Mrs. Yoshimura is an unseen woman who received a call from the wrong number during the time acceleration. Kenichi is a man seen making love with his girlfriend. Rocky is an employee who solidified in a freezing room.

Steel Ball Run

Urmd Avdul 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 1: The Steel Ball Run Press Conference
Namesake: Muhammad Avdol (Part 3 character)
Paula Abdul  (American singer)

Coming from Egypt, Urmd Avdul (ウルムド・アブドゥル Urumudo Abuduru) was said to have crossed the Sahara desert three times annually. Unlike the other contestants in the race, Urmd's choice of transportation was a camel, which made him a prime candidate for winning the race. Due to the camel's long legs, it had the ability to keep up with a horse's speed, but at the same time crush any other racers with its 800 kg body. During the 1st stage of the race, Urmd attempts to knock Gyro out from the race by crashing into him. However, Gyro uses his Steel Ball to locate a hidden cactus cluster and lure Urmd into it. The nomad crashes into the cacti and is unable to continue the race.[1]

Race Standings

Avdul dropped out during the 1st Stage, leaving him with a score of 0 points.

  1. SBR Chapter 5: First Stage: 15,000 Meters pp. 12-20

Dot Han 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 1: The Steel Ball Run Press Conference

Dot Han (ドット・ハーン Dotto Hān) is a Mongolian[1] competitor in the Steel Ball Run. A descendant of Genghis Khan , Dot Han is renowned for being an Equestrian master and is deemed one of the race's favorites. His horse is named #1. He consistently ranks well in the Stages, but in the fifth Stage, Sandman covers him with sound bombs to attack Gyro and Johnny. He is eventually obliterated by Sandman's powers.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 16th 6
Second 8th 15
Third 7th 20
Fourth 5th 30
Dot Han died during the 5th Stage of the race, leaving him with a total of 71 points.

Baron Roocatugo 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 7: Pocoloco and Sandman

Baron Roocatugo (ロッカチュゴ男爵 Rokkachugo-danshaku) is a German racer who decides to drive an automobile instead of riding a horse. Believing his primitive car to drive him across the USA faster than a horse, he dropped out during the 1st Stage due to its fuel consumption.

Race Standings

The baron dropped out during the 1st Stage, leaving with a score of 0.

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 9: Long, Long Downhill
Namesake: Gaucho  (Steely Dan  song and album)

Gaucho (ガウチョ Gaucho) is a Spanish[1] competitor in the Steel Ball Run. He rode on a horse named Peg. During the third stage of the race, he is shown going the long way around a lake to reach the finish line. During the fourth stage of the race, Gaucho is among those who become trapped in the orchard surrounding Ringo Roadagain's cabin. Overcome by frustration, he tries to take Ringo out, but is promptly killed. Gaucho appeared to be quite level-headed when he's first introduced to Hot Pants, Gyro, and Johnny. However, he quickly shifts into being impatient and quick to anger which leads to his downfall against Ringo.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 17th 5
Second Outside point range 0
Third 10th 12
Gaucho died during the 4th Stage of the race, leaving with a total of 17 points.

Mark Becker 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory
Namesake: Walter Becker  (Steely Dan  member)

Mark Becker (M・ベッカー Māku Bekkā) is one of the three men killed by the Boomboom Family during the 1st Stage.

Race Standings

He died during the 1st Stage, while ranked in the 200's, leaving him with a score of 0.

David Hagen 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory
Namesake: Donald Fagen  (Steely Dan  member)

David Hagen (D・ヘイゲン Debitto Heigen) is one of the three men killed by the Boomboom Family.

Race Standings

He died during the 1st Stage, while ranked in the 200's, leaving him with a score of 0.

Paul Lukather 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory
Namesake: Steve Lukather  (Toto  member)

Paul Lukather (P・ルカサー Pōru Rukasā) is one of the three men killed by the Boomboom Family.

Race Standings

He died during the 1st Stage, while ranked in the 200's, leaving him with a score of 0.

Dixie Chicken 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Dixie Chicken  (Little Feat  album)

Dixie Chicken (デキシー・チキン Dekishī Chikin) is an American racer with the horse Ramblin' Man (ランブリン・マン Ranburin Man). Dixie Chicken ranked 8th place in the first stage, 19th place in the second stage, and 9th place in the fifth stage.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 8th 15
Second 19th 3
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 9th 13
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th Stage, leaving him with at least 31 points.

Zenyatta Mondatta 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Zenyatta Mondatta  (The Police  album)

Zenyatta Mondatta (ゼニヤッタ・モンダッタ Zeniyatta Mondatta) is an Indian racer with the horse Roxanne (ロクサーヌ Rokusānu). Zenyatta Mondatta ranked 12th place in the first stage, 7th place in the second stage, 10th place in the 4th stage, and 8th place in the sixth stage.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 12th 10
Second 7th 20
Third >11th <11
Fourth 10th 12
Fifth >19th <3
Sixth 8th 15
It is unknown what happened to him after the 6th Stage, leaving him with at least 57 points.

Caravan Serai 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Caravan Serai (Part 3 character)
Caravanserai  (Santana  album)

Caravan Serai (キャラバン・サライ Kyaraban Sarai) is a Mexican racer with the horse Moon Flower (ムーン・フラワー Mūn Furawā). He ranked 13th place in the first stage, 18th place in the second stage, 11th place in the 4th stage, and 7th place in the 5th stage.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 13th 9
Second 18th 4
Third 14th 8
Fourth 11th 11
Fifth 7th 20
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th Stage, leaving with at least 52 points.

Baba Yaga 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
SBR Chapter 32: Third Stage: Cannon City (1st full appearance)
Namesake: The Hut of Baba Yaga/The Curse of Baba Yaga  (Emerson, Lake & Palmer  songs)

Baba Yaga (バーバ・ヤーガ Bāba Yāga) is a Russian racer with the horse Nut Rocker (ナットロッカー Natto Rokkā). He wears a full black army uniform, has long flowing white hair, and sports a black hat. He ranked 14th in the first stage, 15th in the second stage, 8th in the third stage, 10th in the fifth stage, and 5th in both the 6th and 7th stages before retiring in the 8th stage.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 14th 8
Second 15th 7
Third 8th 15
Fourth Outside Point Range 0
Fifth 10th 12
Sixth 5th 30
Seventh 5th 30
Baba Yaga dropped out during the 8th Stage, leaving him with 102 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
SBR Chapter 93: High Voltage, Part 4 (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Nellyville  (Nelly  song and album)

Nellyville (ネリビル Neribiru) is an American racer with the horse Country Grammar (カントリーグラマー Kantorī Guramā). After 116 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 23 seconds, they completed the race, ranked 5th with a total result of 122 points and a prize money of 120,000 yen.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 15th 7
Second 12th 10
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 11th 11
Sixth >8th <15
Seventh >8th <15
Eighth >6th <25
Final 5th 30
Nellyville was one of the 39 finalist of the race, ranked 5th, with a total score of 122 points.

Sloop John B 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
SBR Chapter 93: High Voltage, Part 4 (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Sloop John B  (Bahamian folk song, covered by The Beach Boys )

Sloop John B (スループ・ジョン・B Surūpu Jon Bī) is an American racer with the horse Catch a Wave (キャッチ・ア・ウェイヴ Kyatchi A Weivu). He ranked 20th place in the first stage, 10th in the second stage, 8th in the fourth stage, 6th in the fifth and sixth stages, 4th in the seventh stage, and 1st place in both the eighth and Final Stages. After 116 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 16 seconds, his total result was 314 points and he ranked 3rd place overall. He won the Final Stage's 10 million dollars prize after Diego was disqualified from the race.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 20th 2
Second 10th 12
Third Outside Point Range 0
Fourth 8th 15
Fifth 6th 25
Sixth 6th 25
Seventh 4th 35
Eighth 1st 100
Final 1st 100
Sloop John B was one of the 39 finalist of the race, ranked 3rd, with a total score of 314 points.

