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Welcome to my profile!, you probably clicked it cause you saw one of my comments or posts, anyways welcome!, enjoy your stay, heres a few things about me.

My favourite openings

  1. Urugiri no Requiem [ GER Version]
  2. Urugiri no Requiem
  3. Chase
  4. End of THE WORLD
  5. Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town
  6. Fighting Gold
  7. Stand Proud
  8. Sono Chi no Sadame
  9. Great Days
  10. Bloody Stream
  11. Great Days [BTD Version] 

My Favourite endings

  1. Hol-Horse Boingo Duo!
  2. I Want You
  3. Modern Crusaders
  4. Last Train Home
  5. Walk Like an Egyptian
  6. Oingo Boingo Brothers!
  7. Freek'n You
  8. Roundabout [P1]
  9. Roundabout [P2]