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Best part 4 Stand.

Yo, I'm Jozamu and I'm really into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, One Piece and Dragon Ball (mainly those 3). I'm on Discord a lot and, yeah you guessed it, one of my favorite Stands is Killer Queen. The other two on my top three are really famous and expected, but they are legendary: The World and King Crimson. The list is followed by Purple Haze, Gold Experience and Crazy Diamond, and for my 7th spot, Moody Blues. My favorite parts have to be Diamond is Unbreakable (4) and Vento Aureo (5). My favorite JoJo is gonna make a lot of people unhappy but it is, yes, Jotaro (don't worry though Giorno's close). My favorite stand design has to be Killer Queen, just look at it. Ain't that a cute lil' murderer. As for my favorite ability, it has to go to, again, my favorite kitten, Gold Experience's and Crazy Diamond's abilities rivaling it. Welp, that's all from me folks, Cya.

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