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About me

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and since I'm not good with explanation, I prefere to let you know about my taste through a JOJO tag game (from Tumblr) :

Favorite JoJo: GAPPY MY BABY love at first sight with that boy 😍😊☺😚🤩

Favorite JoBro: Tie between Speedwagon and Bruno

Favorite Part: Vento Aureo I really like the vibe the ambiance AND we got to see our dear Polnareff

Favorite Major Villain: Kars

Favorite Minor Villain: Risotto Nero he almost killed the main villain I only have respect for him

Death You’ll Never Be Over: Gosh there is so many I will say those whose death was quick mostly Narancia I mean it was so fast him and the others didn't saw it coming

Which Yoshikage Kira is best: Part 4 blond Kira

Is Killer Queen a Requiem Stand: No, because it's Kira who got stabbed by the arrow and not the stand

Does Bruno wear lace or have a tattoo: Depends if you read the manga or watch the anime, in my opinion lace (manga) tattoo (anime)

What’s Weather Report hiding under his hat: Another hat

Does Gyro have a grill or are those his teeth: I beg the Almighty for it to be grill 😫

Does Johnny actually like Gyro’s “Pizza Mozzarella” song: Of course he does !

My favorite pages

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