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posted 71 days ago

Cuz people will assume she is reciprocating his feelings when in reality she isn’t and it would lead to confusion to the fan base.

posted 71 days ago

It’s not speculation if the facts add up to that.

posted 71 days ago

Well let me ask you this, do you agree? Cuz based on what we see, she clearly shows no interest in him.

posted 71 days ago

I understand you wanted to keep that in for info’s sake but I wanted to make it clear that she makes no promises and it’s unclear if she reciprocates at all beyond vague friendship. Based on her behavior during the battle she didn’t promise him nor show any genuine interest. There was no build up or development. They never even had enough interaction to make that even remotely plausible let alone believable. They get separated a few times and there are no strong or convincing moments between them to suggest any hint of feelings Jolyne would show towards him. Most moments they have together are made to be fake out gags as Araki made Anasui’s one-sided romance to be comic relief which obviously means most of their moments and just comic-relief moments. And seeing how little screen time they share, that says a lot. Anasui’s obsession is more frequently ridiculed. Plus it’s speculated that she said that to get him motivated into concentrating on the battle and his plan. Cuz when he was ranting to Emporio, he was losing focus. And based on the context of her statement, it seems very much that way. It seems she was using Weather’s way of calming him down by telling him what he wants to hear.