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Hi, welcome to JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia! Thanks for your edit to the Tusk page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- KyleH (Talk) 12:25, August 28, 2009


Hello! It seems that you're the current editor for this wiki. I'm one of the original editors who simply forgot about this place. I was surprised to see that it's been well over a year and a half since I last edited here. I've done many other wikis since then and I've gained much more knowledge.

Something I think may help the wiki in many terms is if we start doing a more "In-Universe" type of writing on the appropriate articles. Like on the Star Wars Wiki, or many other fiction wikis, in past-tense "In-Universe". I haven't checked on JoJo for a long time but I hope to return to it. It's truly a great series all together. Kinnikufan 18:50, 29 August 2009 (UTC)


Nah Im not the current editor here i just don't have anything to do while waiting for a new chapter release of steel ball run and when i visit this wikia some are missing so when i have a picture or new info i just edited it for fun :D

new pic uploads

hey I uploaded face pics of jotaro, josuke, giorno, jolyne and gyro. if you wanna use them in their pages do so coz i don't know how to edit codes lol T_T

sorry i think i messed up

when i put the new pic of josuke this message appears in the page Invalid tag extension name: noincludeInvalid tag extension name: noincludeInvalid tag extension name: noincludeInvalid tag extension name: noincludeInvalid tag extension name: noinclude so how to fix this? sorry

edit: i think i fixed it


I wish I could become the new editor but their not enough people to support me, well I tried maybe in the future the site will grow to something even bigger. The problem is that its so "blank" and truly there is nothing to work upon. But the best is to keep going. And why do images keep messing up? (Bunnet de Luz XXI 16:55, October 7, 2009 (UTC))