Billy White 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Billy Idol  (English musician)
White Wedding  (Billy Idol song)

Billy White (ビリー・ホワイト Birī Howaito) is an American racer with the horse Love Unlimited (ラヴ・アンリミテッド Ravu Anrimiteddo). He ranked 22nd place in the first stage, 19th place in the 2nd stage, and 14th place in the 5th stage. His results afterwards are unknown.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 22th 0
Second 16th 6
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 14th 8
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th Stage, leaving him with at least 14 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Julio Iglesias  (Spanish singer)

Iglesias (イグレシアス Igureshiasu) is a Portuguese racer with the horse Natalie (ナタリー Natarī). He ranked 23rd place in the first stage, 16th place in the second stage, and 12th place in the 5th stage.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 23rd 0
Second 11th 11
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 12th 10
It is unknown what happened to them after the 5th Stage, leaving them with at least 21 points.

Fritz von Stroheim 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory (Mentioned only)
SBR Chapter 25: Tusk, Part 1 (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Rudol von Stroheim (Part 2 character)
Erich von Stroheim  (Austrian-American actor)

Fritz von Stroheim (フリッツ・フォン・シュトロハイム Furittsu Fon Shutorohaimu), or F.V. Stroheim is a German racer. Adjusted for Gyro Zeppeli's penality, he finishes the 1st stage in 7th place and is awarded 20 points. His horse is named Europe Express (ヨーロッパ・エクスプレス Yōroppa Ekusupuresu). F.V. Stroheim is introduced as a cyborg, and attempts to kill Gyro and Johnny Joestar, but is quickly taken out by Gyro's Steel Balls.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First 7th 20
He dropped out during the 2nd Stage of the race, leaving him with a total score of 20 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Extra Chapter 2: The Story of F. Valentine (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Kanye West  (American rapper)

Kanye (カニエ Kanie) is a racer who ranked 13th in both the 2nd and 5th stages.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second 13th 9
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 13th 9
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th stage, leaving him with at least 18 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Extra Chapter 2: The Story of F. Valentine (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Shigekiyo Yangu (Part 4 character)

Shigechi (シゲチー Shigechī) is a racer who ranked in the 2nd and 5th stages.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second 14th 8
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 15th 7
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th stage, leaving him with at least 15 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Extra Chapter 2: The Story of F. Valentine (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Tarkus (Part 1 character)
Tarkus  (Emerson, Lake & Palmer  song and album)

Tarkus (タルカス Tarukasu) is a racer who ranked in the 2nd and 5th stages.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second 17th 5
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 16th 6
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th stage, leaving with at least 11 points.

Georgie Porgie 
Manga Debut: SBR Extra Chapter 2: The Story of F. Valentine (Mentioned only)
SBR Chapter 93: High Voltage, Part 4 (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Georgie Porgie  (nursery rhyme)
Georgy Porgy  (Toto  song)

Georgie Porgie (ジョージー・ポージー Jōjī Pōjī) was a French racer, being one of the 39 finalists of the race, ranked 4th, with a total score of 123 and a 250,000 yen prize.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second 20th 2
Third 11th 11
Fourth 12th 10
Fifth 17th 5
Sixth 7th 20
Seventh 8th 15
Eighth 6th 25
Final 4th 35
Porgie was one of the 39 finalists, ranked 4th, with a total score of 123 points.

Mack the Knife 
Manga Debut: SBR Extra Chapter 2: The Story of F. Valentine (Mentioned only)
SBR Chapter 32: Third Stage: Cannon City (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Mack the Knife  (Louis Armstrong  song)

Mack the Knife (マック・ザ・ナイフ Makku Za Naifu) was a racer who managed to arrive before Gaucho in the lat stretch of the 3rd Stage. What happened to him after the 5th stage is unknown.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second 21st 1
Third 9th 13
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 19th 3
It is unknown what happened to him after the 5th stage, leaving him with at least 17 points.

Rotters Club 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 40: Silent Way, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: The Rotters' Club  (Hatfield and the North  album)

Rotters Club (ロッターズ・クラブ Rottāzu Kurabu) ranked 9th in the 4th stage.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second >21st 0
Third >11th <11
Fourth 9th 13
It is unknown what happened to them after the 4th stage, leaving them with at least 13 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 45: The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: The Nightfly  (Donald Fagen  song album)

Nightfly (ナイトフライ Naitofurai) ranked 8th in the 5th stage, with an overall rank of 14 due to a total score of 25 at that point.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second >21st 0
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 8th 15
It is unknown what happend to them after the 5th stage, leaving them with a total score of at least 25 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 45: The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Mr. Mister  (American pop rock band)

Mister. (ミスター・ Misutā.) ranked 18th in the 5th stage of the race.

Race Standings

Stage Placement Points
First >23rd 0
Second >21st 0
Third >11th <11
Fourth >12th <10
Fifth 18th 4
It is unknown what happened to them after the 5th stage, leaving them with at least 4 points.

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3 (Flashback)
Namesake: Dario Brando (Part 1 character)
Dario Brando's Steel Ball Run counterpart, only known as Dario. He is much younger in appearance, but has an even crueler personality. He shows no qualms in burying his own infant son, Diego, alive and then leaving him into a river to die. His fate afterwards is unknown.

Anne Joestar 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 42: Silent Way, Part 3
The wife of George Joestar I and the mother of Nicholas and Johnny. She is seen eating dinner with the family. When George scolds Johnny and tells him to go drown Danny, she looks visibly sad but stays silent.

She was only named in the Joestar Family tree seen in JoJolion.

Danny (Mouse) 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 42: Silent Way, Part 3 (Flashback)
Namesake: Danny (Part 1 character)
Danny's Song  (Loggins and Messina  song)
Danny's Steel Ball Run counterpart is a white mouse raised by a young Johnny Joestar. At his brother Nicholas' suggestion, Johnny sets Danny free into the woods when his father orders him to kill it. Afterward during a practice run, a new wild stallion Nicholas was riding is startled by a white mouse and accidentally throws Nicholas off, killing him. Johnny believes the mouse, which he saw scurrying away into the woods, was Danny.

During the Steel Ball Run, just as Funny Valentine is about to kill Johnny, he notices a white mouse nearby and wonders why a mouse would be drawn by Ticket to Ride's powers, before realizing that he is being drawn back when Lucy is taken by Gyro Zeppeli. It is unknown whether the mouse was Danny or simply another white mouse that happened to be nearby.

Adam Pendleton 
Manga Debut: SBR Extra Chapter 1, ~How the Steel Ball Run Race Got Started~
SBR Chapter 61: Both Sides Now, Part 2 (Flashback) (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Erina Pendleton (Parts 1 and 2 character)
Lucy Steel's father, aged 42 when she was 14. He is the son of Silas and Mary Pendleton and owns a small farm in Oklahoma. He is heavily indebted to the mafia after the death of his wife. He inevitably had to make a decision of giving up his eldest son or daughter to the mafia to pay off his debts and decided to give away Lucy to work as a servant.

Steven Steel showed up to his farm one day and convinced him to tell the mafia that his daughter was damaged goods and married to Steven so that they wouldn't want her anymore. Adam was furious and started crying at first, but listened to Steven in order to save his daughter.

Silas and Mary Pendleton 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 61: Both Sides Now, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Erina Pendleton (Parts 1 and 2 character)
Silas and Mary are the father and mother of Adam Pendleton and the grandparents of Lucy Steel. They immigrated from Ireland and live on the farm with their son and grandchildren.

Alice Pendleton 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 61: Both Sides Now, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Erina Pendleton (Parts 1 and 2 character)
Lucy's mother, deceased at age 37 when Lucy was 12. After her death came a cloud of misfortune upon the family as her husband spiraled into a mire of debt.

