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I have this account so I can post in the JoJo wiki forums, mostly. Have to do something or another to kill time at school, you know?

My favorite STUFF

  • Anime - Gintama, followed by JoJo and Kaiji
  • Manga - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Film - Oldboy (2003)
  • Game - Super Mario Odyssey, followed by Breath of the Wild
  • Stands - Tusk, followed by Foo Fighters and Mandom
  • Characters - Gintoki, followed by Gyro and Kaiji
  • Bands - Gorillaz, Queen, Foo Fighters
  • Song - The Future is in Our Hands (Kaiji opening cover), Plastic Beach
  • Pokémon - Gengar
  • Legendary Pokémon - Lugia
  • Food - Chitos Sushi
  • Multiplayer Game - Mario Kart DS, ARMS, Pokémon