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A breif overview

I've been a fan of anime for quite a while, having first see it as a kid and coming back to it around a year or two ago. Among the shows I've watched since rediscovering anime is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Ever since I watched it, I've been a fan, having watched and read to get myself up to date.

I'm also a fan of quite a few shows, a list here:


Part JoJolion

JoJo Jolyne Cujoh

Stand: Survivor

JoBro/Ally Polnareff

JoFoe Funny Valentine

Anime/Manga List

A list of anime/manga I've watched/read accompanied with when I've seen it: (starting date and ending date if available) Dragonball (Z) Kai - years ago, unsure when

Blend S - Somewhere in mid 2018

One Punch Man (s1) - August- September 2018

Dragonball (manga) - September 2018-early 2019

Aggretsuko (s1) - unknown (early 2019)

Kill la Kill - unknown (early 2019)

Cowboy Bebop - early-mid April 2019

Space Dandy - mid-late April 2019

Aggretsuko (s2) - June 17, 2019 (started)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventrure -June 18~19, 2019 (both seasons)

Stardust Crusaders - June 20~July 9, 2019

Evangelion - June 30 (started, watched 3 episodes)

Diamond is Unbreakable - July 12~18, 2019

Golden Wind -July 18~30, 2019 (post credits on 31st)

Neon Genesis Evangelion - completed series, July 31~Sept 3, 2019 --End of Evangelion Sept 3, 2019

Stone Ocean (manga) - July 31~Aug. 11, 2019

Steel Ball Run (manga) - Aug. 11~Oct 15, 2019

JoJolion (manga) - Nov 24, 2019--- caught up to date Dec. 21, 2019 (chpt 93)

JJBA: Over Heaven - Dec 8~26, 2019

JOJOnicle Art book - Received Dec. 27, 2019

Gurren Lagan (anime) - ep1-5 February 4, 2020, ep6 February 21,2020 ~ Fin Feb 23, 2020

K-on (anime) - February 6, 2020


I've been active in the anime/manga community for around a year now, and through this time, I've been able to learn and watch a lot of really interesting and cool stuff. So I hope I'll be able to pass some of that knowledge here.