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I'm someone who does his best to help everyone, even without an account i still was an active member in this wikia. As english isn't my first language, sometimes i tend to sound a little...repetitive maybe (DUWANG level ? nah). I really like minor characters, some of them have so much potential, but understand that every story needs their fair share of them. I also am fascinated with the whole "expanded universe", where the series I like get attention in other medias like novels and games. I finished Part 4 some time ago.

Now, for more about me I'm gonna just post here what I wrote in the "Active Users count"  thread.

"Hi, my name is Pedro. I'm from Brazil and speak Brazilian Portuguese and English, but, as it isn't my first language, sometimes I end up doing some typos. Due to recent problems, i can only afford an really really really really really lag internet that only works well on random days. That makes editing and loging much more time consuming on the days it doesn't work good, and that is the motive I never created an account here: So I wouldn't lose much more time. Now its a little better and I'm able to images or sources. As I talked to the people here, I saw that everyone is really helpfuI.

I'm currently working on a project for pages about different-media characters and just finished reading Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable, editing the characters pages while reading. My first contact with the series was with the PSX game, when I got it as a present. But, for whatever reason, the game didn't work on my console, attracting me only by the collection of "bizarre" characters on the cover. I Decided to start reading the manga after I was finally able to play the game and just loved it. "

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