Pendleton Children 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 61: Both Sides Now, Part 2 (Flashback)
Namesake: Erina Pendleton (Parts 1 and 2 character)
Lucy has an older brother named Tom (16) and two younger brothers named Will (11) and Charles (3). She also has two younger sisters named Liza (9) and Reggie (5).

Alternate Wekapipo 
Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 70: D4C, Part 5
Namesake: Wekapipo (SOUL'd OUT song)
An alternate version of Wekapipo sent by Funny Valentine via Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Wekapipo runs into this alternative counterpart, causing the two to fuse and split into a thousand cubes, marking the two's deaths.


Josuke (Dog) 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Josuke (ジョースケ Jōsuke) was a dog belonging to Yasuho Hirose. According to her, its face was similar to Josuke Higashikata's.

George Joestar II 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
JJL Chapter 22: Morioh 1901 (Flashback)
Namesake: George Joestar (grandfather)
George Joestar II (Part 2 character)
George is Johnny and Rina's first son and their second and last child, brother of his unnamed sister. He was born in 1898. When George's mother was on the verge of death, Johnny used the corpse to remove her disease, but the equivalent exchange only caused the illness to move onto George. The boy was saved when Johnny transferred the illness to himself with Tusk ACT 4, but the transfer also caused him to fall off his horse onto a bed of leaves with Les Feuilles, leading to a large rock being displaced onto his head shortly after. George was later found by agents from the United States and his mother, Rina.

As an adult, he is the father of two daughters and two sons, one of them being Joseph Joestar.

Elizabeth Joestar 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Lisa Lisa (Part 2 character)
Elizabeth is the wife of George II and mother of Joseph. Likely the SBR universe counterpart of Lisa Lisa.

Joseph Joestar 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Joseph Joestar (Part 2 Protagonist)
Joseph Joestar is the second son of George II and Elizabeth as well as their fourth and last child. He was born in 1924 and is the husband of Suzi Q and father of Holy Joestar-Kira. Likely the SBR universe counterpart of Joseph Joestar.

Suzi Q 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Suzi Q (Part 2 character)
Suzi Quatro  (American singer)
Susie Q  (Dale Hawkins  song)
The wife of Joseph Joestar and mother of Holy. Likely the SBR universe counterpart of Suzi Q.

Yoshiteru Kira 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Yoshiteru Kira (吉良吉輝 Kira Yoshiteru) is the father of Yoshikage Kira and late husband of Holy Joestar-Kira. Likely the SBR universe counterpart of Yoshihiro Kira.

Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Teru is the wife of Norisuke Higashikata I and mother of Johei and Rina Higashikata. She is also the mother-in-law of Johnny Joestar.

Norisuke Higashikata II 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Born Johei Higashikata in 1872, he is the third child and first son of Norisuke Higashikata I. He married Toyoko and fathered three daughters and two sons, one being Josho Higashikata.

Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Toyoko is the wife of Norisuke Higashikata II and mother of Josho Higashikata.

Norisuke Higashikata III 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
Born Josho Higashikata in 1908, he is the second child and first son of Norisuke Higashikata II. He is the husband of Tomoko and the father of two daughters and Josuke Higashikata (Norisuke Higashikata IV).

Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 11: Family Tree (Mentioned only)
JJL Chapter 29: Norisuke Higashikata, Tsurugi Higashikata, and Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Part 3 (Flashback) (1st full appearance)
Namesake: Tomoko Higashikata (Part 4 character)
Tomoko was the mother of Norisuke Higashikata IV (whose birth name was Josuke Higashikata). She reassured him when he asked questions about the family's curse, and died when the Rock Disease was transferred from him to her.

Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 45: Love Love Deluxe, Part 3
A taxi driver named Muneyuki who shows disappointment after Karera Sakunami tells him to drive her and Josuke to Kira's apartment, because of the very short distance. Angered by his reaction, Karera throws a tantrum and the cab driver tries to kick her out of his cab, pointing out that there are cameras. She then settles down and coldly blames him for closing the door on her hair, saying she won't tell as long as he cooperates.

Sadafumi Kujo 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 47: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Sadafumi Kujo (空条 貞文 Kūjō Sadafumi) is the father of Josefumi Kujo. He divorced with Kiyomi and left her to care for Josefumi. Likely the SBR universe counterpart of Sadao Kujo.

Atsunori Iwakiri 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 50: Vitamin C and Killer Queen, Part 1 (Flashback)
Atsunori Iwakiri (岩切 厚徳 Iwakiri Atsunori) is a star pitcher for the Seiten Birdies baseball team, nicknamed "God shoulder A-kun" by the crowd. In 2009 he had a salary of 300 million yen. However, in 2010 he damaged his shoulder with small hope of recovery and went on the disabled list just before he was going to be accepted into the major leagues. Desperate, he bought a Locacaca fruit for 200 million yen from Aisho Dainenjiyama to heal his shoulder. He made a full recovery in exchange for his teeth and lower jaw, which turned to stone.

Zaihei Nigatake 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 56: Milagro Man, Part 1
Zaihei Nigatake (苦竹 財平 Nigatake Zaihei) is a man who tricked Joshu Higashikata into being cursed by the Milagro Man's money, which he received by stealing from a cursed man in Europe who was pretending to be homeless. Once confronted, he explains the curse to Joshu and gives him advice on how to get rid of it. Joshu decides to return the curse to Zaihei using his Stand, and walks away afterwards, leaving Zaihei overwhelmed by the Milagro Man's money.

Rena Nanami 
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 56: Milagro Man, Part 1 (Appears in photos)
Rena Nanami (菜々美 レナ Nanami Rena) is a famous idol with many fans (especially male ones). Joshu is particularly infatuated with her and pressures his father to give him money to go to one of her conventions. After meeting her, he states it was an awesome experience and that her fingers are so smooth; however, her fingers and cuteness take a backseat to Yasuho's.

Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 71: The Qing Dynasty Hair Clip (Flashback)

Miko (ミコ Miko) was an unseen girl whom Yasuho knew when she was younger. It is implied that the two of them were friends. One day, Yasuho was supposed to come to Miko's birthday party, but completely forgot about it because she was distracted by her new hair clip. The moment she realized, she received multiple insulting texts from the many party attendants.

Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 83: The New Locacaca
Mina (ミナ) is a classmate of Tsurugi Higashikata. She and her friends would taunt and harass Tsurugi because of the rumors of his grandmother burying a child's corpse. Mina teases Tsurugi by telling him to to ask Kaato how it was possible for her to bury the corpse without it rotting. Tsurugi glares at them and they mock his eyes. Mina then pushes Tsurugi further by flicking his forehead and saying it was his father who actually killed the boy. A frog then hops on Mina's foot and she falls into the nearby river.

After the incident, Mina's body is found collapsed in between the iron rails of the school gate. Her underwear was stained red from the injury. Although she was merely unconscious and wasn't dead, she wasn't responding. One of Mina's friends blames it on Tsurugi, saying she saw him make the gates move.

Later, the school principal says Mina's injuries were just minor light scratches and she's recovering fine in the hospital.

It is implied that the gates closing in on Mina was actually a calamity caused by the Head Doctor, as Mitsuba saw him standing near the gates moments after the incident on the school monitor.

For unknown reasons in Chapter 91, Mitsuba calls Mina "Miwa" (ミワ Miwa).

Taoka (田岡) is a reporter from the science journal "Pangea Land" (パンゲア ランド). He attends Satoru Akefu's lecture on regenerative medicine at the TG University Hospital. Josuke sends him a package containing footage of a bedridden Holy Joestar-Kira and the secret laboratory, plus a sample of the Locacaca that he checks by opening the jar, accidentally exposing himself to the fruit. Taoka confronts Akefu over this and accuses the head doctor of conducting illegal human trials. He intends to legally pursue the doctor and shut down the hospital but this triggers Akefu's ability. Because of the fruit and Akefu's ability, Taoka undergoes a fatal Equivalent Exchange, curing his pimples in exchange for his vertebrae. His neck bone crumbles, causing his head to twist and tilt, thus suffering a horrible death. However, he's served his purpose of alerting Akefu and making him go to the laboratory where Josuke awaits the head doctor.


