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Will A. Zeppeli's Father (ウィル・A・ツェペリの父親 Wiru A Tseperi no Chichioya) is an unnamed minor character featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

The man is a scholar and leader of his university's archaeological group before turning into a vampire with the Stone Mask.

His eventual death from the sunlight leads his son to spend decades finding the Stone Mask and researching any weaknesses it may have, in order to prevent more tragedies from occurring.


Will's father is a tall man with a muscular build. He has curly dark hair, long sideburns, and thick eyebrows. He is shown wearing a navy admiral jacket with epaulettes on his shoulders while traveling on a ship.

In the manga, his face is only clearly depicted in Battle Tendency when Caesar A. Zeppeli recalls his ancestors.

After becoming a vampire, his age reverses to make him appear as if he is twenty years old, and his hair grows longer up to his shoulders.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Green jacket, black pants, gold epaulettes)

(White jacket, black cuffs, gold epaulettes)


The man was knowledgeable with an interest in traveling and archaeology. Not much is known of his personality as a human, but he was respected by his son and capable of leading a large group of students.

Unlike most other vampires who retain their sense of self, Will's father quickly loses all sense of his former personality after donning the Stone Mask. He immediately starts massacring his entire crew in brutal ways due to his thirst for blood. Zeppeli mentions that his father completely lost his human heart. His hunger for blood doesn't subside after killing fifty-eight of his crew members and transforming them into zombies, going as far as targeting his own son.[2]


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The man was an archaeology professional working at a university. At some point, he gets married and has a son named Will Anthonio Zeppeli on January 19, 1838.[1] His wife was also presumably a scholar as Will states that he was born into a family of scholars.

Bloodthirsty from the Stone Mask

He was the leader of his university's archaeology group which eventually consisted of sixty people, including himself and his son. They travel all over the world to various countries such as Egypt and India. One day in 1858,[1] the group heads to Mexico to excavate an underground Aztec ruin. Among their findings was the Stone Mask, excavated by the man's son, Will. On their voyage back home while sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, the man learns how to use the mask and transforms into a vampire. He brutally kills fifty-eight members of his crew, turning some of them into zombies. One colleague's head is ripped off, and another one's eyeball flies out. The splatter of every member's blood covers all of the lamps below the ship's deck.

As the man still thirsted for blood, he jumps into the water in pursuit of his son. Suddenly, dawn arrives and the morning sunlight kills him before he could kill Will. It was only then that Will realizes that the vampire was his father.[2] The ship with the mask drifts away somewhere until it ends up in an art gallery in London. Around 1868, it is purchased by Mary Joestar as a gift for George Joestar.[1]

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