Whitesnake - The Pursuer (story arc)

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Whitesnake - The Pursuer (ホワイトスネイク-追跡者 Howaitosuneiku - Tsuisekisha) is the eighteenth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It ends the confrontation between Jolyne, Anasui and Green, Green Grass of Home, and narrates how Enrico Pucci ambushes the protagonists and finally confronts Jolyne.


Trapped with Green, Green Grass of Home, Jolyne and Anasui narrowly evade its attacks by having Anasui phase Diver Down in the walls of the bottle and locking the Stand inside. As they run away from the direction of the bottle, the Stand rolls toward Anasui, crushing his legs. Coincidentally, the Green Baby becomes interested in Jolyne because of her birthmark and its Stand's effects disappear, growing them back to a normal height.

Back in the prison, F.F. struggles to get to the swamps to warn Jolyne about Father Pucci. Before finally replenishing herself with water, Whitesnake forces a DISC that boils F.F., evaporating the plankton into the air. Almost dead, F.F. contacts Weather Report with a radio, and he uses his weather control power to make it rain and make the area foggy. Whitesnake loses F.F.'s track as well as Jotaro's Memory Disc, and she meets with Weather Report.

Afterwards, F.F., together with Weather Report, meet with Jolyne and Anasui and inform them about Pucci's identity. Discussing about the Green Baby, it is then revealed that "Weather Report" was in fact Whitesnake in disguise. Whitesnake heavily wounds F.F. and Anasui but only manages to hurt Jolyne. Pucci reveals himself and approaches the Baby, but before he could do so, Jolyne cuffs him to herself. A brutal close quarter fight ensues.[1]






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