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SPOILER WARNING: Part 3 Spoiler details may follow.
Well ... Mahamadou Diallo, you are therefore banished from the Garden of Eden, it is regrettable. Now you can ascend to heaven, Mahamadou Diallo, you are banished from eternal pleasure and lack of freedom!
—Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 46: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 2

Alejandro Libertas (アレクサンダーリベルタス Riberutasu Arekusandā) is the main antagonist of the third part of the JoJoZoi Bizarre Adventure series, Trashed Bloody Liberty.

Alejandro Libertas is the mayor of the (fictional) spanish city 'Gran Valanze'. Alejandro's goal is to spread across the world a new kind of drug called the Rilassante which, according to him, will allows to makes disappear hostile behaviors in humanity and thus reaching a new age in history where humanity is fully united within one flag and one nation.

Alejandro is a Stand user, being the wielder of Space Oddity.


Alejandro is a man of medium build and above-average height in his 40's. During his first appearances, Alejandro is covered in shadow appearing to wear a black suit and a tie, similarly to Diavolo from Vento Aureo.

When revealed, Alejandro has light eyes and long inconsistent white hair. He wears a white light suit with his chest partially exposed. On the exposed area of his chest, there is a black tattoo "NICKEL".


The mayor Alejandro Libertas is a calm and collected immoral person who is ready to sacrifice everything including his own life to achieve his utopia of "uniting humanity as one" by using questionable methods.

Alejandro as a kid was a good-natured, polite, friendly and idealistic young boy, growing in fear in a city where crimes and corruption were common leading him to wonders why people just couldn't understand each other, because of this Alejandro's mind treaded on philosophical questions. As Alejandro became a young adult, Alejandro's search for the answer as to why "humanity could never truly be united?" was answered. By joining an excavation, Alejandro discovers by luck an Stand Arrow in an ancient temple.[3]

By obtaining a Stand, this leads Alejandro thinking that it's to him to "fix" humanity, being a "chosen one", having a Stand gived him several outbursts of enthusiasm because he had "power" and could finally "give a clear goal" to himself.[3]
Because of this, Alejandro became a believer in fate.

Alejandro come to his own conclusion that individuality and freedom leads to instability and risks in society because it's let's humans express theirs cruel sides, thus Alejandro thinks that exchanging freedom for hapiness should be what all of humanity strive for.
Alejandro admit that he will certainly have to do bad actions to achieve an "united humanity" but thinks that the end will justify every horrible and cruel actions that he would do.

Alejandro doesn't have any hesitation to kill anyone being remotely a threat to his plans, even teenagers. Altough he would still express being sorry to his enemies and say that theirs deaths are a necessary step to achieve "absolute peace" before finishing them.




Space Oddity has the ability to manipulate several aspects of time. For example, it's able to merge past and future versions of a person into one for a few seconds, leading to confusion. Space Oddity while being extremely powerful is heavily restricted : it's can't do anything such as "destroying" time or being used to create complexe paradoxes. Space Oddity's range is around 10-20 meters.[4].