Mr. O 
Mr. O is the editor of Boingo for his book The Oingo Boingo Brothers' Great Adventure. He is a Shueisha  employee who met Boingo in Egypt while on vacation. The employee received the Tohth book and later photographed its pages when it only had the predictions shown during Stardust Crusaders (indicating it happened shortly after the end of Part 3). Mr. O fears that the book runs out of pages after numerous predictions.




Shuichi (修一 Shūichi) is the fiancé of Naoko Osato, set to be married after her graduation. The marriage was arranged by their respective families. One day, Shuichi comes to visit Naoko at her home and suspects she was with another guy. She was actually with her secret boyfriend Gunpei Kamafusa but just murdered him a few moments earlier in an accident. She manages to hide his corpse before Shuichi sees her in the kitchen and he apologizes for getting the wrong idea.

After their marriage, he seems to care about her, but she continues to love Gunpei even as a corpse. Their life together was happy, and even though they didn't burn with passion for each other, they were blessed with two kids (actually Gunpei's children, but Shuichi didn't know this).

Batsudera is a real estate agent, exclusive to the OVA version of Mutsukabe Hill. He is introduced following Rohan in the mountains and nagging him to convince him to sell his lands, which Rohan refuses. He almost surprises Rohan in the compromising situation of looking like he's killed a little girl.

Frida Giannini 
Frida Giannini  (フリーダ・ジャンニーニ Furīda Jannīni) is the creative director of the Gucci brand. The Gucci brand strives the philosophy that respects traditions within the convention of beauty that gives birth to a new beauty that creates the best in quality and innovation, and that's why Frida is at the pinnacle of the brand Gucci has given birth to numerous icons to this day, icons that Frida respects and, with her unique talents, gives them a new interpretation which gives birth to an innovative design. The artisans give this a physical form and breathe life into them, so they could be called Frida's right hand men. For many generations the artisans continued using traditional skills combined with Frida's innovative design for Gucci, earning the world's trust. She's based on the real-life Frida Giannini .

The Gods of the Mountain 



The Gods of the Mountain (山の神 Yama no Kami) are the entities that put the Village of Millionaires under a curse. The residents (or those who want to be one of them) of the village who show good manners gain something, usually money, while those who don't lose things, mostly the life of a friend. The village had 11 residents, all at the age of 25, that became rich from one day to another after living in there. Kyoka Izumi, who wanted to buy a house in there, went to the village with Rohan Kishibe and was greeted by the gods' butler, Ikkyu. Izumi failed at her test and lost the lives of her mother and fiancee. The gods can give as many chances as they want, but one by one things will be lost if the person keeps failing. After realizing the identity of Ikkyu's master to be the Gods of the Mountain through Heaven's Door, Rohan decides to leave the place with Izumi and never go back.

Virgina (ヴェルジーナ Verujīna) is Tonio Trussardi's girlfriend who lives in his hometown, Amalfi , Italy. She has a large brain tumor that even Pearl Jam couldn't heal and could no longer walk or stand. Rohan discovers that Tonio brought her to Morioh in hopes of Morioh's disk abalone  cooked together with Pearl Jam having a possibility of healing her.

Some time after Rohan successfully poaches some abalone, he is glad to see Virgina together with Tonio in the kitchen, with her no longer in a wheelchair.

Mochizuki Family 
The Mochizuki Family (望月家 Mochizuki-ke, the names have been changed) are a cursed family comprising the the father Noboru (, 50 years old), his wife Haruko (晴瑠子 46 years old), his eldest daughter Aki (亜貴 21 years old), his youngest son Takeru (, 15 years old), and his mother Mitsu (ミツ, 78 years old). The father is a company employee while his wife is a housewife, and both his children are still students.

Unbeknownst to them, the family is stalked by a spirit taking the form of a man with a rabbit mask who brings misfortune to anyone in the family who doesn't spend the harvest moon night watching the moon. The family as a whole is incredibly unlucky, but those who watch the harvest moon have had long lives. The family lived like this since the battle of Sekigahara.

Tomoya (友弥) is the son of Obanazawa. He has a very minor role in the story and is introduced as one of Mao Katahira's playmates.

Deliveryman Sawaki 



Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 9: The Run
Sawaki (沢木) was a deliveryman who frequently delivered packages to Mika's appartment.

On November 4, after disturbing Yoma's strict sleep schedule, Sawaki was pulled into Mika's apartment and brutally murdered. Yoma killed Sawaki by severing the carotid arteries in his neck. His body was hidden in the apartment block's underground parking lot, encased in cement.

Other Works

Hiroshi Takemoto 
Manga Debut: Say Hi to Virginia
Hiroshi Takemoto (ヒロシ・タケモト Hiroshi Takemoto) is the protagonist of Say Hi to Virginia. He is an engineer and the 2nd-in-command of the cargo ship Dillinger. He is a nice young man who is killing time through cooking but his life is endangered when a mysterious bomber tells him that his crew must disarm a bomb that may destroy the ship.

Manga Debut: Say Hi to Virginia
Clyde (クライド Kuraido) is a robot and Hiroshi's companion. When the crew discovers a bomb in the cargo bay, Clyde is the one put in charge of disarming it as his robot constitution will allow him to shrug off the vacuum needed to properly disarm the bomb. He can magnetize himself to attract metallic objects.

Matt Jackson 
Manga Debut: Say Hi to Virginia
Matt Jackson (マット・ジャクスン Maato Jakusun) is the captain of the space cargo Dillinger. Bored out of his mind, he spends time in his room lazing around but is a decisive leader when a bomber threatens to destroy the ship.

Fuyuko Nakagawa 
Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 0: Pilot
Fuyuko Nakagawa (中川冬子(なかがわふゆこ) Nagakawa Fuyuko) is a character from Cool Shock B.T.'s pilot. She is an upperclasswoman B.T. has a crush on. One day, she's accused of murdering a reporter. Even though he supposedly tried to rape her and she defended herself, the penal system considers that she used excessive force. However, B.T. proves that she's innocent of the murder. But then, Koichi finds that the reporter had been blackmailing Fuyuko because he knew she was shoplifting. Thus, Koichi suspects that Fuyuko may have really tried to kill the reporter.

Kuroyama & Akagawa 
Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 2: The Summer Camp Incident
Two bullies at Koichi and B.T.'s summer camp. They torment the little kids by telling them their family has died in their absence, beat up whoever stand up to them, and are indisciplined during class. However, they get away with it because the camp staff doesn't want a scandal. Kuroyama and Akagawa aren't actually friends and Akagawa is also victimized by Kuroyama. B.T. exploits this wedge in their relationship to have Akagawa stab Kuroyama.

Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 3: The Prank Corpse Incident
Ninomori is B.T.'s upperclassman and a member of the kendo club, like Date. He is jealous and hates Date because the latter keeps beating him, so he accepts to participate in a con and fake his death so that B.T. can blackmail Date. However, he bumps his head into a rock and faints, and makes everyone believe that he's truly died. However, he eventually wakes up, with only a slight trauma to the brain.

Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 3: The Prank Corpse Incident
B.T.'s upperclassman. Seemingly the perfect man, with good grades, musical talent, good looks, humor, the best member of the kendo club, class president, and heir of a wealthy family. B.T. is jealous of him because he's flirting with Aiko. Date reveals his true colors when Ninomori fakes his death, causing him to accuse B.T. of murder so that he can keep his perfect record.

Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 3: The Prank Corpse Incident
A pretty upperclasswoman whom B.T. has a crush on. That's it. Date flirts with her, causing a great deal of jealousy from B.T.'s part. When Date is caught falsely accusing B.T. of murder, she rejects Date as she thinks he's pathetic.

Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 5: The Dinosaur Fossil Thief Incident
A violent and sadistic security guard working at a museum. He catches Koichi sneaking into a storage room. Later that night, he pursues B.T. and Koichi as they try to steal a dinosaur's head, fully intent on beating them with his iron chain. However, B.T. intimidates him by making him believe that a chemical reaction will cover his body in acid.

Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 5: The Dinosaur Fossil Thief Incident
Koichi Mugikari's dog. He is said to be very smart and obeys orders. However, the Freckled Boy wins him in a bet and the dog is beaten when he doesn't obey the freckled boy's orders.

Mugikari Parents 
Manga Debut: CSBT Chapter 5: The Dinosaur Fossil Thief Incident
Koichi Mugikari's parents. The freckled easily fools them and invites himself into their home after he's seemingly bumped, but the father is too afraid to call the police because he fears he'll be arrested. When the rest of the boy's family invades their home, they are completely helpless.

22nd Man 



Manga Debut: Baoh Chapter 2: The Extermination Order!
Anime Debut: Baoh (OVA)
22nd Man (第22の男 Dai 22 no Otoko) is an assassin sent by the Dress Organization to assassinate Ikuro Hashizawa. He only uses a knife and manages to wound Ikuro, but as soon as the boy turns into Baoh, 22nd Man is swiftly killed. Baoh grabs and melts his head with a corrosive liquid emitted from his palms.

Manga Debut: Baoh Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
Rokusuke (六助 Rokusuke) is an old man living in the mountains with his wife. He shelters Ikuro Hashizawa and Sumire, but is brainwashed by Dordo into trying to shoot Ikuro the next night. Ikuro survives and Rokusuke is freed from Dordo's hypnosis. He then assists Ikuro and later adopts Sumire.

Manga Debut: Baoh Chapter 4: Monster Martin
Martin (マーチン Maachin) is a mutated mandrill whose master sics on Ikuro Hashizawa. Martin descends from ordinary mandrills, a type of baboon living in the West of Africa. His body has been extensively modified, first on a genetic level due to Dr. Kasuminome's experiments on his parents, and then on a more mundane level by his master. Martin is exceptionally big and strong for a mandrill and has a deadly set of teeth. Martin has spikes hidden in his fur and stomach and can throw them at its targets. A tank of poison gas is hidden in his stomach and can kill or weaken enemies when as the gas is discreetly released. He also has a harpoon gun hidden in his mouth. Martin is a sadistic beast who enjoys killing, but Baoh punches through it's throat, killing him.

Cain & Bloody 



Manga Debut: Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken
Anime Debut: Baoh (OVA)
Cain (ケイン Kein) & Bloody (ブラッディ Buraddei) are two field agents working for the Dress organization. When Dordo comes back to Dress, they are the ones holding him still while Walken kills him. When Ikuro Hashizawa attempts to infiltrate the secret laboratory, they come out and confidently fight him. They both attempt to throw a bomb at Ikuro, but he uses the Dark Thunder Phenomenon to destroy the bombs and fry Cain and Bloody alive.

Manga Debut: Baoh Chapter 7: Go Away Baoh
Aya () is a young pretty girl. When she meets Ikuro Hashizawa, she is charmed by his good looks. She gets stuck on a train track and is almost crushed by a train, but Ikuro saves her. She accompanies Ikuro to the bookstore afterwards but he leaves her.

Manga Debut: Baoh Chapter 7: Go Away Baoh
Shirasawa (白沢) is a young man with a crush on Aya. He tries to woo her and hold her hand as he thinks that she must become his girlfriend if he manages to hold her. However, he's overshadowed by Ikuro's good looks and gets jealous. When Aya gets stuck on train tracks as she struggles to get away from Shirasawa, an approaching train threatens to crush her. Instead of saving her, Shirasawa blames her and flees, too frightened to witness her death.

Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
Lauper (ローパー Roppa) is an antagonist featured in "Gorgeous Irene". She is the crime lord of the fictional city known as Swing Town. She is extremely violent and greedy. Because of her, crime has dramatically increased in town, even the elderly are killed in gang fights, and drugs have poured into schools. She is also vain, bossy and cruel. She once asked a tailor to make her a pretty dress in one night, took offense of the tailor saying he needed to order the materials because it implied she was too big, and killed the tailor. Lauper is also somewhat careful about assassination as she only lets old woman and little girls tend to her. However, Irene Rapona, who accepted a contract on her, killed her. Lauper used a special gum that hardened like steel (which she used as a knife after chewing it) and wielded a chainsaw. Irene made her split herself in two with the chainsaw.

Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A mugger from New York who crosses paths with Irene Rapona, who has been left alone after her butler was killed. He tries to mug her and is shocked when she shows no fear. On the other hand, Irene is sickeningly sweet and naive to Michael, who can't bring himself to leave her alone and becomes her protector in the crime-ridden city. He witnesses Irene fight an assassin and Irene leaves after giving him a kiss. Thanks to a winning racing stub Irene has bought, Michael is able to move to L.A. and start a music career. His first song, which is about a mysterious girl, is a hit selling 600,000 albums.


Winona (ウィノナ Uinona) is a colleague and friend of Coniglio working as an apprentice chambermaid at the hotel where Coniglio works. She is a second-year university student on an exchange program and was presumably hired because of her father's connections with the owners and managers of the hotel. Winona likes to talk about French and Italian literature. Winona is killed when Pannacotta Fugo unleashes the power of Purple Haze at the hotel.

Leonni (レオーニ Reōni) is a colleague of Coniglio. He works in the kitchens of the hotel. He tries to ask Coniglio to go out on a date with him, but the circumstances of the story force her to politely refuse.

Julio Gonzales 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1
Namesake: Julio González  (Spanish sculptor)
Julio Gonzales (フリオ・ゴンザレス Furio Gonzaresu) is an eleven year old boy who lives in La Palma  and is considered the "first mate" of Antonio Torres's gang of friends who bully George Joestar for several years. One day, Lisa Lisa kicks him after he bullied George which causes Julio's entire left side to tremble for hours.

Julio runs straight to George's house one morning after hearing about Antonio's death and sees George isn't there. He believes Lisa Lisa must have helped George with murdering Antonio, and tells their mother Erina that it must have been those two since they were both missing from their rooms. In school, he accuses George and tells him to provide proof that he isn't the culprit. His teacher, Mr. Fernandes, tells Julio that he and his friends should be ashamed for bullying George. Julio grits his teeth but continues accusing Lisa Lisa since she was missing, believing she used her weird power to kill Antonio.

When Julio's classmate, Tsukumojuku Kato, declares that he solved the case already, Julio says it's impossible because they just found Antonio's corpse less than an hour prior. He then freaks out after Tsukumojuku reveals Antonio's corpse in the classroom. Although George and his other classmates stay home from school after shock from the incident regarding Antonio, Julio still goes to school every day. He takes over Antonio's role as leader of the gang of bullies but decides not to persecute George any more.

Mr. Fernandes 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1
Namesake: Fernandes Guitars  (Japanese guitar manufacturer)
Mr. Fernandes (フェルナンデス先生 Ferunandesu sensei) is the teacher of George Joestar, Tsukumojuku Kato, Antonio Torres, and Julio Gonzales. He tells Julio and the rest of Antonio's gang to be ashamed for bullying George.

He is shocked to see Lisa Lisa after she reveals herself hiding inside Antonio's corpse. Mr. Fernandes goes out to the dimly lit hall to take care of the incident, but is suddenly killed by Antonio's father, Alejandro Torres.

Alejandro was a vampire and turned Mr. Fernandes into a zombie. As a zombie, he is forced to close all the curtains in the hallway for Alejandro, until his entire body crumbles from the sunlight.

