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Call me Aisho, feel free to reffer to me with any pronoun! I'm a 15 years old who lives in Venezuela and likes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I can speak both spanish and english fluently, so if you wanna talk with me, please do it speaking one of these languages!

I started with JJBA on March-April 2019, although I wanted to do it long before that date. Like most jojo fans, I first started with the anime adaptation and I finished it on September of that year. Then, I started from Phantom Blood manga and I caught with JoJolion on the late October/early November of the same year. Since then, I wait every month for a new JoJolion chapter. When I started with jojo, I never thought I would love it as I as do right now. I'm in love with the series' artstyle, story and characters, and I've re-read it so many times (especially Steel Ball Run because it's my favorite part).

Putting JJBA aside, I'm also a huge fan of the Mother/Earthbound, Kirby and Castlevania video game series. With music, I like K-Pop, but I don't call myself K-Poper because I'm very casual with it (the only group I could say that I stan it's LOONA though). I'm not really into TV series, movies or books.