Space Oddity (スペイス・オディティ)Link to this section
Manipulating aspects of time




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Quote.png Quotes
  • A city so resplendent, covered by happiness and not the cruel knowledge of this world ...
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 9: Shadows From The Past
  • Come on, come on my friend, don't give me that look. I want to give you a demonstration, I am not talking about selling you a product, but a future.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 45: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 1
  • I see, I see. But the 'Rilassante' is not necessary to demonstrate this to you. A future without freedom ... You see ... When a person has the illusion of freedom, when there is no responsibility to take, these people are the most docile ... This is a realized utopia, no more work, no more jobs. I do this also for their safety, the fact that they thinks that they are free is imperatively important for this whole system to work ... It is because those people are deprived of the freedom to act and to think themselves that they are doing well. It is because these people are not free that Spain has never been so well... All works and all types of people who try to denounce the 'Rilassante' and the methods of this new society ... Must perish. Mahamadou Thierno Diallo ... You are part of the investigative group which collaborates with the Apollo foundation founded by Monosuba Dainenjiyama and Dognareff, correct? Did you also kill Estopa Unjus and Gonzalez Ezio? I cannot let you leave here alive, you cannot be part of this paradise that I intend to install on this earth, without any hard feelings of course.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 45: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 1
  • Unfortunately, unfortunately, I cannot let you flee Mahamadou Diallo ... I have to banish you from the Garden of Eden ... I have to banish you from this paradise that you are trying to ruin.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 45: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 1
  • I see ... I guess even the worst people like you can have pure determination but ... For me, Mahamadou Diallo, you are not a caring person but a devil that I have to destroy! You are banished from a happy world without freedom, Mahamadou Diallo, your fate has already been sealed!
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 45: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 1
  • I don't show any particular hatred towards you ... And if there is one quality that I appreciate it is that you are persistent, you struggle futilely, knowing that you are going to die anyway but you continue, and this is a quality that I find appreciable ... So keep struggling, demon!
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 46: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 2
  • It's particularly funny then, comedic even ... In any case ... Your destiny has already been decided, you can't do anything about it, but you don't intend to let yourself die like that, do you? And yet ... What a beautiful day to die ... The sky is not covered by any cloud, instead it is a mighty sun, lighting up this whole city ...
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 46: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 2
  • Your mother, Mahamadou Diallo, you don't want her to die, right? It would be really unworthy of you to let her die, right? So tell me ... If you tell me everything you know about the Apollo Foundation, your comrades and their Stands I would be inclined to leave her alive.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 46: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 2
  • Unfortunately, unfortunately ... I can't do that, you see Mahamadou, your actions to stop me and my partners is a crime against humanity, worse than any kind of genocide, worse than any kind of insults towards god himself! En Realidad ... No matter what I said you wouldn't have revealed this information that I so crave, right? You were already destined not to deliver them ... You were already a slave to fate.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 46: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 2
  • Hmpf ... The sun is starting to go down, well, it's about time, I had to interrupt my own speech but it was worth it, I was able to eliminate Mahamadou, even if I intended to do it later... There is no better world than a world without freedom, it is an absolute fact.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 46: Alejandro Reveals Himself, Part 2
  • I did what was necessary, I'm honest. He knew he could die confronting me and that's what happened ... You can punch me if it make you feels good but if I'm here it's because I respected him in the first place despite that I had to kill him because he was a threat to my plans. If I had not been a man of honor I would not have contacted you, and I would not have explained the circumstances of his death, much less that he had been killed.
    —Alejandro Libertas to Mahamadou's Mother, Samira Diallo, TBL Chapter 68: Honor
  • Even banished from the Garden of Eden, I do not wish calamities to my enemies.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 68: Honor
  • It doesn't matter much. They can dig and even learn more about the Rilassante if it suits them, but in any case it will not really help them much in the end ... And anyway I intend to finish with them today... On that day, that fateful day, my greatest enemies, I will destroy them.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 84: Assimilations & Merging, Flores Fernane! Part 3
  • It's a shame that Flame is dead, he fought well to the end. Too bad he won't be able to see my dreams come true. It’s truly a shame.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 109: Endless Calamity Emerges Again! Part 1
  • Space, humanity's greatest achievement ... Ah ... It's really wonderful.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 113: Space Oddity, Part 1
  • Now I realize that their arrival here was really inevitable, even taking the precaution of puncturing the spacesuits ... No matter what I would have done to try to stop them from coming here, this squad ... It's fate.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 113: Space Oddity, Part 1
  • It's unfortunate that there has to be so many sacrifices for this to be over, I'm sorry for what follows, sincerely I don't really have a grudge against any of you. It's unfortunate, but you will all be banned from the new Garden of Eden.
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 113: Space Oddity, Part 1
  • You know, I never understood, you guys have the potential to change the world for the better but in the end you don't use your Stands for that... I guess it's wouldn't have changed anything in the gigantic scale of things... But it's still bothers me. I also don't like people who think that everywhere else it's so easy to say "life is difficult but you have to fight", what are people without any ways to "fight" supposed to do? The truth is, things are never as simple as you think. But nevertheless I don't hate you, you can go away, you are also banned from the new Garden of Eden.
    —Alejandro Libertas to Zoinareff, TBL Chapter 114: Space Oddity, Part 2
  • I do what is necessary for my goal like you who are desperate to stop me. I respect my enemies but I will still banish you from the new Garden of Eden!
    —Alejandro Libertas, TBL Chapter 116: Space Oddity, Part 4