Maria Torres 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1
Namesake: Maria Jurado (Mother of Antonio de Torres Jurado )
Maria Torres (マリア・トーレス Maria Tōresu) is the mother of Antonio Torres and wife of Alejandro Torres. Her real name was Maria Hightower (マリア・ハイタワー Maria Haitawā) when her and her family lived in England. Maria is a dangerous and obsessive woman who tortures her son. Tsukumojuku Kato describes Maria's love for her son as hardly natural.

Every year on June 16th since Antonio was a baby, Maria peels off his skin bit by bit while leaving his blood, bones, and flesh intact. She then carefully places the pieces together, treats them with a thin-coating of oil to prevent them from drying out, seals them with medical adhesive, and sews the pieces together with very fine thread. Antonio's hair that was shed from prior months would be placed on top of the head of her creation to complete the full body work of art, which she called "This Year's Antonio".

She adapts her technique over time, while Antonio's body adapts to survive the pain. Rather than taking photographs of her child like a normal person, Maria obsessed over the texture of Antonio's skin, and wanted to preserve it each year. Before the police takes her away after they discover Antonio's corpse, Maria rubs her cheek against the final "This Year's Antonio" she created, desperate to savor her last moments with her art.

Guruguru Majin 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2
Namesake: Magical Circle Guru Guru  (Japanese manga by Hiroyuki Etō)
Guruguru Majin (グルグル魔人 Guruguru Majin) is a psychotic serial killer who dismembers triplets in the 37th iteration of the universe. He is caught by Detective Jorge Joestar.

Nail Peeler 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2
Namesake: Nail Peeler (product)
Nail Peeler (ネイルピーラー Neirupīrā) is a serial torturer in the 37th iteration of the universe. He had escaped in January 2012 but was finally tracked down and arrested by the police in July.

Hisao and Yohei 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2 (Illustration Only)
Namesake: Hisao Shimada (Editor of JORGE JOESTAR) / Yohei Soeda (Co-Editor of JORGE JOESTAR)

Hisao (久央 Hisaō) is a horse and Yohei (洋平 Yōhei) is a cat seemingly belonging to the Joestar Family in the 37th universe. They do not actually appear in the novel and are only depicted in a family photo in the novel's illustrations.

Jonda Joestar 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2

Jonda Joestar (ジョンダ・ジョースター Jonda Jōsutā) is the son of Joseph Joestar and the adoptive father of Jorge Joestar in the 37th iteration of the universe.

Jorge describes Jonda's name as a particularly misguided attempt at picking a name that sounds Japanese. Jonda would hear all the stories of the detective cases Jorge went on.

In 2014, Jonda marries Penelope de la Rosa after she decides to stay in Nishi Akatsuki. They have a daughter in 2015 named Joeko Joestar.

Kato Family (Serika/Satoshi/Seshiru) 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2
Namesake: Serika: Toyota Celica  | Seshiru: Cecil McBee (Japanese fashion brand)

Serika Kato (加藤聖理河(せりか) Katō Serika) is a woman living in Nishi Akatsuki with her husband Satoshi Kato (加藤(さとし) Katō Satoshi) and their four-year-old son Seshiru Kato (加藤聖思流(せしる) Katō Seshiru). Serika's parents recently died so she had been in town to deal with their abandoned farmhouse.

Jorge Joestar rides his bike to the outskirts of Takefu, Fukui , and finds their house burning. Her family was eating dinner in their home when suddenly water started pouring down the stairs. They rushed out of the house and then the house started burning. Seshiru points out that a random stranger, later revealed to be Tsukumojuku Kato, was swimming in the pool of water inside. Their house was filled with sea water, and there were jets of it spitting out of every crack. The water was moving through the house at whirlpool speeds, and Satoshi had shut the front door to protect his family from the current and the furniture hurtling along in it.

Jorge asks if Tsukumojuku is related to them but they do not reply, shocked from their recently built house burning. Their family stays the night at a hotel, with Serika reeling from the shock of everything.

Serika and Seshiru appear in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novel, Tsukumojuku. However, they are twins in that novel rather than mother and son. Satoshi appears as a background character in another novel of Maijo's, Smoke, Soil or Sacrifices.

Masami Shirai 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2

Masami Shirai (白碑将美(しらいまさみ) Shirai Masami) is a police inspector working at the Fukui Police Department in the 37th iteration of the universe. After hearing about Javier Cortes's ability from the first universe, Jorge Joestar calls Shirai to interrogate the killers in the fifteen locked room murders about any dreams they had, using hypnosis if necessary. Shirai says Jorge always has weird ideas, but Jorge knows he will do it anyways.

Shirai later calls Jorge back and says all of the criminals were shocked when he brought up dreams to them. They had forgotten about their dreams until it was brought up to them, but all of their dreams had a man with a hat pulled down over his eyes. They knew the man's name was Yoshikage Kira and he left them with a message to tell the police officers in case they ever got arrested: "If Jorge Joestar ever comes to Morioh, I'll kill him".

Shirai warns Jorge to stay away from Morioh at all costs because of the danger, but it only makes Jorge more interested to go there.

Shirai appears as a major supporting character in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novel, Smoke, Soil or Sacrifices. He is a public prosecutor in that novel.

Leonora Cortes 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2
Namesake: Leonor Cortés Moctezuma  (Daughter of Aztec  emperor Moctezuma II )
Leonora Cortes (レオノーラ・コルテス Reonōra Korutesu) is the mother of Javier Cortes and wife of Juan Rovira Cortes. Juan was a philanderer who was absent from home for long periods of time and would often make Leonora cry.

Eventually she stops crying when she realizes she has Javier. Tsukumojuku Kato assumes that she was molesting and abusing her son for over ten years, forcing him to sleep in a locked room with her.

Before her husband returns home, Leonora kills herself after the Spanish police kill her son.

Juan Rovira Cortes 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2
Namesake: Juan de Tolosa  (Husband of Leonor Cortés Moctezuma )
Juan Rovira Cortes (レオノーラ・コルテス Fuan Robira Korutesu) is a seaman . He is the husband of Leonora Cortes and the father of Javier Cortes. Juan is a philanderer who was absent from home for long periods of time and would often make Leonora cry when Javier was young. Juan assumed Leonora had gotten over it since he had seen Javier comfort her when she cried. He noticed his wife doted on their son but thought nothing of it and was pleased since it meant there was less strife for him.

Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 3
Isabella (イザベラ Izabera) is the mother of Penelope de la Rosa. She had divorced with her husband in 1900 and had full custody of Penelope. Penelope blames her for taking away her father and they have a strained relationship. When Penelope starts dating a thug named Edvard Noriega, Isabella tries to convince her daughter to break up with him. Edvard manipulates the two into being against each other and threatens to ruin Penelope permanently if Isabella interferes, so Isabella ends up giving up on her daughter.

Javier Cortes starts appearing in Penelope's dreams disguised as a clown and attempts to make Penelope kill her mother. Penelope would resist it but develops a Wound ability that activates after Javier's death. Penelope's Wound causes Isabella to be locked inside her kitchen one day with a clown standing in the corner. Isabella hysterically hides behind a sofa. Penelope manages to break the door open after several repeated tries and saves Isabella, making the clown disappear. Penelope realizes the only one she can talk to and trust is Isabella. However, Isabella blames Penelope for everything and is convinced that Penelope hates her and wants to kill her.

George tries to explain the situation to Isabella and demonstrates how Penelope's ability works, but Isabella remains terrified and convinced that Penelope was possessed by the devil.

Edvard Noriega 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 3
Namesake: Eduardo Noriega  (Spanish actor)

Edvard Noriega (エドヴァルド・ノリエガ Edovarudo Noriega) is the former boyfriend of Penelope de la Rosa, although he never bothered breaking up with her. He is a thug who would beat up Penelope, treat her like his property, and sell anything she owned of value. Penelope's mother, Isabella, attempts to convince Penelope to break up with him but Edvard turns the two against each other by threatening to ruin Penelope permanently if Isabella interferes. After the case with Javier Cortes, Edvard leaves her without saying goodbye. Penelope would wait for him to come back but eventually realizes her mother is the only one she can trust and starts hating Edvard.

