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I am a semi-new addition to the Jojo community. It all started thanks to the voice actor of Jotaro Kujo, Matthew Mercer (who I am a big fan of), and I grew into a bigger fan thanks to my favorite character out of the entire series, Bruno Bucciarati. I really love how selfless he is, since he grew up with a rough childhood, starting at the age of seven, and he will protect and aid those in absolute need, even sacrificing himself to protect his friends. In return those around him deeply respect him. Truly sad he had to die. Love the character!

I deeply respect Araki for treating Jesus well, since other mangas tend to make him look like the bad guy. He deserves to be treated well, since his messages are derived from forgiveness, love, and how to obtain eternal life.

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My favorite pages

My favorite picture of Bucciarati (for right now)