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Sometimes you can come to love things you used to hate. Jolyne Cujoh

Hi, I'm Reimi. I got into JoJo near the end of the Diamond is Unbreakable anime, and have been into the series ever since. I found out about the wiki through the discord, where originally I joined the server and by extension this site, because of emotes lol. Now, I am a active member of the server itself, talking about JoJo with others.

I haven't made many edits to the site yet, due to me being very bad at coding. But in the future whenever I get the time, I hope to maybe get into helping the site.

Stuff About Me

silly little fella
 Pictured on the left is my dog, many people I know call him "Sog" cause he looks sorta like a wet mop. Though in reality, his name is Jasper, I dunno for sure what breed he is though. He's been my dog for almost 2 years now, and I love him a lot, even if he's a troublemaker. BY THE WAY, those tear stains are natural, so don't get any bad ideas.. I've been a fan of anime/manga since I was a little kid, with the first series that got me into it all being Dragon Ball Z, and I discovered JoJo through a road roller meme, which was basically peak comedy back then lol. As soon as I got caught up with the DiU anime, I moved onto the manga, with my favorite part ending up being Part 6 Stone Ocean.

What is the Origin of my Username?

When I first realized back in 2019, that I was able to talk to other people online about JoJo, I made a discord account. And at the same and sadly for me -_- I was super into Jojo, which meant I had to totally give myself a Jojo username. I still to this day think about why I picked Reimi as a username, cause the character herself isn't very important to me lol. Overtime I slowly started to dislike the name and decided to change it, but realized I had no better ideas for a username.. As a result, I wear the name with pride, cause I personally think I made it into my own.

That's pretty much the whole truth lol

My Other Favorite Stuff

My other favorite anime/manga franchises are almost definitely Dorohedoro by Q Hayashida, as well as Nichijou - My Ordinary Life by Keiichi Arawi and Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma. My favorite video game series of all time is, not surprisingly, Capcom's Ace Attorney. I've been a huge fan of it and Capcom's other franchises since I was a little kid, so they've always had a deep connection to me lol. As for my favorite movie? I'm pretty sure it's the original Scream film, I'm a huge sucker for slasher horror and that movie basically showed me why I loved it.

Stuff I've Done

  • Thrash my foes - DONE.
  • Get dough - DONE.
  • TOTALLY never embarrassing myself by tripping or being stupid - ????
  • Complete/Be Caught Up To every major Capcom franchise - Very close.. I swear.

Countdowns and stuff

I am counting down the days until my haters evaporate into steam.