Edvard later shows up in front of Penelope and George Joestar on their way to Penelope's workplace. He says he just wanted to see how Penelope was doing, although she replies saying she never wants to see him again and not to expect any money from her. Edvard panickingly mentions about how he had seen something strange. His desperate and terrified demeanor confuses George, as he appeared nothing like the "alpha male" he was when George and Tsukumojuku had spoke to him before. Penelope assumes he's acting and tells him to shut up, but Edvard continues describing the mysterious Moth Man with wings he saw one night while he was in bed with his new girlfriend, Prunella. He worries that the Moth Man would do something awful to him. Edvard also mentions that he doesn't love Prunella as much as he loved Penelope.

Penelope goes berserk from her emotions and summons a locked room surrounding Edvard with her Wound's ability. However, Edvard continues mumbling about the Moth Man, deep in thought. He ends up being strangled with a noose from Penelope's clown within the locked room and almost dies until George saves him. Edvard is unconscious afterwards but still alive.

Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 3
Prunella (プルネラ Purunera) is a girl that Edvard Noriega starts dating after his relationship with Penelope de la Rosa, despite him never actually breaking up with the latter. They see the Moth Man appear at the base of their bed one night, who tells them to close their eyes, lie down, and think about the next day. Edvard later mentions to Penelope that he doesn't love Prunella as much as he loved Penelope.

Namahage Detective 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4
Namesake: Namahage  (Japanese oni )
The Namahage Detective (なまはげ探偵 Namahage tantei) is a famous detective in the Tōhoku region  of Japan in the 37th universe. His name derives from the oni  mask he wears. He handles most of the detective cases in the northeast, so Jorge had never been called to solve a case at Morioh.

Takumi Kumoi 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4
Takumi Kumoi (雲井(くもい)巧実(たくみ) Kumoi Takumi) is a politician aiming for votes in Morioh's mayoral election in the 37th universe. He is nicknamed Kumotaku (クモタク) and is the son of the chief of staff  in Morioh. His father is described as a tall man with very thin arms and legs. Takumi's election campaign calls him Morioh's son and the star of the north. Denta Shishimaru, the current mayor of Morioh, is wary of him as they are election rivals.

Sachiari Hakkyoku 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4
Namesake: Lucky 8 

Sachiari Hakkyoku (八極幸有(はつきよくさちあり) Hakkyoku Sachiari) is a detective from Tokyo in the 37th universe. Hakkyoku's corpse is found at Boing-Boing Cape, seated on a giant stuffed sea turtle. Hakkyoku had died of alcohol poisoning; a large quantity of sake had been injected into his bloodstream. His death was made to look like the Japanese folktale Urashima Tarō , where the protagonist rides a turtle in modern depictions. It is later revealed that he was killed by Antonio Torres.

Sachiari Hakkyoku appears in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novel, Disco Detective Wednesday.

Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4
Namesake: Neko Nyan Nyan Nyan (Japanese song)

Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan (猫猫(ねこねこ)にゃんにゃんにゃん) is a detective from Tokyo in the 37th universe. Nekoneko's corpse is found in town near Angelo Stone, surrounded by stuffed dogs, cats, and pheasants. She had suffocated from a massive quantity of dumplings forced down her throat. Her death was made to reference the Japanese folktale Momotarō , where the protagonist befriends a talking dog, monkey, and pheasant in exchange for dumplings. It is later revealed that she was killed by Antonio Torres.

Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan appears in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novels, Tsukumojuku and Disco Detective Wednesday.

Chomaru Bariya & Other Detectives 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6

Chomaru Bariya (巴里谷超丸(ばりやちようまる) Bariya Chomaru), Dezumi Style (出逗海(でずうみ)スタイル Dezūmi Sutairu), Bobohiko Yuagari (湯上保々彦(ゆあがり ぼ ぼ ひこ) Yuagari Bobohiko), Kenraku Chokuji (蝶空寺快楽(ちようくうじ けらく) Chokuji Kenraku), Kiyu Chokuji (蝶空寺嬉遊(ちようくうじ きゆう) Chokuji Kiyu), Judy Dollhouse (ジュディ・ドールハウス), Gen Mame (豆源(まめげん) Mame Gen), Nils Mikami (美神二瑠主(みかみニルス) Mikami Nils), Buramai 0 (十一〇(ぶらまいぜろ)), Nao Tsukishimoni (月霜二七雄(つきしもになお) Tsukishimoni Nao), Hidzuki (日月(ひづき)), Kakiuchi Mama Jump (垣内万々(かきうちママ)ジャンプ), and Sayataro Fuyuname (冬舐鞘太郎(ふゆなめさやたろう) Fuyuname Sayataro) are a group of thirteen detectives in the 37th universe. All of them have investigated and solved a number of cases, whether police or civil. They are also all in contact with each other.

Bariya is a blond man who is both a detective and an Italian chef. Jorge Joestar had seen him on TV several times. Bariya recruits the other detectives on short notice to hold an emergency press conference regarding the mysterious murders of the three detectives in Morioh, Sachiari Hakkyoku, Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan, and Tsukumojuku Kato. He is the speaker in the press conference and declares the murders as an act of terrorism against the detective profession. He also offers prayers to the citizens of Morioh because the town had mysteriously detached from the country and become its own island.

Bariya addresses that they know Yoshikage Kira isn't the murderer and they will not go after him at this time. The real killer was framing Kira by using his name. Bariya asks for Kira's assistance in providing any information to solve this case so that Kira can demonstrate that he is cooperative. Bariya assumes that Kira's power must have developed to detach Morioh from Japan and was trying to ease Kira's fears by assuring him that all of the detectives were not going after him, in hopes of getting Morioh to stop moving further away.

Many of these detectives are characters in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novel, Disco Detective Wednesday.

Denta Shishimaru 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6

Denta Shishimaru (獅子丸電太(ししまるでんた) Shishimaru Denta) is the mayor of Morioh in the 37th universe. Shishimaru is a tall man wearing a suit. His council makes an announcement for all Morioh citizens to gather at Budogaoka High School's gymnasium for an emergency meeting. During this time, the American president Funny Valentine gives a message to Jorge and the others to tell the mayor that if nothing changes, the American army will flip the island.

Due to mass hysteria caused by the Moth Man, Morioh's citizens are locked in the school gym and attempt to kill themselves by pouring gasoline on each other. Shishimaru pours gasoline on his secretary Chien Kunimido, who does the same to Shishimaru as well. Koji Hirose saves them by breaking down the front wall of the gymnasium and letting light shine in, causing everyone to return to their senses.

Shishimaru thanks Koji and the others for saving them and calls the fire department. He also wonders how they were all able to fly there but Jorge denies it, thinking that talking to Shishimaru is like having hot air blown in your face. Jorge decides not to tell Shishimaru about Funny Valentine's message because it wasn't the time for quibbles. Shishimaru scowls when seeing his election rival, Takumi Kumoi, is also there. Jorge and the others fly away on Grand Bleu and Shishimaru chases after them, shocked that they can fly after all.

Later, Passione takes Shishimaru hostage and uses him to relay orders from the mafia. Shishimaru had put himself on the line to protect his residents and Jorge mentions his head is swollen in weird places as a result.

Chien Kunimido 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6
Chien Kunimido (国見堂智円(くにみどう ちえん) Kunimido Chien) is the secretary of Morioh's mayor, Denta Shishimaru, in the 37th universe. He is a thin, plain-looking man with glasses.

Jorge describes secretaries of the mayor as individuals who put themselves on the line for politicians and would answer all questions for them, but Kunimido was nowhere to be found after the Nero Nero Island invasion.

