Anjuro Katagiri

Today, tomorrow, whenever, I'll wait patiently for my chance. Then, I'll kill you and your hot mom!
—Anjuro Katagiri

Anjuro Katagiri (片桐 安十郎 Katagiri Anjūrō), better known as Angelo (アンジェロ Anjero), is an antagonist featured in the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable, specifically in the "Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo" story arc.

Angelo is a hardened criminal made a Stand User by Keicho Nijimura whose presence prompts Jotaro Kujo to come to Morioh to arrest him. He then tries to attack the Higashikata Family and battles both Jotaro and Josuke Higashikata. His Stand is the water-based Aqua Necklace.


Angelo is a tall muscular man with short spiked hair, prominent facial features and a lack of eyebrows. Outside his prison attire in flashbacks, he's only ever seen wearing a milkman outfit consisting of a long sleeve shirt and overalls.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Hair (Red-brown)
Eyes (Gray)
(White shirt and blue overalls. Red shoes.)

Skin (Pale)
Hair (Gray)
Eyes (Black)
(Lavender shirt and teal overalls. Red-gray shoes.)


Angelo is a notorious criminal having seemingly no standards, with some even saying that he is cursed to be an evil man who doesn't care about other people's lives. While he agrees with everything said about him, he doesn't feel the need to change and continues engaging in his crimes. He doesn't take the blame for his actions, at one point blaming Josuke for his grandfather's death when it was Angelo who killed him, saying Josuke didn't watch him so it was all his fault. Angelo also displays sexual depravity, guilty of raping three young boys and planning to rape Tomoko Higashikata. He has a disgust towards people who he believes are cocky and enjoys seeing these people in agony.

He is highly intelligent, having an IQ of 160, which he demonstrated along with patience by waiting for it to rain before striking Jotaro and Josuke. He states when things go his way, he feels like laughing from the bottom of his heart. As such, he is virtually immoral and enjoys committing as many murders as possible while not being caught from the law. When finally defeated, he demonstrates hypocrisy and cowardice, saying that Josuke didn't have the right to judge him when Angelo himself did the exact same things.



Main article: Aqua Necklace

Angelo is able to control a water-bound Stand, Aqua Necklace, which has the ability to take control or kill anyone whose body it enters, shapeshift, and maintain itself even as vapor.

Aqua Necklace (アクア・ネックレス(水の首飾り)) 



Angelo has a history of crime

At the age of 12, Angelo was convicted for robbery and rape, and since then spent 20 years in prison. He became known as one of the biggest criminals in Japan, having been guilty of the rape and murder of three boys, on March 1994. He was eventually arrested by Ryohei Higashikata, and obtained his stand in prison from  Keicho Nijimura using the Bow and Arrow. He was hanged in October, but he mysteriously survived his sentence and escaped two weeks later after the failed execution. Once out of prison, Angelo goes on a killing spree, getting people to drink his watery stand before using it to cause their heads to be torn apart from within, as well as possessing people's bodies to commit crimes.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Angelo attacks the Higashikata's house

Angelo was detected by Hermit Purple as a man representing danger to Josuke Higashikata. Angelo met Josuke after his plan to use an ordinary man to commit a robbery was foiled by Josuke. As an act of vengeance against Josuke and Ryohei, Angelo tricked and killed Ryohei, planning to do the same to Josuke before assaulting his mother. Angelo waited until a rainy day came to get an advantage over Jotaro and Josuke in Josuke's home.

Angelo's final fate

He was eventually defeated and smashed to pieces by Crazy Diamond's fists into a rock. Josuke then restored him and the rock at the same time, fusing them. Angelo then tried to take a child as a hostage with his stand, but insulted Josuke's hair and, as a result, Josuke fused him even further with the rock, effectively turning Angelo into a hideous statue that becomes a historical landmark for Morioh. Josuke eventually waved to Angelo when passing by the rock, a habit which Koichi Hirose also developed to imitate Josuke.

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Oh another one! So, I'm not the only Stand User in town... It was fun committing crimes with this guy's body. You! You dare disturb my plans... I'll keep an eye on you from now on. Everywhere you go...I'll be watching you. Hehehehe, got it?
—Anjuro Katagiri through Aqua Necklace, Chapter 268: Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 3
So you're the douche who doesn't clean up his dog's shit?! And you're even throwing cigarette butts everywhere... Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you own this town? Guys like you should die by my hand!!
—Anjuro Katagiri, Chapter 269: Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo, Part 1
Josuke Higashikata... stupid brat. I hope you're proud of yourself! Kekeke, watching someone like you in despair makes me feel... soooo gooood!
—Anjuro Katagiri after killing Ryohei Higashikata, Chapter 270: Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo, Part 2
I'll get inside your mouth for sure! Could be today, tommorow, the day after... or even next week! I'll wait however long it takes! Then I'll have fun with your hot mom after that....huhuhu...
—Anjuro Katagiri, Chapter 271: Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo, Part 3
'Sup! Angelo. (ヨ! アンジェロ。Yo! Angelo.)

Video Games

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)

Angelo makes his game debut as a playable character in Diamond Records.

JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! (Android/iOS)

Water-Blending Ability ver.
Max Power: 864
Skill: Aqua Necklace
Erases panels from the top
Skill Lv 1
# of Erased Panels: 6
Cooldown: 60
Skill Lv 2
# of Erased Panels: 10
Cooldown: 60
Skill Lv 3
# of Erased Panels: 10
Cooldown: 55
Skill Lv 4
# of Erased Panels: 12
Cooldown: 55
Skill Lv 5
# of Erased Panels: 12
Cooldown: 50



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