After a deduction from Jorge, Bruno Bucciarati learns that the real Kunimodo was killed at some point and Yoshikage Kira took his place using Aya Tsuji's ability.

Graham Pendleton 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7
Graham Pendleton (グレアム・ペンドルトン Gureamu Pendoruton) is the father of Erina Pendleton and grandfather of George Joestar. Graham founded a hospital in the city of London , England . Although he's retired and the hospital is now run by other managers, he and Erina own the controlling interest in its stock. Erina stays in contact with him during her whole time on the Canary Islands .

Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7
Namesake: Michael Faraday  (English scientist)

Faraday (ファラデイ Faradei) is the butler of the Motorize family and often serves George Joestar tea whenever he visits, which George considers delicious.

Before George leaves their home one day, Faraday mentions that a young friend of George had come over looking for him. Faraday leads George to another room and then takes his leave. Faraday later testifies in George's trial about where George was on the day of Kenton's murder.

Two years later in 1907, George asks Faraday about the boy who came looking for him. Faraday reveals he saw a Spaniard boy with no eyes who he thought was terrifying, rather than Tsukumojuku Kato who George saw. When Faraday learned about George suddenly being in Rome after that, he assumed that devil had done something to George but was too afraid to tell anyone.

In 1920, George visits the Motorize home on the day of his wedding, wondering why Steven is late. Faraday doesn't answer the door like he usually does. He was presumably killed by Antonio Torres and turned into a zombie like the rest of the family.

Daibakusho Curry and Runbaba 12 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 8

Daibakusho Curry (大爆笑(だいばくしよう)カレー Daibakushō Karē) and Runbaba 12 (ルンババ12) are detectives from Nishi Akatsuki. They are summoned by Passione along with Jorge Joestar to head to the Budogaoka Academy garden in Morioh.

Jorge describes them as good looking men who look like they had been through a lot. They know Italian and are able to communicate with Bruno Bucciarati. Bucciarati assigns Leone Abbacchio to partner with Daibakusho. As Daibakusho is not that tall, Abbacchio looms over him. Guido Mista partners with Runbaba 12. Mista apparently smelled a bit since Runbaba 12 sniffed once, makes a face, and then keeps his distance.

Daibakusho takes the filthy rubber ball and Runbaba 12 takes the lone shoe for communication purposes, as they were objects that were turned into phones by Vinegar Doppio's Stand. Runbaba 12 tries to convince Daibakusho and Jorge to trade with him since he doesn't want to carry a shoe around, but Bucciarati angrily screams for him to stop.

Jorge later tells Bucciarati to have Daibakusho and Runbaba 12 investigate what happened to Denta Shishimaru's secretary, Chien Kunimido. The two are quickly able to find Chien at his house, learning that he is actually Yoshikage Kira.

Daibakusho Curry appears in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novel, Tsukumojuku. His real name in that novel is Tsutomu Kato or Tsutomu Suzuki. Runbaba appears in Ōtarō Maijō 's previous novel, The World is Made out of Closed Rooms. His real name in that novel is Banba Junjiro.

Charles Rolls 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9
Namesake: Charles Rolls  (Motoring/Aviation Pioneer)
Charles Stewart Rolls (チャールズ・スチュアート・ロールズ Chāruzu Suchuāto Rōruzu) owns an automative company where John Moore-Brabazon works for him as his private mechanic. In 1906, Charles produces the Silver Ghost car , which could drive 80 km/hr without any noise.

Charles and John are both all about adventure. Charles decides his company would start making airplane engines, and John is excited to take part as well.

In 1910, Charles dies in an airplane crash and John decides to never fly again.

Harriet Motorize 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9
Harriet Motorize (ハリエット・モーターライズ Harietto Mōtāraizu) is the wife of Ben Motorize and the mother of Steven, Kenton, and Darlington. Harriet commits suicide by throwing herself off of some cliffs. Her death causes Steven to awaken his Wound ability, which grows wings out of his back.

Wilhelm Wolff Beer & Johann Heinrich Mädler 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10
Namesake: Wilhelm Beer  (Prussian astronomer)
Johann Heinrich von Mädler  (German astronomer)
Wilhelm Wolff Beer (ヴィルヘルム・ヴォルフ・ベーア) and Johann Heinrich Mädler (ヨハン・ハインリッヒ・メドラー) made the first maps of Mars, and they selected a small circle as a base point for the prime meridian . That point is still in use today, under the name Airy-0 . At that point is where Kars stands, holding the tether to The Eyed Balloon.

Frank Dimarest 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11

Frank Dimarest (フランク・ディマレスト Furanku Dimaresuto) is the navigator of George Joestar for the first two weeks after George joins the Royal Naval Air Service . Frank frequently mutters "It's your fault I'm out here risking my life" over George's shoulder the whole time they fly. George eventually has enough of it and punches Frank when they land. He then fires Frank, but Frank seems grateful for it.

Peter Fraser 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11
Namesake: Peter Fraser  (British photographer)
Peter Fraser (ピーター・フレイザー Pītā Fureizā) is the navigator of Jim Graham. Jim's plane, Simone, breaks in half from the attacks of a German Albatros  fighter plane and Peter falls along with the rear seat and the tail. George notices that Peter attempts to stand on his seat in order to jump to George's plane but George has no choice but to fly away from Peter to avoid the remains of Simone's wings falling on him. They both knew George wouldn't make it in time even if he attempts to come back for him. George apologizes to Jim for Peter's death but Jim replies saying no one would have been able to save him.

Jodoh Joestar 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 12

Jodoh Joestar (ジョドー・ジョースター Jodō Jōsutā) was the son of Jonathan Joestar and the father of Joseph Joestar in the 37th iteration of the universe. Joseph did not get along with him, as they were exact opposites. He was apparently a gloomy man of few words and it was difficult to tell what he was thinking.

Rupert Stiller, David Seymour, and Joe Dearlove 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13
Namesake: David Seymour (photographer) 
Rupert Stiller (ルパート・スティラー Rupāto Sutirā), David Seymour (デイヴィッド・シーモア Deividdo Shīmoa), and Joe Dearlove (ジョー・ディアラブ Jō Diarabu) are members of the Royal Aero Club . They are friends with George Joestar and John Moore-Brabazon.

Rupert rides a Farman III  plane named Mary (メアリー Mearī) and David rides a Farman III plane named Emma (エマ Ema). They die in combat during the war.

Along with about three hundred other members in the club, they are all turned into zombies by Antonio Torres. John cries to see what his friends have become but is convinced by George to destroy them.

Vincent Lecoeur 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13
Namesake: Vincent Lecœur (French actor)
Vincent Lecoeur (ヴァンサン・ルクール Vuansan Rukūru) is a French soldier who owns a Nieuport 17  plane with a picture of a dog painted on its belly. The Nieuport had a max speed of 177 kph but he'd make it go 200. He seems to have been an acquaintance of George Joestar.

He is killed by Antonio Torres and turns into a zombie. Even as a zombie, his thirst for speed is unabated and he shoots past George's plane like a bolt of lightning. George doesn't chase him but Vincent later flies toward George again and crashes directly into George's wing, splitting it down the middle.

Steven Motorize flies onto Vincent's plane and then throws him out of the cockpit. Steven then occupies the empty cockpit and fires its machine guns at Vincent and other enemy planes.

Maria Urias Zeppeli 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14
Maria Urias Zeppeli (マリア・ユリアス・ツェペリ Maria Yuriasu Tseperi) is the wife of Jodoh Joestar and mother of Joseph Joestar in the 37th universe.

Joeko Joestar 
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16

Joeko Joestar (ジョエコ・ジョースター Joeko Jōsutā) is the daughter of Jonda Joestar and Penelope de la Rosa, born in 2015 in the 37th iteration of the universe. She is the little sister of Jorge Joestar.

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